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More Italian and more popular: the INDA recipe for the 2023 season

“Because Inda is Inda!”. Paraphrasing a famous TV chorus, we observe how behind a complex organizational machine always hides a far-sighted and efficient programming like that of the National Institute of Ancient Theater in Syracuse, which closed the 2022 edition for about a month and a half – that this year has seen theAgamemnon of Aeschylus, theOedipus the king by Soflocle, theIphigenia in Tauride Euripides and a special event with the complete trilogy ofOresteia – is already hard at work promoting its 2023 season. Indeed, just today, the four shows were announced from May 11 to July 2 will enrich next year’s billboard, let’s talk about the Prometheus Bound of Aeschylus, of Medea by Euripides, of Peace of Aristophanes and an absolute novelty, Ulysses, the last Odyssey, written and directed by Giuliano Peparini. But is there only a programmatic line behind this choice or is there something else hidden?

SYRACUSE CAPUT MUNDI. Fresh off the back of an unprecedented success that this year saw more than 140,000 spectators attend Temenite Hill, double that of 2021 where, with Covid restrictions, 76,000 people travelled, the prestigious Foundation will already planning for the future. And if not, it couldn’t be for an event supported mainly by ticketing and for a city that in the last period has seen its growth induced exponentially due to the major international events that have affected it. Starting with the filming of the new chapter of the “Indiana Jones” saga by James Mangold, followed by the fashion show of the Dolce & Gabbana house which brought world stars and well-known influencers to Sicily, such as the Brazilian singer Anitta, who has 63 million followers on Instagram, until the birthday of Madonna who came to Noto to blow out her sixty-four candles. If the income of the city of Arezzo in pre-pandemic times was around 40 million euros, it is likely that today this threshold is largely exceeded, especially if we consider the estimates of tour operators which speak of 12% more than in 2019. for the real figures, it is clear that tourism has become the priority of the political agenda of the island, which this summer has attracted many more foreign travelers than Italians. Therefore, to fully enter the international circuits, in addition to high-level accommodation facilities, impactful artistic and cultural planning is also necessary. On the other hand, the mayor of Syracuse, Francesco Italia, has never hidden his desire to expand the programming of the Greek Theater which has also hosted pop music concerts this summer such as live performances by Claudio Baglioni, Ludovico Einaudi, Gianna Nannini, Fiorella Mannoia and Elisa which generated 1.4 million euros in gross receipts and 9 million euros in related activities, including catering, hospitality and transport, and which will most likely have a sequel in the years to come. come.

CA DOES NOT RECONFIRM CALBI. Returning to Inda, having announced the bill in time, will certainly guarantee the Foundation the possibility of starting more articulated work not only with national schools but also with travel agencies, potentially attracting tourists from all over the world. ‘Europe. Also because the exceptional nature of the event, which for more than a hundred years has brought the works of classic authors back to the stage in one of the theaters which has been the highest expression of Magna Graecia in Sicily, does not is not something that is seen every day. It is understood that the sudden announcement could be linked to the expiration of the appointment of Antonio Calbi, who in all likelihood will not be reconfirmed as Inda superintendent. As the same site tells us, a call for tenders is underway for the selection of a successor, after the Board of Directors proposed to Mibac a set of three names including: Giuseppe Acquaviva, artistic director of the Teatro Sociale di Camogli, the actor Luca Lazzareschi and Luciano Messi director of the Sferisterio de Macerata. It is therefore not surprising that Calbi, whose choices have been decisive in very delicate situations such as the pandemic and always supported by Syracusan cultural circles, has decided to conclude his mandate in this way.

ITALIAN CENTRAL VISION. A change of direction immediately jumps to the eyes who only see the presence of Italian directors, where in the past international artists have also opted for, think of Fura dels Baus, Robert Carsen but also Muriel Mayette. Welcome back for Daniele Salvo who later Oedipus in Colonus from 2009, Ajax from 2010, Oedipus the King from 2013 and Coefore Eumenidi in 2014 he will direct the comedy of Aristophanes while the experimenter Federico Tiezzi, winner of numerous Ubu awards, after directing Iphigenia in Aulis by Euripides in 2015 returns to the Greek Theater to stage Jason’s avenging bride. Debut rather for Leo Muscato, director of prose and opera called to face the Prometheus Bound translated by the singer-songwriter Roberto Vecchioni, while Giuliano Peparini, will stage for four evenings, between June and July, Ulysses, the last Odyssey work inspired by his Odyssey. It should perhaps not be underestimated that the Roman director, as well as a well-known choreographer and dancer, served as artistic director of the talent show for six editions. Friends by Maria De Filippi, from the program house party on Canale 5 and Uà – Man of various ages by Claudio Baglioni as well as the choreography for the D&G fashion show in Venice. Perhaps you want to broaden the segment of the public to which you are addressing even more by aiming for a greater spectacularity of the event? It is premature to judge at the moment, what is hoped is that the infrastructure network will be reinforced as soon as possible to facilitate travel with airports and other Sicilian towns and that there will be surveillance constant from the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage. the alarm sounded by archaeologists on the potential risks that the Theater could face. Only then can the cultural tourism card be fully played.

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