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Recipes for making DIY lip balm at home

This the lips are particularly delicate we know it very well: whatever your skin type, it will tend to crack or even split if it is not properly nourished and protected. In summer, sun, wind, salt, etc. are factors that they help to dry out our mouths but also in autumn and winter, it is essential to take care of your lips. In addition to drinking plenty of water so that the skin can stay hydrated in general, it is very important to use a nourishing and moisturizing butter or lip balm reapply during the day. It is an easy to apply, impalpable and very functional product and the beauty is that it can be easily prepared at home, customizing it with the characteristics that we prefer. Indeed, it can be more or less nourishing, perfumed or even colored to obtain a perfect mix between care and light makeup. Here are some quick and easy recipes to create a DIY lip balm you won’t be able to do without.

3 recipes to create your own personalized lip balm at home

Repairing lip balm

When the lips are put to the test and we want to repair them and heal them, we can prepare a balm made from calendula, beeswax and vitamin E. Pour about 6 g of calendula oleolite and about 3 g of beeswax in a bowl to heat in a bain-marie until completely dissolved. Once the mixture is removed from the heat, add 6 drops of vitamin E, which in addition to being excellent for the skin will also act as a preservative. At this point we can add a few drops of food flavor of our favorite flavor to our liking. The mixture will then be put in a tube or in a jar and let cool.

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The super nourishing lip balm

To constantly keep the lips soft and above all to avoid any chapping, especially in view of long exposure to the sun, it is necessary a rich formula. So you can take advantage of shea butter, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil, to which you can always add fragrant essential oils such as orange, or natural flavors such as vanilla. The two butters and the oil must be in equal parts, about two teaspoons each: the first two must be melted in a bain-marie, and it is only once melted that it will be the turn of the oil . When everything is well mixed, we can remove from the heat, then add the aromas, essential oils and the essential tocopherol, then put our conditioner in the container and leave to cool.

The colored lip balm to always have on you

The key ingredient of a colored lip balm it’s mica, which is a natural colored powder that adds pigment. Instead, you can use powder oxides, which are also the basis of natural makeup products and are more intense: it depends on the finish you want. To ensure that it has a more protective action and that it lasts longer on our lips, we can make this balm using almond oil as a base ingredient (about 11 grams), to dissolve in the bath -marie with approximately 3 g of beeswax and 1.5 g of vegetable glycerin, which is known to be extremely emollient. The pigment is the last ingredient to add: as in the other cases, the addition of perfume is then completely at your discretion.


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