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Pistoletti spaghettone with oysters, smoked butter and raspberry

Italy, land of fresh and dried pasta, in its most varied formats, can rightly boast of having a festival entirely dedicated to itself, to celebrate a planet dear to gourmets: starters. Tastings, cooking shows, cooking classes, all of this is Premiere in Italy, staged in Foligno, for this last edition, on October 2nd. And here, we had the opportunity to taste a starter that enchanted us with the combination of ingredients, daring an intriguing association: the Spaghettone Monograno Felicetti with smoked butter, oyster and raspberry of Enrico Pistolettirestaurant manager Aldivinein Corciano, in the province of Perugia.

A first born by chance, on an ordinary day two years ago, with a single mission: “Do good, make the palace vibrate”.

Starting point: simplicity, source of surprise, being that only three ingredients trigger real bursts of taste. And then experience, which suggests a pistol to join the butter Beppino Occelli (Piedmontese dairy in the province of Cuneo) in De Claire fine oysters, among the most important places of aging in France. Accomplice of this union is the pasta of the family Felicettiproduced in the Val di Fiemme from organic semolina.

The ingredients are all processed in purity, to enhance the flavors without losing the sobriety of the raw materials and the overall authenticity of the dish. But he is Spaghetti of pistol she is also a spokesperson for a multicultural cuisineincluding multiple traditions, where the totality it is far more than the mere sum of the parts, and each component acquires its own weight and value as a whole. A relationship of interdependence is generated between the ingredients which balances the taste nuances, and at the same time brings them to a scale of higher harmonic tones. All this, without the density of taste canceling out the transparency of the material.

A spaghetti in which nothing is left to chance, so much so that a taste is equivalent to the gesture of touching a shell to the ear to hear the sea in all its essence. The dish ends with the encounter with the acidity of the raspberries carried by the smoothness of the butter on a background of oysters; we therefore arrive at an elegant sweet-and-sour, using two fatty ingredients, smoked butter and oyster, combined with a sweet-and-sour – raspberry. The flavor of the mollusk does not break the links between the parts, but is linked harmoniously in a crescendo, up to its leaf which concludes the tasting.

And we applaud, satisfied with this triumphal solo of pistol.


Recipe for 4 people

240 g of Felicetti spaghettos
120g butter
20 g dehydrated raspberry powder
8 oysters
4 oyster leaves (Mertensia Maritima)


Dice the cold butter and place it in a container with an airtight lid. Smoke it cold, close the lid and wait for the smoke inside to run out. During this time, open the oysters, filter the water then add the shellfish. Place in the freezer in a pacojet glass and, once ready, pacose twice until you get an oyster ice cream.

Cook the spaghetti for 8 minutes in salted water. Then, in a sauté, melt 80g of smoked butter to which the spaghetti and oyster ice cream will be added. Continue cooking for 3 minutes, turn off and add the rest of the butter. Mix well and serve. Sprinkle the spaghetti with raspberry powder and close the plate with an oyster leaf, to be eaten at the end of cooking to prolong the taste of the dish.


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