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MasterChef Italia 11 is free on TV8, the selections

To seven months from the proclamation of the new best amateur chef in Italy celebrated in March 2022, the eleventh edition of MasterChef Italia arrives in the clear from tonight at 9:30 p.m. TV8. To firmly hold the reins of the cooking show, Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli. It is up to the three members of the jury to train – and much more often to “stick” – the budding chefs ready to take to the kitchen to show that they can have their say and aspire to victory. There are not only those to win for those who reach the end of the course 100,000 euros in gold tokens and the publication of the first cookbookbut also participation in a refresher course at Alma, the International School of Italian Cuisine.

MasterChef Italy 11, selections

Even though the cooking show is on the air now, remember that was filmed while pandemic restrictions still exist they were much stiffer. This is why the path of amateur chefs started online and only those who proved they could withstand the pressure of cooking at Masterchef had access to live cooking. From this moment, therefore, the three matador leaders come into play and are given the task of awarding the 20 aprons to as many competitors.

Aprons, slogans, tears, irony and smiles

Among the slogans – there “map“By Barbieri, the”phew!“From Cannavacciuolo and the”come on!“By Locatelli – and the irony of the judges, the tears of those sent home and the smiles of those who carry on, the MasterChef of viewers begins here. To know the stories of who will be able to enter the kitchen of MasterChef Italia, the first two bets are essential. And they will also be very rich because the budding competitors of the eleventh edition, which will welcome many gastronomic cultures, have very strong stories.

Giorgio Locatelli, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Bruno Barbieri. (picture of the sky)

Skills Tests and Masterclasses

For budding competitors, however, it will be essential to choose the right ingredients in the pantry and to obtain at least two yeses from the judges. The promoted in the first selection will then find themselves, in the next two episodes, in front of the Skill Tests. Divided into three groups, they will face a technical test chosen personally by each judge. Throughout the selection phase, however, each judge will have the opportunity to bet on one of them sign the white apron and promote it to the next stage.

La Masterclass is the last act before receiving the apron with your name embroidered on it. Those who have yet to fully convince the judges will face the final challenge before the Masterclass.

Valerio Braschi: 'But the hard work starts now,' says Masterchef winner

MasterChef Italychallenges

Even though now Chef has reached and exceeded the double figure, it is good to remember how the cooking show unfolds and what are the trials to face to become the heir of Francesco Aquila, winner of the tenth edition. Among the most formidable trials is the mystery box with the competitors who will have to prepare the dish with the ingredients they will find by lifting the box. The purpose of theInvention essayinstead, it gives free rein to creativity. Nello Skill test, all without exclusions or bonuses, will be tested by the judges on a specific skill. And then there is the dreaded pressure test that everyone would like to avoid.

Bruno Barbieri is judge of “Masterchef” and “4 Hotel”. (Sky)

Land external tests

Another stumbling block for everyone is hereAnd External tests because even if you know how to cook, it’s not easy to know how to do it in a group. Outside the competitors, divided in two, will have to prove that they know how to work in unison while respecting the times. This year they will do it at Villa Reale in Monza in front of 31 pastry chefs and in Trentino in Val di Sole for 20 farmers employed in haymaking. In Milan they will cook on a TV set and at the Museo del Novecento for 10 chefswhile in Trieste they will face a pressure test at Miramare Castle. And then they will also enter the kitchens of the three-star Da Vittorio in Brusaporto.

The guests illustrious: from Massari to Crippa

Even cooking in front of the show’s distinguished guests is no joke for the contestants. It has been established for years that the most feared tests are those of pastry and that to be in front of maestro Iginio Massari is a misfortune even for the most prepared.

Beyond Massari, Italy’s aspiring MasterChefs will find themselves ahead of, among others, the three stars Enrico Cripppa and Andreas Caminada, the Swiss chef Marie Robertinnovator-experimenter Terry Giacomello, marine chef Lele Usai and Middle Eastern cuisine expert Anissa Helou.


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