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“Priority to young people: here’s how”: Fomiatti’s recipe (Action)

A commitment to young people: this is what he proposes, as a candidate for the Chamber in the next elections, Gabriel Fomiattimunicipal councilor of Casalmaggiore who seeks the action of Charles Calendar. “Election campaigns are increasingly devoid of content, especially now that deadlines are tight. Everyone launches slogans, Letta and Meloni legitimize themselves as the only adversaries. They don’t want to face anyone but the two of them. The reasons are clear”.

“It is in this empty box that the electoral campaign with which we are confronted is. the youth theme is dramatically absent. The word “young” is often cited as a priority, but basically it turns out to be pure rhetoric. The Democratic Party announces a quota for 18-year-olds of €10,000, Fratelli d’Italia wants to force them to accept any job they are offered, under penalty of eliminating all aid”.

“Action and Italia Viva, on the other hand, approach this issue as an absolute priority for the present and the future of our country. A pillar of our program is the generational pact: for each euro spent for the over-65s, it must be accompanied by at least one euro spent for the under-35s. We have to start with the schools. In Italy, we have the highest school dropout and NEET (young people who do not study and work) rates in Europe, as well as performance in reading and mathematics significantly below international standards, especially in southern countries. country’s problems: the dramatic figures of implicit dispersal and youth unemployment mark our distance from other European contexts”.

“We must increase compulsory schooling from 16 to 18, guaranteeing full time for all. These are two measures that can be important not only for the education and culture factor, but also for the fight against the birth of so-called baby gangs. Boys would have busy afternoons resulting in less risk of these phenomena forming. In many European countries, full time is a structured reality. The afternoons could also be devoted to alternative training activities: sport, music, workshops, etc. “.

“Off-site students enrolled in universities and ITS must be accompanied, with support for accommodation. It is also a means of encouraging social mobility and giving more equitable access to tertiary education. We must promote the birth of STIs, that is to say, post-secondary educational establishments with high technological specialization. It is paradoxical that in a country that has always had a high rate of technological and industrial innovation like Italy, only 17,000 young people take part in these courses, compared to 400,000 in France and almost a million in Germany”.

“We need to encourage youth entrepreneurship. This is a theme that I often bring to the town council of Casalmaggiore. It is necessary to set up a structured project: forms of support for entrepreneurship through incubation, consulting, mentoring and coaching services. Facilitate access to financial capital, which is increasingly necessary given the historical period we are going through, with the ECB which has raised interest rates twice in a few months. Organizational innovation and the development of human capital must also be supported. We must facilitate the training-work transaction and guarantee internship salaries”.

“Young people are less inclined to save because they need to invest for their independence from their family of origin. This is why we propose to reset personal income tax rates up to age 25 and reduce them by 50% up to age 29. To help young people build their future, that of Italy and that of Europe, it is not necessary to give them a tip of 10,000 euros, but you have to put them in a position to have opportunities. There is a flight of young people to foreign countries, especially those with a high degree of specialization. Italy does not have the means. The demographic pyramid dramatically indicates the aging of the country. Many young people leave, which leads to fewer and fewer births of new families and, therefore, greater difficulty in maintaining a level of well-being. We need to take serious action, and Action-Italia Viva is ready to do so”.

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