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Massimo Spigaroli tells the story of the Antica Corte Pallavicina in a book

Tol’Gualtiero Marchesi Academy the presentation to the press of the book on the life and cooking of Massimo Spigaroli. A story that began more than a hundred years ago, four successive generations, the recovery of an old castle and many handed down recipes that tell the story of a territory… These are just some of the themes discussed in the volume.

My idea of ​​gastrofluvial cuisine, the latest book by Massimo Spigaroli

Exceptional speakers for Massimo Spigaroli’s book

An audience of exceptional speakers for the presentation of the book: Enrico Dandolodirector of the Gualtiero Marchesi Academy, welcomed him by emphasizing the relationship between the father of new Italian cuisine and the chef from lower Parma; Licia Granellofamous Repubblica company and gastronomic expert, described the friendship with the chef, reporting unpublished anecdotes; Louis Franchiauthor of the article, spoke about the creation of the volume; mario cuccieditor, continued the narration of the editorial work and, finally, the protagonist of the dayMassimo Spigaroliexcited and satisfied with the creation of the book, he shared his story and what inspired him to bring the project to life.

A special refreshment, prepared by the Antica Corte Pallavicina brigade, marked the end of the event.

The creation of the volume, the editorial coordination and the editorial activity are due to Multiverse Editionsspecializing in books and guides for the food sector.

Massimo Spigaroli (photo Paolo Gepri) Massimo Spigaroli recounts the Antica Corte Pallavicina in a book

Massimo Spigaroli (photo Paolo Gepri)

Antica Corta Pallavicina: the story of a family

The writing is mainly divided into two parts. The first tells the history of the Spigaroli family, Massimo’s great-grandfather Carlo, father Piren and mother Enrica, brother Luciano and aunt Emilia who passed on cooking techniques and recipes to Massimo. Talk about the birth of the Antica Corte Pallavicina, products that grow in the Lower Parma region, of how, together with others, Massimo managed to create the Consortium for the protection of Culatello di Zibello DOP, the Michelin star, students who were trained in his kitchen. The texts were written by the journalist Louis Franchidirector of Sala & Cucina magazine and friend of the cook, and also contain numerous testimonials from personalities who have had an important role in the chef’s life – including Licia Granello, present on the day of the book’s press presentation as speaker – and his students who, after being trained at the Antica Corte Pallavicina, have had incredible success.

Antica Corte Pallavicina (photo Paolo Gepri) Massimo Spigaroli talks about the Antica Corte Pallavicina in a book

Antica Corte Pallavicina (photo Paolo Gepri)

The second part reveals the recipes that made Massimo Spigaroli great, which led him to become a starred chef. The first date back to the period of tradition, to that of the teachings he received as a child, when he came home from school he helped his aunt Emilia in the kitchen. The more you progress in the recipes, the more you perceive an evolution, an innovation. Queste raccontano l’amore del cuoco per il suo territorio e l’esperienza proviiente dai numerosi viaggi per l’Europa, presso le cucine dei migliori chef: Massimo Spigaroli è riuscito a spiegare esaurientemente questo percorso, inserting in ogni pagina qualche curiosità riferita a que dish.

Who is Massimo Spigaroli?

In the kitchen since the first years of the hotel school, he demonstrates the extraordinary passion for this profession. He has always been interested in what his territory offered him – the plain of Parma -, starting with Culatello, which the chef helped save from extinction in 1996, along with eleven other producers. In 2011, the Michelin Star achieved the great dream of being recognized internationally. From now on, his cuisine is defined as “gastrofluvial” because of the link between the land and the river, the Grand Po.

My idea of ​​gastrofluvial cuisine
by Luigi Franchi and Massimo Spigaroli
Multiverse Editions
ISBN 9788894594560
Size 23x34cm


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