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Meghan Markle in Italy: the serenade with invitation to dinner of the famous actor is viral VIDEO

Always at the center of international gossip, Meghan Markle returns to talk about herself, but this time it’s not her fault: it’s the “gastronomic” serenade of a very famous Italian actor that is going viral on social networks.

As soon as the period of mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II ended, the Duchess of Sussex returned to her Californian villa in Montecito with her husband.

Meghan Markle in Italy the serenade of the famous actor goes viral VIDEO recipe print

Although it seems that the issues with the British Royal Family are still pending and certainly not viable for immediate resolution. Meanwhile, an incredible surprise has blown away all Italian fans of the beautiful former Suits actress.

What happens after the queen dies?

Now the newspapers are talking about nothing else, starting with Markle’s alleged request to meet the new king of England Charles III with four eyes to settle the family problems that have arisen in recent years. From the Meghxit and the consequent renunciation of the status of members of the royal clan with the loss of all the advantages associated with it, it seems that the couple has regained relative serenity. The birth of her daughter Lilibeth Diana last year even seems to have created a privileged channel in the heart of her adored grandmother, of whom the former actress of Suits has always kept excellent memories. Reporting throughout his statements in various television interviews how, unlike others, the Queen was rather courteous and affectionate towards him.

Now that Elizabeth II is no longer there, therefore, an “arrangement” of relations with what remains of the family is absolutely urgent. Even contractually, since the King is said to intend to name the children of the Prince and Princess of Sussex, but only in practice. In fact, they would not have the right to be called “her royal heights” and that would imply that, like their parents, they would be automatically expired benefits of belonging to the royal family. Certainly hot topics for the dukes and which will certainly be at the center of discussions in international magazines in the months to come.

Meghan taken by the throat: here is the official invitation to taste together one of the gastronomic delights of our peninsula

It would be a really nice vacation for the lovely Meghan, maybe even in our country. In the past, when she was not yet with Prince Harry, the Duchess had a motive to visit our peninsula and enjoy good Italian food. A public invitation to Tuscany, which did not go unnoticed, came from one of the most famous and beloved actors in our film scene. The video, complete with a song written especially for her, on the theme of gastronomy, went viral in a few hours, conquering the web and garnering hundreds of shares and messages. The protagonist made a passage especially for the Duchess of Sussex with an explicit, almost confidential reference to the beautiful former actress. ‘To you, Meghan’ shows the dedication on the sidelines of the video in which the protagonist, holding his guitar, throws himself into the melody.

Who is the Outstanding Singer-Songwriter? It was the famous Leonardo Pieraccioni, beloved actor and director not only in Italy who wanted to juggle music formally invite the Duchess in our country. He could not fail to use the typical cadence of the Tuscan dialect to sing the stornello: “I love Meghan Markle, American, if you leave the prince I will wait for you here in Tuscany”. After having made his debut without half measures, Pieraccioni continues undeterred: “And don’t worry, my grandmother is not a queen, she smoked a cigar while sniffing in the morning. And you’re making American Meghan Markle happy enough with that gnamo prince!”. Urging her to leave the prince to join him, he concludes with an indispensable invitation: “Come here to Tuscany and quiet here there is not a month of mourning, there is the lampredotto to digest with the burp”. How could Meghan resist one of the world’s most famous and beloved takeaways? Tuscan gastronomic tradition? The question remains whether, among so many shares, the serenade can’t quite reach Markle’s ear. She might even consider accepting, a little relaxation between so many problems wouldn’t hurt her!

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