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Poached egg recipe Golose Milano identity

Autumn has a completely different flavor with the new menu of Andrea Ribaldone, Edouard Traverso and the whole Hub brigade: we offer you the delicious recipe for one of our new starters, an exquisite vegetarian option

“A few weeks ago a small producer arrived at the restaurant, a simple man with a present for us, for Identity Golose Milano. Thirty fresh eggs straight from his farm in Nembro, in the province of Bergamo: the man in question is Marco Rossithe “keeper” of the chicken coop The Savageswhite eggs, from free and happy hens raised in the woods of Val Seriana. We were already thinking of introducing a dish in which he was the protagonist the egg. Well once you’ve tasted the white di Marco, we were struck by them and they definitively confirmed our intention to leave: with these eggs, a simple dish would have become a proposal of character, really greedy! “. talking is Edouard Traversoresident chef of the Hub, who delights us by revealing the taste details of this 100% vegetarian dish.

“We wanted to promote this product in a short chain, delivered daily in by Romagnosi of an electric car, which makes this ingredient even more sustainable. Contrary to our habit, this time we didn’t want to cover the egg, leaving it in full relief. Thus, once cooked at low temperature, it is placed in a nest, a basket of mashed potatoes: this is first roasted with all the aromas, transformed to create a rich mashed oil. We then add a few toasted hazelnuts to bring more texture, a crunchy range to the dish. In closing, we take a nap of the basket of potatoes with a dense vegetable base, a Juice made with leftover vegetables from our kitchen. The final touch? Fresh truffles at the top: the true essence of autumn”.

out of the air: The secret of the great Juice? Add a drizzle of reduced cream to thicken the base texture. The result will be amazing!

Recipe for 4 people

For the potatoes

500 g of potatoes
Flavorings (rosemary, thyme, marjoram) to taste
Salt and pepper to taste

For the bottom
Celery, carrot and onion to taste
Leftover vegetables to taste (eggplant, zucchini, squash, onions, potatoes, etc.)
Flavorings to taste (marjoram, thyme, bay leaf, rosemary etc.)
2 bell peppers
Oil to taste
Marsala to taste

Additional (optional)
400 g fresh cream

For the hazelnuts
Hazelnuts shelled and halved

For composing
Maldon salt

Edouard Traverso in the kitchen with, at his side Sabino Stella It is on the right, Andrea Mazza

For the potatoes
Peel the potatoes and bake for 30/35 minutes at 180°C with the herbs to taste until golden brown. Once cooked, pass in a planetary mixer with a whisk, adding a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and, according to your taste, even a few cubes of butter.

For the bottom
Create a classic celery, carrot and onion base. Meanwhile, grill the vegetable scraps in the oven until cooked. Deglaze the classic base with the marsala wine, then add the grilled vegetables (including the potatoes which release the starch and give the base body) and cover with 2 liters of cold water. Add herbs to taste and cook for six hours over low heat. Strain the stock, then add two whole peppers (their thick water, during cooking, makes the stock even more full-bodied) and cook for another two hours. Then filter again.

To make your base smoother, reduce the cream to half the original amount, then add it to the base and mix thoroughly.

For the hazelnuts
Toast the hazelnuts in the oven.

For the egg
Cook the egg in a swirl of boiling water and vinegar for about 3 minutes, then carefully remove it from the cooking liquid.

For the composition of the dish
Lay the mashed potatoes at the base like a basket, then sprinkle the toasted hazelnuts around the edges; in the center place the egg and cover the edges of the basket of potatoes with the vegetable base. Close the dish with Maldon salt on top of the egg, freshly ground pepper and a precious addition of truffle.


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