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Roasted chicken day, “on your hands” for the gourmet social marathon

Tadorns Sunday, October 2 Roast Chicken Day, the great social marathon organized by Unaitalia, the National Association of White Meat Producers, to celebrate second most popular dish of Italians (after the pasta) and tell the different “souls”, from the familiar to the popular rotisserie, up to the gourmet.

Roast Chicken Day is back on Sunday, October 2

Loved by Italians

Of party dish to everyday dish, icon of all tables and all cultures, chicken is international, glocal and has no religious restrictions on its consumption. When it scratched in the barnyard it was a precious reserve of protein at no cost to families, but today poultry farming guarantees us quality, attention to animal well-being and the impact on the environment and the climate. 74% of Italians (40 million) eat it at least once a month; 39% once a week and 32% twice (especially young people), often without enriching the taste with sauces (40%). Among the reasons for its success – emphasizes Unaitalia – the versatility and transversalityalso culturally, chicken which, with 21.43 kg per capita, continues to be the most consumed meat in Italy and beyond. But it is also the king of finger food because it is pleasant to eat it with your hands, avoiding the dictates of the label, as 53% of Italians admit, especially at home and with family (59%). . 64% would do it even at a romantic or formal dinner, if allowed, as revealed by a Doxa survey conducted for Unaitalia and carried out on a representative sample of the 18-74 age group. And to avoid getting your fingers dirty IED studentsAngelica Fu Fupei and Emilia He Rui with their teacher Davide Gallina created the Winder, a practical, ecological and fun tool the result of a design competition. They will show it live on October 2.

Hands or fork? Word to the leaders

And that’s the question “hands or fork” the theme of this sixth edition Roast Chicken Day which sees chefs as protagonists Cristina Bowerman (1 Michelin star), Max Mariola from Gambero Rosso, the Tuscans Federico Fusca (among the top 10 influencers of Italian cuisine on Forbes and one of the chefs of “E ‘semper Mezzogiorno”) and Daniele Rossi (3 million followers). Not to mention the success of the 30-second micro-recipes of the chefs-tiktokers on social networks and the network of chicken lovers Giallo Zafferano. Everything will be interactive and choral that day for the opportunity to post photos and recipes and discuss how you like to snack. The craze for street food is increasing, to be tasted without formalities (+ 48% between 2014 and 2019, for Coldiretti; + 21.3% in 2021 for Deloitte) and therefore we choose to cancel the distance between food and hands . The boss says so Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz, 2 Michelin stars): “Eating with your hands is a natural regression, finding yourself. Without artifice. It’s sharing and complicity. (Source: Mugaritz). Or the cook David Chang, for Esquire “among the 75 most influential people of the 21st century” which invites you to eat with your hands as if it were a chicken nugget, its masterful fried chicken oyster. The star Cristina Bowerman is the leader of this edition of #polloarrostoday 2022 of “everything with your hands” and the dish “Roasted chicken with peach kimchi (Korean recipe based on fermented peaches and spices) and salad with Parisian peach”. An enveloping dish in which bites of crispy roasted thighs are coated in a bubbly, savory and spicy fermented peach sauce. “Eating with the hands – he says – is the most intimate gesture there is: it involves the five senses and breaks any element of separation between us and food”.

Many recipes from the chefs Roast chicken day, the marathon manages to “taste” with the hands

Many chef recipes

chicken label

The debate also entered with a straight legAcademy label italian: on October 2 at 1 p.m., its president Samuele Briatore will reveal the 10 points of the #polloarrostoconlemani manifesto which will be signed by all the protagonists of the fair on October 2. “Good rules – he says – are not something monolithic and sometimes cutlery can be perceived as elements of distance. And roast chicken is fully part of this area. But wash your hands well, taste it with the first three fingers as the nobility of the Renaissance did, bite freely but never with the little finger raised or, worse, lick your fingers. And again: don’t go to the bone, keep tissues or wet wipes available, avoid taking photos with your mobile phone, overdoing sauces and touching them with your hands, small bites so as not to look like hungry wolves, do not stir and mix the pieces in search of the favorite”. It is better to abstain from the first meeting, but to put the guests at ease you can do like Queen Margherita who grabbed a chicken leg to put Tsar Nicolas I at ease when he was having difficulty deboning the chicken. And again, it is better to keep tissues or wet wipes available, avoid taking photos with your mobile phone, overdoing the sauces and touching them with your hands, choosing small bites so as not to look like wolves hungry, don’t stir and toss the pieces in search of your favorite. .

It is the second most popular dish of Italians.Roast chicken day, the marathon comes to

It is the second most popular dish of Italians

Eating with hands increases pleasure

Many others have gone out of their way to support us in the desired transgression, such as the sociologist Norbert Elias who argued that the introduction of cutlery on the tables was not for reasons of hygiene, but served to create a separation between man and food, suppressing gargantuan voracity. This is confirmed by a study by Stevens University in New York, for which “touching food directly with hands enhances the experience sensory and increases its hedonic ratings in self-regulated consumers”. In addition, tactile perceptions would push the brain to consider food as tastier. According to researchers Ellen Townsend and Nicola Pitchfork from the University of Nottingham, even children weaned in this way (baby-led approach) would give them the wisdom not to overindulge in food.

Chicken, food of happiness

And we also find that eat chicken in addition to doing us good from a nutritional point of view, it can to party. This was claimed by the nutritionist of the University Campus Biomedico of Rome Luca Pirette. “White meats, such as chicken and turkey – he says – in addition to being rich in noble proteins and having few but good fats (omega-6 and omega-3) increase well-being because they are rich in tryptophan, which is then transformed into serotonin, a source of good mood. But it is better to remove the skin because it is oily”.

Planned events

Opening appointments online (11:30 a.m.) on their social networks will be the Federico Fusca and Daniele RossI the chief influencer who conquered Tik Tok and Instagram and who will prepare a Brick Chicken. From 11:30 a.m. and throughout the day it will be the community of Giallo Zafferano with 15 tik toker bloggers and at 12:00 p.m. chef Max Mariola, who live from his Facebook channel (and cross-posting on Wil’s Facebook channel). Pollo), will prepare roasted wings. At 1 p.m. Raffaele Briatore will speak on a good tone and at 2 p.m. Cristina Bowerman on her Facebook and Instagram channels will unveil her recipe for roast chicken with peach kimchi and peach Parisian salad. “I chose it – he says – because it is eaten with the hands and brings back to an intimate gesture of union. The chicken, after having been left in the cold overnight (mixture of water, salt and sugar) is baked at low temperature, sprinkled with a mixture of herbs and bacon bits and finally annealed for 15 minutes at high temperature. to give it the famous crust. Everything is served on a salad with kimchi sauce and macerated peaches.


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