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New Earth October 2022 – New Earth

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Energy saving: a vade-mecum to act immediately
The coming winter, we have a specific mission: to save energy to reduce gas imports, protect the climate and avoid unnecessary bites. You can save a lot of money by starting with good habits regarding heating and electricity consumption. Recommended reading: Living without bills , Blackout

Sustainable use of wood
The energy crisis has doubled, even tripled, the price of gas bills. It is likely that many people will throw themselves into wood as a source of heating. What is the real impact on forests and pollution? Which wood and which stoves to use? Recommended reading: Masonry stoves

RECIPES – Burger and vegetable meatballs, so good!
Ideas and suggestions to self-produce soft and crispy pasta at home that have nothing to envy to the ready-made products, often full of “without” ingredients, found in the supermarket.

HEALTH – Healthy mouth and teeth for global health
Understanding the general state of health of a patient, from a physical and psychological point of view, taking care of it with a truly holistic and complete approach, makes it possible to better approach the treatment of oral problems: Dr. Giuseppe Massaiu tells us Explain . Recommended reading: Natural care for teeth and mouth , Teeth and health , What our teeth say

ECOCOSMESIS – Intimate hygiene and well-being for women
Knowing more about the physiology of the body helps to take care of it properly. In this guide, you will find practical advice adapted to the different phases of the menstrual cycle and a woman’s life, and a comparison of the detergents on the market to choose the most suitable for your needs. Recommended reading: Candida: natural remedies and nutrition

ECOTESSUTI – Social sewing, (re)sewing clothes and lives
Not only do they provide training and work, and therefore a new life, to underprivileged people, but they are also a place where beautiful and ethical fashion is created and made with recycled materials.

ECOTOURISM – Sustainable tourism according to law, Spain is the first in the world
Is it possible to make tourism sustainable by enforcing a law? Spain thinks so, which has set up one that goes precisely in this direction. At the same time, experiences of sustainable and institutional tourism are also multiplying in Italy, to ensure that change is increasingly shared.

Fewer cars for everyone: is it possible?
The issue of car sustainability and the culture that encourages its use is increasingly thorny today, even when it comes to vehicles that promise to be less impactful and greener, as it is. with the electric. Let’s critically reflect on everything to try to change for the better.

Silent tire pollution
Particle and microplastic emissions from rolling tires on asphalt pollute up to two thousand times more than exhaust pipes. Tips to reduce our impact starting with the tires.

The beautiful apple and the best apple
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, as long as it has an adequate presence of antioxidants and other micronutrients. The revolutionary experience of a farmer, who worked with the support of research centres, shows surprising scientific data in this regard.

Plentiful vegetables, with less effort
The innovative approach of two young Tuscan farmers who have put into practice a set of regenerative farming techniques, starting from the central function of the chicken coop to the mulching of fertilizers and the use of fermented products. The results? Generous harvests without waste, without chemical fertilizers and with less work.

Skyrocketing prices: blame it on speculation
Financial speculation on food has reached unprecedented levels this year, with direct impacts on the lives of millions of people who cannot afford to eat. How did we get there ?

Cova Contro: the sentinel association against pollution
Focus on the control and reporting of environmental crimes, and more, that this Lucanian association carries out in favor of the environment and citizens. Recommended reading: Fiorella Belpoggi: Story of a Free Scientist

ECOVILLAGGI.IT – News and insights from the Italian Network of Ecological Villages

THE COMMENTARY – On the way to rearmament
Many believed they were now living in an increasingly cooperative world, but the geopolitics of recent months have shown us otherwise. We are entering an era of new trenches, where weapons and wars are once again our daily bread. Italy is the leader. Recommended reading: Atlas of World Wars and Conflicts , Ukraine 2022: the war of vanities

VIEWPOINTS – You can’t change one thing without changing everything
We are currently living in a period of transition between the worlds. The institutions that have accompanied us through the centuries have lost their vitality; we can only claim that they are still lasting if we tell ourselves more and more.


New Earth October 2022


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