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Pumpkin: 9 sweet and savory recipes that will become your comfort food

Pumpkin, mushrooms And chestnuts are among the most anticipated foods with the arrival ofAutumn. The pumpkina sweet tasting vegetable, is definitely one of the most versatile ingredients this season as it can be used in both sweet and savory recipes and can be used in different types of cooking (baked, casserole, boiled and steamed). Another interesting characteristic of the pumpkin is to be considered one of the comfort food, that is, the dishes that, due to their flavor, have the ability to positively influence the mood, which are the most appreciated. Especially in the darker and colder seasons. Here, then, nine delicious recipes to prepare in abundance and to serve while they are still hot and steaming.

  1. Pumpkin and gorgonzola risotto. A classic that never goes out of style is the pumpkin and gorgonzola risottoa first course creamy in which the sweetness of the pumpkin marries perfectly the flavor of the blue cheese. To prepare it, the pumpkin is softened in a sautéed onion and left to cook until it begins to peel. After grilling the rice, add the pumpkin then proceed with the usual cooking, adding the broth. Finally, during the creaming phase, an abundant amount of gorgonzola is added.
  2. Cream Of Pumpkin. The Cream Of Pumpkin it’s a comfort food par excellence, the perfect dish to warm up autumn evenings. The pumpkin, boiled in a vegetable broth, once mixed becomes a first delicate but full-bodied, to be enjoyed with bread croutons sautéed in extra virgin olive oil. To personalize it, you can also play with the spices: add the traditional sage and rosemary or the Nutmegthe currythe black pepper or the paprika for a little spice and the cinnamon if on the contrary you prefer to accentuate its softness.
  3. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin is a very popular vegetable even in United States, the country from which come many recipes that have now spread also in Italy. One of them is the Pumpkin piea traditional dish prepared for thanksgiving day. With a crispy crust of shortcrust pastry and a velvety, spicy filling of mashed pumpkin, eggs and cream, it’s a real autumn delight, even more delicious when served warm with a few whipped cream or of fiordilatte ice cream.
  4. Pumpkin Baked Pasta. Fall variant of sloppy doughthe Pumpkin pasta cooked it is very tasty thanks to the addition of a good dose of Bechamel and the crust of Parmesan cheese (to which we can also add del breadcrumbs to make it even crispier). The pumpkin must be pre-cooked in a pan and, depending on your taste, you can decide to leave it diced or blend it. In any case, to better mix the flavors before putting everything in the oven, it is better to sauté the pasta with the pumpkin and the chosen flavorings in the pan.
  5. Pumpkin and potato strudel. The pumpkin and potato strudel is a versatile dish, to be eaten as according or how side dish. It’s a rich and satisfying dish to be made even tastier with the addition of Provolone Where mozzarella cheese. Baking alone is not enough to cook pumpkin and potato pieces inside, so it is best to brown them first in a pan with oil and aromatic herbs, then put them in the oven with the pastry toasted.
  6. Pumpkin gnocchi with parmesan sauce. These Gnocchi with a velvety and creamy consistency they have their strong point in the flavor parmesan cream accompanying them. To prepare it, with the certainty of obtaining a consistency that is neither too thick nor too liquid, it is best to add a lot of parmesan to the classic béchamel. After that, it remains only to dip the boiled gnocchi in it.
  7. Pumpkin cupcake. Pumpkin, like carrots and zucchini, is one of those vegetables that can also be used in desserts. Before inserting it into the classic dough of little cake, it is better to mash it first, by boiling it or, even better, by steaming it so that it releases less water in the dough. For decoration, the best is the one based on cheese spread: will give the cherry the right body.
  8. Pumpkin and mushroom noodles. Two typical autumn flavors come together for a creamy dish with an enveloping taste: the pumpkin and mushroom noodles. To get the perfect sauce consistency, it’s best to blend one part of the pumpkin and sauté the other until it becomes crispy. The difference will then be made by the choice of mushrooms: the most suitable are the porcini mushrooms but also the mushroom they go well with this dish.
  9. Pumpkin tortelli with butter and sage. We come to another dish of the Italian culinary tradition, one of those where the taste emerges from the simplicity of the ingredients. For the pumpkin stuffed tortellithe best variety to use is certainly the one Valance, characterized by a soft and firm pulp. Whether you choose the traditional garnish or want to enrich it with ricotta, the best dressing is certainly the one based on butter and sage.

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