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Organize family recipes to reduce kitchen waste

Following family recipes in the kitchen is a tradition for many.

Christmas, New Year, birthdays and other important events are great occasions to cook what our grandmothers prepared many years ago.

Old recipes are lost, ruined, ink fades and details are forgotten.

That’s why organizing a cookbook sorted by holiday, type of food or place of origin of the dishes is a wonderful idea for the family or as a gift. With a photo album full of family recipes, you can prepare your favorite meals anytime.

How to organize the photo album-cookbook

First, collect all the family recipes to include in your cookbook.

A good cookbook needs instructions and good pictures, so step into the kitchen and get ready to photograph your dishes and the preparation steps.

You can start with breakfast and continue with lunch and dinner recipes, including snacks where appropriate.

Add a special section for the recipes you care about the most and want to share with unique people, to trace fond memories related to food, aromas and flavors.

Leave the first two pages free for dedications and photo album introductions, and the last if you want to add pen considerations or have the family sign the album.

Already thinking about your photo album cover and what recipes to add? Create your photo album here with all the recipes you like the most.

Reduce waste

The more we consume, the less we should waste.

In Italy, food waste is a significant problem, so much so that the government has changed the laws to reduce the phenomenon and distribute food to the needy. It is estimated that every year in Italy at least 60% of the initial production is wasted.

By following this path, you can take advantage of your new photo album to insert recipes to reduce waste. Meal leftovers are excellent resources for creating unique and tasty dishes, starting with the famous baked pasta or potato pie, two typical dishes of zero waste cuisine.

And the list of recipes against waste continues with baked spinach balls, rice cakes, pasta omelettes and many other ideas that will come in handy when you run out of ingredients.

Choose meaningful shots

What photos to add to the family recipe photo album?

Immortalize moments such as the preparation of dishes, the choice of ingredients at the market, family photos or even original photos, perhaps improved, of grandparents struggling with a recipe.

Most of the pages should be reserved for food photos, but adding more images is helpful to make the album more interesting and entertain the viewer.

A good idea is to insert photos of the different stages of preparationto give everyone clear indications and feedback on how the food should be during the different stages.

Enter basic information

Any self-respecting cookbook should contain all the useful information.

Among these are the ingredients, the cooking and preparation time, the tools and accessories needed to complete the recipe, the units of measurement, how to serve the cooked dish and the grandmother’s useful advice.

Remember that what may seem like an insignificant little detail can be crucial for those who are not practical in the kitchen.


Proofread the text verbatim before sending your photo book to print.

Check the photos and make sure they are sufficiently bright, clear, high resolution, understandable and useful.

The purpose of a photo book with grandmother and family recipes should be to carry on the tradition and pass on the love of specific dishes to new generations.

Give it to the ones you love the most, recently joined family, friends, clients, or post it online to share the taste and love with everyone.

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