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Practice of the week: The pharmacist’s “recipes”

Week’s Practice is the weekly appointment of FarmaciaVirtuale.it organized by Gabriella Daporto, pharmacist, cosmetologist and trainer. Training “in small doses” through which the pharmacist can learn ready-to-use content, to be applied and implemented in the environment of daily life.

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Pill 18: The pharmacist’s “recipes”

Pharmacists too often remain anchored in the logic of dispensation, venturing timidly towards the prescribing act of parapharmaceuticals. The creation of protocols, studied on practical cases that have to be faced on a daily basis, promotes and qualifies the advice and also makes it possible to redefine the assortment.

The advice protocols are recipes, prescribed by the pharmacist, made up of synergistic and complementary products useful, as a whole, to solve ailments, minor pathologies and imperfections of the skin and hair. Why are they important? Be ready, prompt and professional in advising, make less effort, achieve cross-selling and long receipt, satisfy customer and fight competition.

Compiling counseling protocols involves several steps:
1. identify the most frequently encountered practical cases. The choice depends on the location of the pharmacy (central, peripheral, near hospitals, schools, etc.), the catchment area, any marketing/sales strategies of the pharmacy and seasonality;
2. define the different categories / sub-categories of useful products to satisfy the case under consideration (over-the-counter drugs and systemic and topical supplements, phytotherapy, dermocosmetics, health, dietetics);
3. choose, for each category, within your commercial assortment, 3 or more products, broken down as follows:
– market leader
– private label products or equivalent medicines (followers)
– products with high added value.

Within the products selected for the composition of the protocol, it is important to maintain a certain breadth of assortment, which ensures the presence of the pharmaceutical or cosmetic forms most in demand in the offer.

The choice must be made according to the turnover rate, the characteristics of the product and the commercial margin. 20% of the codes produce 80% of the sell out (Pareto principle), few products are responsible for the results. These concepts should also be taken into account when defining the assortment and planning orders. The flagship products, present in the protocols, can be ordered directly from the industry, all the others from the wholesaler.

The many references in pharmacies must be rationalized to reduce dispersion. The high number of references processed, the limited exhibition spaces and the gradually decreasing profitability require careful selection and management of the assortment. Redefining does not necessarily mean cutting, but simply assigning roles to different categories and references in terms of board priority. In the phase of definition of the assortment it is important to identify the optimal number of products and brands that must compose it.

An analysis that measures the references on which the bulk of the sales are concentrated contributes to this. An assortment is of quality when its composition reflects the demand, increasing the number of processed products does not lead to anything, especially when there are more overlapping brands for a given segment of consumers and on the contrary a part of the request remains uncovered.

Pharmacist prescribed recipes to meet health, wellness and beauty needs make each pharmacy unique and special, people will be favorably impressed and keep coming back.

Gabriella Daporto for FarmaciaVirtuale.it

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