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Red rice, properties and uses

What is red rice used for? It depends on what that term means. If you refer tocomplete with fermented red riceis used to keep bad cholesterol levels low In the blood. If, on the other hand, reference is made to food, al rice red of Chinese origin, it is mainly used as accompaniment and accompaniment although in reality there are many others recipes that see him as the protagonist. Let’s go together to discover everything there is to know about red rice, a beneficial food to bring to our tables even every day.

fermented red rice

It is certainly important to mention the fermented red ricea natural supplement which promises to help fight bad cholesterol levels in the blood, to be used as a substitute for cholesterol-lowering drugs based on statins. In fermented red rice, there are substances called monacolins, in particular monacolin K, which help to get effective actionbut it is important to remember that even the best fermented red rice supplement can pose some health risk especially when supported excessive doses.

What is red rice used for? fermented? It is possible to come across headache, intestinal problems, liver damage, muscular pathologies. To avoid these risks, it is better to choose a cholesterol supplement without red rice or pay attention to the recommended doses. However, it is important always trust the advice of your doctor care before making decisions about their own health.

Nothing risks, however, with regard to consumption of red rice as fooda food that comes directly from China and which has been consumed by man since time immemorial. In the East, it is not only consumed as accompaniment, accompaniment or main ingredientbut also as an additive to Chinese red wine or sake. It is also used as a food coloring and as a real remedy for gastrointestinal and circulatory problems.

Red rice, the properties

Red rice is a food that provides our body with excellent carbohydrate intake, but also protein. Not only that, it is a source of mineral salts useful for the proper functioning of our body, such as phosphorus and magnesium. IS low fatat low glycemic index And rich in fibera food that can therefore be consumed (obviously paying attention to the quantity) even by those who want to follow one diet stay at home ideal weight.

The presence of a high dose of fiber makes red rice ideal for feeling full quickly, for limiting bad cholesterol, for promote digestion and intestinal well-being. Gut well-being is also promoted by lack of glutenin order to avoid the abdominal bloating. Those who want to get more fiber can of course opt for the red brown rice which is actually much easier to find on the market. Finally, red rice also offers many antioxidant substanceswhich allow us to easily fight against free radicals and therefore keep the body young for longer.

Red rice, the best recipes

Red rice has a very aromatic flavoran ideal oriental rice like accompaniment and accompaniment both meat and fish dishes. It can also be used for the preparation of rice salads, in fact, it is also perfect to be enjoyed cold. However, there are also many recipes with red rice that it is possible to prepare, to bring to the table dishes with an intense taste. For example, you can prepare delicious red rice meatballsthe Stir-fried red rice with vegetables and legumesthe red curry rice or other oriental spices. Also delicious saffron red rice. It is also an ideal rice for the preparation of rice cakes and timbales.

red rice

red rice

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Red rice, cooking

How many times a week can you eat red rice? Precisely because it is a food that allows us to provide our body with many beneficial substances, it can be brought to our tables even every day without any difficulty. Admittedly, putting it on the table every day can be difficult given that I the cooking times are very long, in fact about 35 minutes. However, it is also true that red rice remains crisp even after cooking, even for a few days. You can then prepare a large quantity to store in the refrigerator for 2-3 days and use as needed. Alternatively, remember that there are cooking methods that allow you to cut the times in half, such as using the pressure cooker. Or you can buy parboiled red rice, partially boiled afterwards. You will thus have the possibility of carrying out in a simple and quick rice recipesbecause even in this case, the cooking times are halved.


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