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“More services to the mountains of Belluno”, the receipts of the candidates for the Senate

Depopulation, infrastructure and tourism in the Belluno region. These are the three themes on which the candidates for the single-member Senate constituency compete: Luca De Carlo (center-right), Paolo Galeano (center-left), Paola Bergamo (Action), Flavio Baldan (M5S) and Gabriella Cassol (People’s Union). In total, however, there are four other candidates: Alberto Poli (Vita), Roberto Levi (Italexit), Loredana Veronese (Italy Sovereign) and Massimiliano Zannini (Alternative).

Belluno, candidates for the senate: here is who is Luca De Carlo (center-right)


Improving services for all is the single most important investment in combating depopulation. “There is an important vision offered by the Democratic Party platform,” he says Galeano, “which recovers and promotes the concept of proximity which is reflected in the slogan “territories in 30 minutes”. This vision wants to give back to people the right to live where they were born and to choose to live. This means investing in local services, in supporting local commerce, in medicine and health care that is really close and close to the territory, in a real culture of protection and care for the soil and the environment, and to pursue the law on the mountains that for example it provided incentives for teachers who want to go or return to carry out their work in mountain areas”.

“The depopulation of the mountain is fought with infrastructure and services”, he says From Carlo, “For business and for the family. It begins by supporting local communities: kindergartens, schools, sports facilities; and the opportunity to do business. We need jobs, we need to maintain and strengthen excellent public services and rationalize others, we need to leave freedom of enterprise that combines socio-economic development and respect for the environment, all without having to constantly face the “no, whatever” committees.

Belluno, candidates for the senate: here is who Paolo Galeano (center left) is

For Bergamo“We must invest in goods and services for the territory so that families and young people prefer to stay in these places which must be transformed into a highly tax-free “free zone”. Economic assistance is necessary for families who decide to have children. The law on the third family pole goes in this direction with bonuses, contributions and deductions to help families and the work of women. Interventions consistent with the NRP”.

“Depopulation and aging in the province of Belluno go hand in hand”, he notes cassol, “And the main reason is the lack of services such as public transport, medical and emergency facilities, preschools, postal banking services, proper communications and rental housing. We propose a housing policy that facilitates the installation of those who could find work in this province, nearby medical facilities and social services put in place, with the hiring of health workers from the coop”.

“The demographic problem affects the whole of our country and is dramatic, even if it is not debated in this electoral campaign with the right weight”, underlines Baldan. “The problem of the birth rate (we are the last country in Europe) is parallel to that of the aging of the population. Finding solutions is not easy, even in emblematic cases like Belluno, but the strengthening of services, starting with health care, is the essential prerequisite”.

Belluno, Senate candidates: here is who Gabriella Cassol is (People’s Union)


The precarious state of Belluno’s infrastructure is clear to everyone, but there are different visions: “The mountain territory is fragile and even more vulnerable due to climate change and massive intervention is needed to stop the hydrogeological instability with investments,” he says. Bergamo. “It is essential that civil health protection be created alongside civil protection. We must invest in transport by improving connections, and we must also implement the 1 Gigabit Italy plan, also funded by the PNR, due to the generalization of the Internet with fiber connections in the mountains”.

“Our territory does not need large infrastructures”, he underlines cassol“But with a constant concern for the territory from north to south, we are opposed to infrastructures such as the motorway or to all those dreaded for the Olympics such as mega car parks, very expensive systems such as the bobsleigh track which do not give responses to a very fragile territory like the provincial We need to take care of the woods and pre-alpine lands with an anthropization plan that sees mountain agriculture in the first place, we need road maintenance on local roads from Lamon to Comelico Superiore. We don’t need infrastructure, we have to take back the power to decide, all of us citizens who live in this province, what to do in our territory”.

Belluno, Senate candidates: this is who Paola Bergamo is (Action and Iv with Calenda)

Baldan focuses on the work of Cortina 2026: “The M5S is in favor of enhancing the attractiveness of the Boite valley. In our view, this involves the architectural and landscape restoration of the 1956 Olympic facilities (Zuel ski jump, Olympic ice stadium and bobsleigh track) which could become an extraordinary attraction for international historical and sports tourism”.

“I think above all that we have to work hard for the hydrogeological security of the territory”, he sums up. Galeano“And for its infrastructure from a digital connection point of view”.

From Carlo he adds: “The public and the private sector must be able to rely on fast digital networks. Then there is the long-standing theme of road connections: the Alemagna node (we will have to assess whether the interventions of recent years will prove to be sufficient) and that towards the Agordino, and of very urgent urgency is the question of the Comelico Galerie: it serves a shared solution as quickly as possible and then thinks about a stable alternative viability. Finally, as mayor of Calalzo, I can only push for the construction of the Train of the Dolomites”.


There again the Olympics, but also notoriety and quality of the territory are the common lines on tourism. “Tourism is a fundamental resource for the mountain, but we should not think of a “wedding favour” experienced only by vacationers but rather of a territory appreciated by tourists because it continues to be taken care of by its community which live and love it,” he says. Galeano“A place where tourists rediscover the authenticity of the values ​​of this land”.

“Our land can offer tourists all the experiences they want,” he recalls. From Carlo, “We have cycle paths, places of art and culture, ski slopes for the winter and trails for the summer, all surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the world. We must preserve and maintain this offer, by developing networks and collaborations and by combining respect for the environment and the needs of the territory. For this reason, I have always been at the forefront in favor of the realization of the ski link between Comelico and Pusteria”.

Belluno, candidates for the senate: here is who Flavio Baldan is (Movement 5 Stars)

According Baldan“The first pandemic, the current energy crisis and climate change have shown how places that thrive on tourism can struggle. This is why it is necessary to find forms of direct intervention, on the model of Venice, aimed at supporting operators when this type of negativity occurs. We must think of a particular form of “specificity” of the province of Belluno within Veneto”.

“Tourism presupposes professionalism and a development policy that prolongs the seasonality of companies in the sector”, he underlines. Bergamo. “We need training schools for the workforce and help for entrepreneurs who invest in the redevelopment of modern sports structures and equipment. It is essential to favor sporting events that act as a driving force for tourism while respecting the territory. It is essential to invest in cultural events”.

“We expect tourism of second homes of large hotels. Tourism”, he urges cassol. “We must promote tourism over 12 months with the enhancement of the naturalist but also oenogastronomic heritage, promote the generalization of the hotel industry and all these types of slow but above all micro holidays. We don’t need major events like the Olympics that leave behind economic disasters and environmental disasters. The money allocated for this event could be used to improve and increase tourism standards throughout the province”.


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