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Meloni, the recipe for migrants (whites and Christians) and the Calenda attack: “They will undo the accounts”

Remember the recipe for welcoming migrants from the Polish conservative leader, Kaczynski? Close the borders to accept only someone, strictly white and Christian. The partner party of the Polish sovereign is, of course, Brothers from Italy. And yesterday an old video of Giorgia Melon (it was the 2018) in which the same credo was projected onto future choices regarding migrants: to close the doors to people in need, unless they are of the Christian religion. Better still of Italian origin.

“There are millions of people dying of hunger. They are Christians, they are often of Italian origin, I say: do we need immigrants? Let’s take them to Venezuela”He shouted Melons. Easy for the third pole leaderCarlo Calenda, ride the irony on the South American country. “We would become a Venezuela, in fact, with its own government.” Accounts in hand, Calenda tries to explain: “Two hundred billion in new spending: this is the program of the right. A summary of anarchosfascism which will exacerbate social tensions. Also because the first act that the right should take would be one of the strictest finance laws in recent years. Sure lump sum tax And share 41observe Calenda-. His sheepish protectionism actually betrays a great distrust of the nation of which he claims to be a patriot: the idea, that is to say that it is only by renouncing competition with others, challenges posed by Europe, which we will be able to overcome”.

The attention of Calendar it targets the dizzying rise in the price of gasoline. “We are in a national emergency. Thanks to Matteo Salvini, Silvio Berlusconi And Giuseppe Conte the Draghi government his hands are tied. But 10 billion are needed for businesses, renewable emissions from gas and 30 billion for households. Now. The political forces suspend the electoral campaign and declare their readiness to support the government plan, including the regasification plant, and a possible budget gap”. The proposal provokes discussion. The leader of Stock he clarified that he had spoken of the suspension of the electoral campaign on the point of energy. A theme on which Giuseppe Conte takes the liberty of having a say (“Calenda woke up, it’s been six months that we say that the country is in energy crisis”) even though it is precisely in the lack of choice of its rulers that we must look for the cause of today’s critical issues. He points out to her Matteo Renzi: “Giuseppe Conte appoints former National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor, Raho coffee, who supported the need for waste-to-energy plants to fight crime. Well: does anyone remember that the grillini opened the crisis for not having made the waste-to-energy plant in Rome? On the one hand hypocrisy, on the other Italy seriously. Those who don’t build waste-to-energy plants help crime: I agree. The grillini? “.

Angelo BonelliBoss of Green Europe, offers a buffer solution: “We the Greens- declare – we have been asking the government for some time to immediately introduce a national gas price cap like in Spain and Portugal; withdraw the more than 40 billion euros of additional profits to return them to families and companies and to ask, at European level, to stop the trading of gas on the TTF stock exchange where speculations are taking place which lead to a social massacre for European citizens and, of course, Italians”. Matteo Salvini kick the ball into the stands: “We want Europe to impose a cap on gas costs”. Matteo Richetti, of Stock, he has answered: “Salvini hopes, Calenda makes concrete proposals”. Behind Calenda’s idea of ​​creating a health corridor that can secure orders for the gas there is a basic calculation. From the day of the vote, September 25, at least one month will pass until Parliament as soon as he takes office, he can set up a government team. We will be at the end of October, with the end of autumn, the energy-intensive emergency could lead to untold volumes of expenses for businesses and families. It takes a solution to give Draghi government, standing for ordinary administration only, green light for urgent decree onenergy emergency.

At full throttle, meanwhile, the third pole. Renzi yesterday he announced a schedule of engagements in his enews. The dates launched by the head of Italy Viva are those of September 1 and 2, before a Florence then to Milano. There, the Italian initiative of Renew Europe. The founding core of the new liberal socialist, reformist, guaranteeist, pro-European political subject to whom Calendar And Renzi They work. And that sparks interest. From Rimini meeting to the territories, the novelty of the “Common Sense Center he also makes his way at the expense of others. Silvio Berlusconi knows this well, sending a good candidate kit which contains a strategy manual: “Always attack Renzi and Calenda”. He knows that the haemorrhage of his grades will be because of them, some suspect. Renzi also responds to the leader of FI: “Too bad, dear Knight, too bad. But we respond with ideas, not personal attacks. And I am always ready for a public debate in Lombardy. Berlusconi never had my vote, but he will never have my hatred”.

It is no coincidence that yesterday four great players of Go Italy of the Campania, the outgoing deputies and senators, after finding themselves not re-appointed, leave FI and go to the third pole. It’s about Domenico DeSiano – for years coordinator of Campania, replaced a few weeks ago Fulvio Martusciello -, Carlo SarroCaserta coordinator, Marzia Ferrajoli, former deputy regional coordinator in Campania, e Antonio Pentangelo, former coordinator of Naples. Now they are tearing up the map after years of activism: “It’s not a problem of personal positions – explains Sarro – but we don’t agree with the method that led to the formation of the lists”. Expected by Rome for reflection in the same tone as the blue parliamentarian (and grandson of Bruno Vespa) Andrea Ruggieri, surprisingly not renewed. He too could join the nascent subject of the liblab.

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