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San Daniele has its queen: the salmon trout

Sand cured ham is the king of San Daniele, the The queen of San Daniele is the salmon troutto the breeding and processing of which the family has been dedicated for years with passion and skill pigin. And in particular the cold-smoked salmon trout fillet recognized as a traditional food product by the Ministry of Agriculture. It all started more than 40 years ago on the banks of the Tagliamento, one of the last wild rivers in Europe. In this temple, Giuseppe Pighin, founder of Friultrota, he raised trout in a small lake. Thanks to his passion, the hobby became a profession, which was taken over by his son Mauro, the current owner, alongside whom his sons Angelo and Erica are also involved in the business.

Meticulous processing of the raw material

The ideal environment for a special fish

“A trout must be a good trout to be good,” he said. Giuseppe Pighin. A lapidary maxim in its simplicity, but not obvious or banal. They are needed pure waterswise forms of agriculture, creativity in the gastronomic proposal to create a product of excellence, healthy and tasty like the one now offered by Friultrota, which deserves the credit for having opened new paths at breeding of the quality of Friulian trout, making it an excellent product and an interesting and refined series of its operation. Trout are raised respecting both the environment and natural growth times.

The good life

To keep their nutritional characteristics intact, they are work as soon as you fish. Each stage of the production chain respects a traditionally artisanal methodology, in which the manual skill of the work still occupies a significant weight today. Salting is done manually and dry, to ensure consistency and quality that is only possible through careful attention to detail. Important then the manual pinningthis it removes even the smallest pins from the threads. The smoking is artisanal and is carried out using the natural smoke of the woods, berries and aromatic herbs, to enhance the flavor of the meat: a skilful touch of delicate smoke enhances the typical flavors of salmon trout, renowned for its flesh. lean and compact, rich in Omega-3.

A prosperous territory San Daniele has its queen: the salmon trout

A prosperous territory

Prepared with the best raw materials

Without any coloring or preservatives, Friultrota products are ready to eat in complete food safety, ideal for those who love fish and, perhaps having little time, do not want to give up quality, taste and well-being and for those who seek tasty suggestions. There are several ranges of products, ranging from hot or cold smoked, steamed, marinated, to specialty in jars. In addition to salmon trout from Friuli, the company also processes a wide range of other fish, such as wild and farmed salmon, herring, mackerel, sea bass and sea bream, cod and others. The star product is La Regina di San Daniele, cold smoked with woods, berries and aromatic herbs, carefully trimmed and deboned by hand, vacuum-packed in long slices cut by hand: to be enjoyed simply on a toast of good buttered bread, or its use in the many original recipes offered on the company’s website.

The queen of Friuli San Daniele has her queen: the salmon trout

The Queen of Friuli

The latest news is Trout Rosé Thread, a trout fillet marinated at low temperature with a very particular technique that gives it an incredibly soft texture and a pleasantly delicate flavor, enriched by the strong aromatic notes of black pepper that give a delicious roundness to the palate. From fillets to condiments and appetizers, all fish specialties are ready to be served. Versatile, they adapt to all occasions, from a quick dish to a haute cuisine recipe. They are on sale in the Fish Boutique with tasting room adjoining the company’s headquarters, in the best food stores on the peninsula or can be ordered online at www.regina-shop.it.

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