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Raffioli alla cassata recipe


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The Neapolitan cassatinalso known as Cassata Raffiolithey are gods treaty typical of Campania, traditionally prepared during the Christmas holidays. Oval in shape, they are composed of a base of soft sponge cake, filled with ricotta cream and chocolate chips, then decorated with Royal icing. It is a different preparation from the classic Sicilian cassata, much richer and more sumptuous than the Neapolitan version.

The process for making them at home is not particularly complex, but care must be taken in preparing the sponge cake and some frosting, which must be smoothlump-free and full-bodied to perfectly cover the entire surface of the candies.

Find out how to do it by following the step-by-step procedure and tips.

How to Make Neapolitan Cassatin

Start preparing the filling: start working the ricotta with a fork 1.

Add the sugar 2.

Combine the chocolate chips and mix well 3.

Cover the cream with cling film 4 and put it in the fridge.

Now prepare the sponge cake: break the eggs into a bowl 5.

Add the sugar 6 and start whipping the mixture with the electric whisk. You will need a firm cream.

Add flour and baking powder seventhen work the mixture again, still with an electric whisk.

Divide the mixture into molds, round or oval 8and bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 15 minutes.

After the cooking time, remove the bottoms from the oven, let them cool then cut them in half 9.

Fill with ricotta cream ten and brush the surface with apricot jelly.

Prepare the lemon glaze. Crack the eggs and separate the yolks from the whites 11.

Add sifted sugar 12.

Pour the lemon juice 13.

Work the mixture with an electric mixer, until it is shiny and very thick. 14. If necessary, you can adjust the consistency by adding more sugar.

Place a small piece of marzipan on the surface of the cassatin 15.

Cover the surface of the cassatin with the glaze 16.

Leave to set in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours 17.

The cassatins are ready to be tasted 18.


You can replace the marzipan with candied cherries: Arrange them on each cassatin after pouring the icing.

Those who prefer can also add candied fruit to the ricotta. A simpler version of the Neapolitan cassatina involves a simple filling with Apricot jam.

Alternatively, you can moisten the sponge cake with a syrup prepared with a glass of water, two tablespoons of sugar and a drop of maraschino, to cook gently on the heat until the sugar has completely dissolved.

For a preparation lighteryou can cover the Neapolitan cassatin with a water-based glaze, simply prepared with hot water and icing sugar.

Those who prefer can prepare the Neapolitan cassata in their own classic version.

If you don’t like the cassata filling, make the traditional raffiuoli.


Cassatine can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 dayscovered with cling film or in a suitable airtight container.

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