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Regina Elisabetta, her favorite food is Italian

If Churchill and Stalin had spent more time at the table, the world would have been very different. Chef Gilles Bragard, founder of the Chefs Club of Chefs, the crème de la crème of international gastronomic culture, which since 1977 has brought together all the heads of heads of state in the world: one for each country, with the exception of China, which has two. Originally born to introduce U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s boss Henry Haller to his French counterpart Marcel Le Servot, over the years, the club has become the essential point of reference for all those who have the delicate task of supplying the menu of presidents, kings and queens.

The Club des Chefs des Chefs brings together the best of international gastronomic culture.

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This forum, which meets annually on the occasion of a one-week gastronomic tour as well as for exclusive charity events accessible by payment of a minimum sum of 350 euros per person, inaugurated some time ago a kind of “blue telephone”, a direct line between chefs who, bypassing annoying protocols, can know the personal tastes of heads of state with many surprises on certain personal preferences. Well, directed by the Telegraphchef Massimo Sprega, who has been serving the Quirinal for 14 years, right arm of Fabrizio Boca, unveiled one of the favorite dishes of Queen Elizabeth who, during her visit to Rome in 2014, was able to taste a delicious risotto with herbs. “She was a very good friend of President Napolitano,” she explains. “The queen came to lunch. Later, she remembered everything she had eaten. We had served a risotto with fresh herbs, which she said she liked.” An appreciation far from obvious for the British sovereign, very fond of her habits, especially culinary.

queen elisabetta italian favorite dish

Queen Elizabeth visiting the Quirinal in 2014.

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As Bragard explains, there is a kind of “gastronomic diplomacy” that should not be underestimated since good relations between heads of state also depend on it. And it is surprising to think that this small group of people holds the “secret of happiness” of the most powerful men (and women) in the world. For many of these chefs, accepting such a prestigious assignment means having to deal with a retired life, away from the spotlight, with essential secrecy restrictions on forbidden recipes and ingredients.

queen elisabetta italian favorite dish

Cristeta Comeford, first female chef in the White House.

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Needless to say, most of them are men, with very few exceptions, represented by Cristeta Comerford, the first female White House chief, and South African Elmarie Pretorius, of the Hilton Little Brigade, who tells the British newspaper in these terms. his profession: “It’s a boys’ club, but they’re good guys. When it gets to a certain level, a lot of women give up because of the family. But I’m married and I have a child and we pass to something else, so it can be done.” If circumstances allow, it would be interesting to imagine a meeting between her and Queen Elizabeth, who especially knows what it means to deal with a traditionally male profession. It is not excluded that while talking, the two women discover that they have a lot in common. After all, both of them, in their own way, work in the service of their country.


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