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Restoration and energy crisis: all the solutions to save and save the company

THEexpensive energy, gas and raw materials puts a strain on the catering sector and hospitality, with businesses forced to close, crushed by price increases, shock bills tripled, sometimes quintupled. Some choose to close, enter an energy lockdown and reopen in the spring, others postpone the decision, hoping for government intervention.

But for some, no question of throwing in the towel and to save their own reality, they are ready to fight and find solutions: from the minus degree in the refrigerator, to the group purchase of raw materials, to the reduction of opening hours, to the creation of anti- wasteful, to the use of narrow-gauge ovens and hoods compared to the past, to the point of offering customers menus prepared without the help of the stove, which they will have to eat by candlelight.

The idea of ​​closing in the evening

Among the ideas that restaurateurs have had is that of reducing the opening hours of their premises. “I plan to close in the evening, to maximize the clientele. Our fires are already going to LPG, so they cost less. And we already have low consumption lamps” – he told La Repubblica Lucy Antonelli from the restaurant Taverna del Cacciatore of Castiglione dei Pepoli (Bo).

The good life

Not opening for a day or two produces relative savings

“We are at +300%, the situation is unsustainable and there is no strategy. Even shutting down for a day or two produces relative savings, because most of the machinery continues to operate. We have already exposed ourselves during Covid and in terms of liquidity we are in a difficult situation, also because then there is an increase in suppliers and laundry “- he told La Repubblica Marco Gardens of Sale Grosso from Bologna.

Change business model

“Our sector is suffering from two years of problems. In my premises, in Ferrara, I came to pay 4,000 euros more per month. What we did was change the business model a bit: we no longer use certain machines, a person quit and we didn’t replace them, we go shopping three times a week to use the fridges less. But they are all palliative. Better to close than to pay 50,000 euros more per year ”- he told La Repubblica Matteo Musacci, president of Fipe Emilia Romagna and national vice-president of the Italian Federation of Public Exercises.

The fridge and the smoking room are used less

Max zucchinipresident of Bologna Provincial Conferences and manager of the Irish pub Celtic Druid Bolognaas La Repubblica reports, he chose to intervene “by unplugging some fridges and using the smoking room less. Because both vacuum cleaners consume a lot“.

Restoration and energy crisis: all the solutions to save and save the company

An extra degree in the fridge

It has raised the fridge by one degree and is streamlining the use of the blast chiller, no longer inserting just one dessert, as in the past, but putting three instead, according to what has been reported. at La Repubblica, Paolo Carati, ownerand Trattoria Al Golden fireplace from Bologna.

It all depends on the contracts

To say it, always at La Repubblica, is Vincenzo Vottero, president of the restorers of Ascom Bologna“I had a contract that was to last until October 1, with Enel Energia, at a fixed price of 0.08 cents per kilowatt, and in June they told me that they would raise the tariff to 0.45 . And they can do it. Fortunately, I immediately moved with my broker and signed a contract with A2A at 0.26 cents. Now I “only” pay triple. But this can’t go on“.

A shared purchase of raw materials

The idea comes from Capab, the Consorzio Artigiani Pasticcieri Bergamaschi, whose president Andrea Bonati said: “We discussed the unforeseen costs that we find in the budget. We are a close-knit group and seek economies of scale to save on supplies. Thanks to Confartigianato Bergamo and other free market proposals we see to monitor the situation with damage limitation. Pending interventions it is part of the government, we have also taken measures regarding the purchase of raw materials: together we buy flour, butter, chocolate and everything a pastry needs, in order to obtain a discount and reduce the impact of price increases. We are also close to the members of our consortium, assisting them and pointing out any type of facilitation made available to companies, so that important savings opportunities do not escape”.

Some members of Capab, the Consorzio Artigiani Pasticcieri Bergamaschi Restoration and energy crisis: all the solutions to save and save businesses

Some members of Capab, the Consortium of Artisanal Pastries of Bergamaschi

Anti-waste recipes

To come to the aid of those who struggle to buy “rare” ingredients to transform into dishes to put on the table, are the Roman chefs Andrea Pasqualucci (restaurant Mom1 Michelin star, member Euro-Toques), Giuseppe D’Alessio (Seventh), Daniele Roppo (Marquis), Simone Maddaleni (Magdalene), Matteo Militello (Aventine) who practice “zero waste” principles in their own kitchens. With their advice, it is possible to create creative “empty fridge” recipes that do not give up taste and, at the same time, are ideal for postponing the appointment with the shopping at least a little. From reusing parmesan skins, bread or stale meat to not throwing away the vegetable stems of meat, here are the chefs’ suggestions.

Reduced hours, fewer menu items and part-time contracts

Roman restaurants are bracing for inflation and huge energy bills. According to the Fiepet-Confesercenti of Rome and Lazio, the recipe is simple and in line with what Italia a Tavola has long been indicating: fewer dishes on the menu, also to avoid wasting food. Open only for lunch or dinner and even ovens and hoods that operate at a narrower gauge than in the past. “And these are the easiest DIY solutions bar and restaurant owners have come up with to save on bills – he explained Claudio Picapresident of Fiepet, at Il Messaggero – Almost every place encouraged the purchase of zero kilometer products to bypass mass distribution. If the air conditioning has been off for a while, this winter, the areas where customers are served will be concentrated so as not to lose heat. And there are bosses who, without social safety nets, transform the full-time contracts of employees into part-time where possible to avoid layoffs.

Other possible solutions to save

The advice of the chefs who had intervened on the subject of extinguishing the fire, after having thrown away the pasta to be revived, revived by the nobel Parisi, was also interesting. Leader Maurizio Urso, Executive Chef of Datterino Restaurant in Scilla Maris Charming Suites in Noto (Sr) had, for example, refuted above all Parisi’s idea, proposing other possible methods to save: “My proposal is certainly not related to the method of cooking pasta, but, for example, by operating the furnaces at full load and then using the rapid cooling system. In the sense that whatever we have vacuum packed, we can then break it down and keep both the positive and the negative in the cell. Or you can cook under vacuum with the roner or with the controlled steam oven itself”.

Maurizio Urso

Maurizio Urso

Candle light dinner

Faced with the explosion of costs, a handful of bars and restaurants in Brussels have decided to stay in the dark and offer their customers a menu without gas or electricity and by candlelight. An idea also proposed in Italy by the restaurant chain golocious every Monday evening. “Among the maneuvers we are carrying out, there is the awareness of the kitchen team to waste and the verification of our systems to try to optimize consumption as much as possible. While waiting for the State to intervene as soon as possible”, he commented. Alessio Catino, CEO of Golocious.

Restoration and energy crisis: all the solutions to save and save the company


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