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Mondadori Media launches Zenzero, the talent agency for top food designers with 20 million followers

Matteo Maffucci, Alessandra Rigolio and the five culinary talents of Zenzero

The influence marketing sector is enriched with the birth of Gingera new talent agency that will exclusively handle certain top food creatoras well as emerging faces that are establishing themselves more and more quickly and displaying significant levels of commitment.

“Zenzero is a unique reality that comes from the experience acquired over the years by Giallozafferano, the main food media brand in Italy with almost 50 million followers,” he explains. Alessandra Rigolio, who became CEO of Zenzero after serving as Marketing Director of Mondadori Media. “We were among the first to actively collaborate with young designers and food talents, anticipating new market trends. A relationship that has grown over time that has led 5 top creators to believe in this new project, joining Zenzero with Mondadori Media and One Shot Agency”.

The new reality therefore sees among its co-founders also One Shot Agency, one of the main players in the management and digital communication sector, e a pool of five culinary talents: Daniele Rossi, the Tuscan chef with a modern and refined cuisine but linked to local traditions; Cookergirl, the girl “with the red apron” passionate about cooking and eager to experiment; Diletta Secco, a refined, sunny and spontaneous storyteller always attentive to the environment and healthy eating; Rosy Chin, a successful chef and entrepreneur who combines tradition and innovation, and Luisa Orizio, Giallozafferano’s #1 food blogger.

Zenzero’s numbers

“Zenzero acts as a point of contact between a single creator hub, which matters at launch 20 million followers, 200 million video views and more than 10 million interactions per month, and brands, with the double objective on the one hand of working on the growth of talents to enhance their distinctive positioning, on the other hand of interpreting the needs of companies to build communication channels with the most effective languages ​​for get in touch with the new generations on social networks,” Rigolio continues to explain. “A new reference in the food world to which it is linked from the name, in close agreement with Giallozafferano: very appreciated by those who want to experiment in the kitchen to give a sparkling and natural touch to preparations, ginger is in fact a fresh and original, reflecting the soul of the agency”.

“Our experience rooted in the food industry combined with the skills of One Shot Agency in talent management allows us to position ourselves on the market as a privileged interlocutor for companies wishing to communicate with their respective targets with a vertical approach. The five talents who have decided to co-create the project also represent as many cross-sections of the food sector, allowing us to count on an offer that is as varied and complete as possible”. Thanks to Zenzero, therefore, “creators become real media, each with their own set of well-defined values ​​that we will make available to companies for their awareness and conversion campaigns”.

The roaster Ginger’s food Creator

Zenzero’s creative team will not only be made up of its co-founders, but also some of the most important and original culinary talents, as well as emerging faces that are gaining more and more traction and displaying levels of innovation. important commitment. “An ever-expanding team of talents, as our goal is to represent all personal interests and types of cuisine, so that we can respond quickly to every demand from brands. Our mission will therefore always be to discover these food talents who make the difference and to hire them on our roster”.

Among the creators already present in the Zenzero roster are, among others, Chef Nerone, a young cook from Campania who combines love for his land with spontaneity and improvisation; 2foodfitlovers, social couple passionate about fitness and good food; Foodqood, the third culinary tiktoker in the world; bread and chocolate Rossella, known for its delicious content; Valeria Ciccotti di Vale cooks and imagines, with her recipes based on creativity and simplicity; Fernanda Michela Nicotra of The Warm Taste of the South, a doc from Catania who loves traditional dishes and more; Monica Pannacci from Ricette del cuore, promoter of simple, instinctive and zero waste cooking; Jessica Runcio from The Gessica Recipes, which alternates precious family-tradition recipes with quick preparations that everyone can make; Sebastian Fitarau, refined chef with creative, light and tasty proposals; Nonna Nella, Italy’s most social grandmother who captured TikTok and the hearts of foodies; Cuoreveggie, with its simple and quick plant-based cuisine; Aurora Cortopassi, Giovanni Castaldi and Manuel Saraceno, the three well-known faces of Giallozafferano

Zenzero management and headquarters

Zenzero will therefore be led by CEO Alessandra Rigolio, a young manager with extensive experience in the media sector, and by President Gabriele Colasanto, responsible for the food area of ​​Mondadori Media. With them Il Commercial Director Luigi D’Alterioa position he will join as Commercial Director of Hej, a Mondadori Group company specializing in technology advertising, and Nicole Cavallo, only in the role of Head of Talent Management cwill combine influencer marketing and creator management into bespoke projects for each talent.

Zenzero’s headquarters will soon be inaugurated in Milan alongside the editorial staff of Giallozafferano. “It will be a real creative hub in the heart of the city, with spaces entirely dedicated to the production of projects for culinary creators, with recording and studio studios and a set with equipped kitchen, but also a place to events”

Zenzero will work with a team dedicated to supporting talent for the design and implementation of projects, reinforcing the effectiveness of the commercial proposal also thanks to the expertise of Mediamond, for the construction of branded content and projects influence marketing, through the dedicated Brand on Solutions structure.

“For our group, Zenzero consolidates our experience in talent management and is a new challenge that has the ambition and know-how to become the point of reference in influencer marketing strategies in the food sector and that sees as a central element the management and development of the skills of creators whose talent is undisputed and whose capacity for impact on social networks is unique in the market”, he also comments Matteo Maffucci, co-founder of One Shot Agency. “Together with Zenzero, we have studied a formula capable of putting these projects capable of transforming the brand experience into an adaptive story, which arises from the encounter between the values ​​of the brand, those of the talent and their audience, at the service of social food brands”.

The logo concept was developed by the Zenzero team in collaboration with the creatives at Mondadori Media.


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