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Salumi da Re 2022: the new (online) edition arrives with the product showcase and the “Pizza & Salumi” web series

Hold on tight and get ready because Salumi da Re, gathering of butchers breeders and butchers, in virtual version for three years, with a good chance in spring 2023, it will be held in attendance at Polesine Zibello, as has always happened from the first to the sixth edition. The event dedicated to quality charcuterie, organized since 2014 by Antica Corte Pallavicina and Gambero Rosso, will return to the places where it was born, the house of the brothers Massimo and Luciano Spigaroli in the Lower Parma region, one of the most famous Italian charcuterie realities internationally in an area with a strong charcuterie vocation. It will return with the stands of producers and their charcuterie, timeless and new, conferences on current topics in delicatessen, comparison between companies, tastings, alliances of Norcine specialties with wines and beers. The cicciolata prepared by the masalèn of the farm will return, between the starred restaurant and the Hosteria del Maiale, the visits to the 15th century cellars where the famous cured meats of the Antica Corte Pallavicina rest. During the three days in Parma, the two competitions will again be organized: “The teenage sandwich: a good thing in your hands”, aimed at students of the hotel institutes of Emilia-Romagna, and the competition for cutting ham by hand and with the flywheel slicer. In addition to the awards: to the best Italian shops that sell high-level pork products and “Salumi da Re Hall of Fame”, recognition to companies that have joined the event since the first edition.

The Salumi da Re 2022 initiatives, in addition to the article published in the November monthly, are basically two:

  • The Showcase of Salumi da Re, special section dedicated to the most representative products of the flagship companies of the 2022 edition with the list of norcine companies and their flagship product, easily accessible with a simple click. It is a project successfully inaugurated last year and relaunched updated with the producers participating in this edition;
  • the webseries Pizza & Salumi – Special Salumi da Re: the appointment is at Monday, Wednesday And Friday at 11 a.m. on Web TV Gambero Rosso. The first puntanta is published on Culatello di Zibello Oro. Two new talents present norcine specialties accompanied by gourmet pizzas: Giuseppe Carruseditor-in-chief of Gambero Rosso’s Vini d’Italia guide and TV face of the Gambero Rosso channel’s “My Sardinia” show, and John Mandara from the Piccola Piedigrotta pizzeria in Reggio Emilia, “Tre Spicchi” from the Pizzerias of Italy 2023 guide by Gambero Rosso.

These are initiatives that are successful and that we will try to carry out also in the next editions, together with the classics in attendance.

The Massimo (Spigaroli) of charcuterie

How does the head butcher for more than 30 years at the helm of Antica Corte Pallavicina see today’s delicatessen? “In the niche production sector, quality is progressing more and more – Massimo Spigaroli takes stock – salami always better and with fewer preservatives, otherwise completely free of nitrates and nitrites. Thanks also to events such as Salumi da Re, where high-level charcuterie companies meet, exchange experiences and contacts, discuss, taste the products of colleagues, start projects, establish partnerships. The confrontation is important for the growth of the Italian charcuterie system. Gambero Rosso and us and we were the first to approach niche norcine productions through an event entirely dedicated to them, by organizing conferences centered on the different aspects and issues of delicatessen and by choosing the best companies for encourage them in this direction. Small but good from the start, with the knowledge that good things continue“. And regarding the next edition, there is optimism and openness.”A Salumi da Re that I hope is in the presentza and online, with more butchers, initiatives and seminars, thanks to which, over the last 9 years, producers have increased their choice of quality and own label“.

Giovanni Mandara, Tramonti’s gourmet pizza maker

John Mandara, pizza maker of Piccola Piedigrotta in Reggio Emilia, “Tre Spicchi” Gambero Rosso, is one of the two talents of the 2022 edition of Salumi da Re. He is the one who kneaded and baked the flour masterpieces and yeast to combine with salted meats. Originally from Tramonti, Emilian by adoption, son of restaurateurs, he has a mission: to make known the role of his country, between the Lattari mountains and the Amalfi coast, in spreading the culture of pizza. “The different pizzerias in the world are not Neapolitan but from Tramontini: more than 2000 companies run by pizza makers from a town of 4000 inhabitantssmiles Giovanni, vice-president of ADP, Association Pizza Tramonti. His pizza, halfway between the Neapolitan, high and cornice, and the Roman, thin and crispy, was the basis of recipes often made in collaboration with butchers, “to spoil and enhance charcuterie, adding it to cooked pizza“. Some examples: the one with pitina, mozzarella, Bremen onion and potatoes, and the one with brisaola, fiordilatte, pomegranate, pecorino, carob molasses and nuptials.

Perfect pairings with the wines and beer of Giuseppe Carrus

The other talent of the series Pizza & Salami, broadcast on Gambero Rosso’s Web TV, is Giuseppe Carrus, editor-in-chief of our Vini d’Italia guide and TV host of La mia Sardegna on the Gambero Rosso channel. He too, as John Mandararecommends adding raw cold cuts to the base of the pizza “so that it goes perfectly with the verrines”.

Not easy combinations, contrary to popular belief. “Red wines never structured aged in barrels: the tannins leave a ferrous and bitter sensation in the mouth. Yes to young and light reds, without tannins and with strong acidity, served chilled: a Venetian Bardolino, Schiava from South Tyrol, Fortana and the different types of Lambrusco, an unaged Barbera, the semi-aromatic Ruchè from Piedmont or the Pelaverga di Verduno. Also a great red wine like Pinot Noir, obviously in the younger versions which play on the fragrance. These are wines that also go well with important cured meats such as bresaola wagyu, not covering the taste and aromas but rather Go hand in hand in complexity and persistence. Ruchè with its aromatic complexity goes perfectly with the spicy and garlic-rich salami. Perfect match with bubbles: for example, a classic method sparkling wine with mortadella. The whites are very good, even the most structured and tasty: here, in the absence of a tannic component, the emphasis is on acidity, which cleanses the mouth even in the case of demanding and particularly oily products.“. On the source of the beers?”VSIn sweet, high-fat deli meats like lard and bacon, Anglo-Saxon-style India Pale Ale beers are good, without the heavy bitterness of Italian IPAs. In savory charcuterie, on the other hand, beware of excessive hops which can create what happens with tannic red wines: therefore Belgian abbey beers are ideal, with the malty part which, tone on tone, promotes sweetness“.

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