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Sanpellegrino soft drinks are 90 years old: in 1932 the renter Ezio Granelli designed the Aranciata

The story of Bibite Sanpellegrino begins in 1932 in Milan, thanks to the brilliant intuition of Commendator Ezio Granelli, former pharmaceutical representative and then owner of Sanpellegrino Spa, who made a decision that changed his life and that of the Italian beverage market. Indeed, during the Milan show, he decided to offer his guests a refreshing drink prepared on site, based on mineral water, orange juice and a pinch of sugar. The mixture so conquered those present, delighting their souls, that Granelli decided to try to put it on the market in an attempt to conquer the palate of all Italians. “The Sanpellegrino Aranciata”.

Protagonist of design exhibitions all over the world thanks to its elegant packaging, Sanpellegrino Aranciata is a product that still stands out today for its strong link with the Bel Paese tradition, thanks to its unique and natural taste and its quality ingredients, which have made it an icon of international style for entire generations.

Ninety years of Italian history, therefore, which also pass from the creation of the various advertising campaigns. “I want you to drink so much”, “Aranciata Exagerata”, “Simple and sincere”, are just some of the statements that have marked the historic advertising campaigns of the Sanpellegrino Aranciata. In the 50s and 60s, the best post-war Italian artists gave free rein to their creativity and quality in the various advertising campaigns that always placed the liveliness and exclusivity of the Sanpellegrino Aranciata at the center. Over 90 years, through the artistic, colorful and evocative images of their advertising campaigns that have appeared on streets around the world, the Sanpellegrino Aranciata has become a symbol of the economic boom and well-being after World War II and ambassador of the Italian lifestyle and taste.

Indeed, in 1949, theBitter orange, with a more intense taste and a sweet and sour contrast. This novelty was followed, in 1958, by the introduction on the market of Chinò Sanpellegrino, the result of a secret recipe And now considered a cult among Italian drinks, and in 1960, since the launch of the historic Lemonade signed Sanpellegrino.

Since 1969 it has also been added to the citrus range Sanpellegrino cocktail, with a pleasantly bitter and spicy taste, with notes of cinnamon and cinchona, enriched with a hint of ginger.

In recent years, with the desire to enter the world of miscibility, Bibite Sanpellegrino has also been enriched with the Mixers range: Tonic with Oak Extract, Tonic with Delicate Notes of Citrus and Ginger Beer Sanpellegrino.

Today, the iconic range of Sanpellegrino drinks is completely renewed both in the pack, even more elegant and contemporary, and in the formula. Always a spokesperson for quality and attentive to a rigorous selection of its ingredients, the Brand is presenting a new authentic taste experience in 2021 with the launch of 100% natural citrus references.

Sanpellegrino drinks, lifestyle ambassadors and made in Italy iconssince 1932, they have brought their quality, know-how and creativity to tables and clubs around the world.

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