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Alternative flours are very popular in recent years, among these certainly can not miss Chick pea flour. Among the main characteristics we find in addition to its unmistakable flavor also a high content of nutrients, high in proteinit is also a winning solution for the preparation of dishes gluten free. It is also perfect for vegetarians And vegans. The Chick pea flour it is obtained from the legume which is dried and then processed. Its tradition comes from countries like Pakistan and theIndia but it is also a common food in Mediterranean countries.

Preserves the knowledge of ancient peoples, began to circulate in the Bronze Age in Iraqreaching theAncient Egypt and in the territories ofEmpire Roman. There are traditional local recipes that see the protagonist Chick pea flour as well as spices whose fragrance and flavor take you back to distant times and destinations. Its cost is much higher than traditional flour, which is why an excellent solution could be to produce it directly at home.

To prepare the homemade chickpea flour just rinse i dried chickpeas, then dry them wrapped in a cloth for about 8 hours and roast them in the oven for 15 minutes at 150°. Once cooled, you can also put them in the fridge to avoid overheating the blades and the blender. The process is simple, the last step is to sieve to remove the coarser parts that have not been reduced to fine powder.

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Chickpea flour recipes

The Chick pea flour it is very good and super recommended not only for celiacs, vegans and vegetarians but also for those who practice sports. Indeed, it provides the body with a high and valuable quantity of vegetable proteins. The high content of fibers, which we know are always good for the body, except in exceptional cases. The vitamins in it they are also excellent for strengthening the immune system with mineral salts excellent for combating physical fatigue and stress. In short, the Chick pea flour it is a real panacea. With the same you can prepare excellent recipes loved by all.

Chickpea flour omelet

A eggless omeleta tasty or even very tasty alternative chickpea flour omelet.

To prepare plain or with vegetables, you can add what you prefer, success is guaranteed.


180 g of Chick pea flour;

water to taste


sweet or spicy paprika;

extra virgin olive oil;

Salt and pepper to taste

In a cup we pour the Chick pea flour weighed, chives, paprika, salt and pepper. We add the water a little at a time and mix with a whisk, adding until the mixture is smooth with no lumps and quite runny. In a saucepan pour the oil, heat it slightly and pour the liquid. Cook for 6-7 minutes with the lid on, at this point we can turn it over. We finish cooking for another 5 minutes without the lid and the chickpea omelet it is ready to be brought to the table.

Chickpea flour piadina

The chickpea flour piadina it is very light, very tasty and perfect for a delicious alternative to the traditional Romagna piadina. It can also be stuffed with whatever creativity suggests.

Ingredients for 2 wraps

100 g of Chick pea flour;

150ml of water;

extra virgin olive oil (optional);

Salt to taste

Few simple ingredients for an amazing result.

Add all ingredients (except oil) to a large bowl and mix well. A useful and functional step could be to let the dough rest for about ten minutes to make the mixture homogeneous. We use a non-stick pan for cooking and if you want to grease with a drop of oil to facilitate cooking but especially the time to turn it over. For cooking, there is no perfect rule other than seeing bubbles forming there and ready to cook on the other side. Simple! And now green light to imagination for filling.

homemade flour

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Chickpea flour candies

The incredible variety of receipts which can be prepared with Chick pea flour it is not only salty, in fact it also lends itself very well to sweet preparations. Donuts, cookies and cakes are a must try. We expect the taste experience to be a bit different, because like all legume floursalso that of Chickpeas it tends to stay more sustained during cooking. The process is pretty much what we would use to make recipes with traditional flour. The only trick is to add a little more water to the basic recipe.


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