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New gourmet combinations for the retail segment

“Cucina Antica represents the union between the flavors of tradition and the search for new gourmet combinations. In recent years we have renewed the line according to market trends and demands. Thus were born various tasty recipes such as Citrus Pesto. We have also reduced the weight of the products both to meet the needs of increasingly small families and to limit waste, in the spirit of environmental sustainability”. Thus speaks Mattia Monti (on the picture), Normal commercial manager of Cucina Antica.

Cucina Antica is the new brand of Menù Srl, a company active in the production of food specialties for professional catering.

Quality, goodness and home fragrance: these are the characteristics of Cucina Antica, a line of preserves dedicated to lovers of good food who want to recreate traditional Italian dishes at home. Menù, an Italian company based in Medolla (MO), has been producing food specialties for professional catering for over 90 years. Products with a high organoleptic profile, made according to authentic and traditional recipes, with refined ingredients and raw materials carefully selected and treated with low thermal stress, thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

“Particular attention – explains Mattia Monti – has been devoted to renewing the packaging and communication of the entire line. In this period of renewal, we have also extended the communicative part of the range to be more present alongside the customer and the consumer. Therefore, through social networks and a renewed website, you can consult the products, the recipes developed by our chefs and our food bloggers and a map with all our growing retailers, as they recognize the quality of our processed products ” .

“The concept of quality is not an abstract idea…we are talking about raw materials processed from fresh produce from high quality ingredients, therefore vegetables harvested and processed in season. Moreover, thanks to the new design of the label, it will be easier to communicate these values ​​to the consumer. Despite the difficult times, we have embarked on this path of renewal which will bring many other innovations during the year 2023”.

The sauce-based condiments are obtained from ripe tomatoes grown in the open field and in a short chain, in an area very close to the plant. The offer includes: chopped pulp, fine pulp, tomato puree and a series of traditional Italian sauces: “Spaghettina”, “Amatriciana”, “Arrabbiata”, “Zingara”, “Boscaiola”, “Cèpes” “Aubergines”. The flagship product of the production is the “tomato sauce”, a true icon of the Menù production which, still today, has been produced according to the Barbieri family recipe since 1967.

“The tomato is an integral part of Menù’s history, it is the basis of its most popular products and has contributed to the company’s success. The 2022 campaign, which ended in early September, is proving complex in many respects, but the quality is good confirmation.Despite a low yield, determined by the particularly high temperatures of the summer months, the tomato has a high level of quality.The Brix degree, in particular, is higher than previous campaigns, thus announcing a particularly sweet product”.

The assortment includes seasonings based on meat and fish, perfect for making simple but tasty starters.

There is a wide range of Pestos, ranging from the most traditional, such as “Pesto alla Genovese” and “Pesto Rosso”, to the most sought after such as the fresh “Citrus Pesto”.

The wide range of sauces and creams is perfect for giving flavor and color to any type of dish, satisfying the appetite. The assortment includes: “Salsa al Radicchio Rosso”, “Profumata” (Mushroom cream flavored with truffle), “Salsa di Fuoco” (Vegetable sauce with chilli), “Artichoke”, “Cream of porcini mushrooms”, “Cream black olives “,” Organic chickpea hummus “,” Homemade mayonnaise “,” Green sauce “,” Orange sauce with onions “,” Red onion sauce with balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP “,” Salsafichi”, “Pear and Ginger Salsa” and “Sweet and Sour Pepper Sauce”.

Aperitifs are a rich selection of ready-to-eat specialties, ideal to accompany main courses, cheeses and cold meats: “Onions in Sweet and Sour”, “Onions in Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI”, “Small and Whole Mushrooms”, “Whole Artichokes “trifolati”, “Artichokes Trifolati Spaccatelli”, “Sunny Tomatoes” and “All Sun Tomatoes”.

Finally, the Ready Meals: these are traditional dishes, also ready to serve, such as “Minestrone di Verdure” or “Peperonata della Casa”.

The reference commercial channels for the gourmet line are the distribution segment and Private Label (PL) processing. The products are available throughout Italy and abroad, including Germany, Austria, France and Spain.

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