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Meeting between tradition and future at the Ampi Technical Symposium

THE pastry chefs Academy of Italian Pastry Masters they returned to meet at ALMA The international school of Italian cuisine on the occasion of Technical Symposium. Now in its 30th edition, it is the time of year when scholars showcase and share their pastry experiences, research and visions with AMPI colleagues with the aim of growing together.

The Masters of Ampi at the Technical Symposium

Ampi’s technical symposium at Colorno

The “XXX AMPI Technical SymposiumTook place in Colorno (PR), headquarters of ALMA, from Monday October 10 to Wednesday October 12, 2022. This year the Academy Council has chosen to deal with traditional topics that do not forget to take a look to the future. The objective of the AMPI Technical Symposiums is to remain linked to the daily life of pastry chefs, keeping a close eye on innovation, also with the involvement of companies. Valuing Italianness and preserving tradition, focusing on new contributions and opening up to the rest of the world are values ​​in the DNA of the Academy. The AMPI Technical Symposium, in fact, also spoke with foreign countries: Spanish Javier Guillen – was the expected international guest on the second day of work. At the center of his presentation the theme of sourdough products and travel cakes. Drawing on his international experience, Guillen also spoke with academics on many other topics: product, company, sustainability, work organization each time providing interesting food for thought. The experience acquired in the field allows Guillen to affirm that a meticulous study of the recipe ensures a low food cost, better organization of the work of the staff, and sustainable logistics. The off-topic topic of frozen confectionery that the Spanish pastry chef successfully proposed aroused great interest from Academicians. An ad hoc recipe allows him to make ice cream with a very low overrun (entrained air). Thus, the taste is intense, pleasant, completely natural and above all it can be kept for months without the aid of additives.

The good life

Guests Busalacchi, Santin and Fioriani

The first day guests were Rita Busalacchi and Maurizio Santin with a lesson focusing on the theme of cream puffs (choux pastry): from the classic, with coffee, with chocolate, to versions for people with gluten-free and lactose-free health needs, up to a tasty version “bacon and egg” savory éclair. A 360° in-depth topic because it dealt with types of dough, processing techniques, cooking and the main problems that can arise and how to solve them.

Continuation, the afternoon with Fabrizio Fiorani, pastry chef with a long international experience in starred restaurants, today pastry chef of the Duomo Ristorante – two Michelin stars – of Ciccio Sultano and two ex machina of “Zucchero x Fabrizio Fiorani” within the W Rome hotel in Rome where he takes care of all the sweet deals. Fiorani proposed a creation of high pastry, ideal for a gourmet breakfast, showing university colleagues innovative technologies which, if applied in pastry, allow to propose alternative interpretations capable of giving the product exclusive value and characteristics . The more loyal the customer, the more he seeks attention and products that differ from the standard. Hence the need to “provoke” by evolving from the state of the classic coffee-croissant to the evolution of an elitist but still democratic breakfast.

Ampi’s partner companies

An important novelty introduced in this symposium is the formula with which the AMPI masters and the international guest called for the presentations in collaboration with the partner companies. They had the opportunity to personally test the companies’ products – flour, butter, cream, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and other ingredients or technologies – and with these they made the pastry products which were then presented during the demos. Companies then provided ideas to academics. A formula that has met with great success with everyone. The AMPI partner companies involved were: Agrimontana, Bombonette, Corman, Club Kavè, Elle & Vire, Molino Colombo, Molino Grassi, Julius Meinl, Pomati, Valrhona and Vaniglia Gourmet.

A complex period for pastry

“It was a great technical symposium – he says Salvatore de Riso, President AMPI – comes after a complex period for both the Academy and the sector. We, the Masters, have continued to look forward, a work with enthusiasm inside and outside the Academy, with a great desire to do well and a sense of responsibility towards an entire sector that each of us feels. Ampi is the house of Italian pastry, a house made of excellence and sharing. The choice of a new language, always “in the plural”, has been appreciated and widely recognized by the supply chain, with in the first place the partner companies which have multiplied and with which many specific projects have also been developed. Academics are certainly the best expression of all the possible variations of Italian sweet art“.

Sal De Riso Meeting between tradition and future at the Ampi Technical Symposium

Sal de Riso

News at the Technical Symposium

The activity of the AMPI in the Technical Symposiums cannot fail to address current issues, such as the increase in the cost of energy sources and raw materials. On the afternoon of October 11, AMPI’s confectioners, during the conference entitled “Synergies in the face of the crisis”, were able to discuss these issues with many companies invited to participate in the meeting. If savings, rationalization of production, collaborations, purchasing groups, increase in customer prices are the solutions currently in place to stem the serious consequences, the demand from all actors in the dessert chain with the State and institutions is unanimous in structured solutions. the survival of many excellent entrepreneurial realities that face 2023 with great concern is at stake. Opportunities like the talks are another concrete way to present themselves and approach the market that involves the entire supply chain.

The Technical Symposium was also an opportunity to take the admission exams to the Academy. During this session, none of the candidates passed the test.

The next appointment with the AMPI technical symposium is scheduled for April 17 – 19, 2023 always at ALMA The international school of Italian cuisine.


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