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Satiety and plant-based cooking, advice from Bonduelle

Greenology, the art of plant-based cuisine is enriched with new content. The project of Bonduelle Cateringborn last year with the aim of promoting plant-based nutrition in professional kitchens, this month also offers new contributions and useful tools to help chefs and restaurateurs create tasty, healthy and sustainable plant-based recipes, in in step with current trends.

Among the latest content available on the Greenology platform, the first in a series of video contributions by Fabio Asti, Executive Chef Bonduelle Food Service of 2017, which in this first episode deals with the theme of “satiety”offering 4 practical tips to implement to compose, serve and present to your guests satisfying and satisfying recipes.

But what is satiety while waiting? Explaining it always from the pages of Greenology is nutritionist Francesca Marino, which has been collaborating with Bonduelle Food Service on the project since its creation, providing useful information for creating complete and nutritionally balanced recipes. “Satiety is the opposite of the feeling of hunger. And there is no doubt that among the health foods are vegetables, especially cereals, legumes and vegetables, the most satiating foods, which help control appetite, thanks to their high content of water, fiber, minerals and vitamins”.

So here are Fabio Asti’s 4 suggestions, which can be easily implemented in professional kitchens to give a satiating look to any recipe. The first advice concerns the choice of dish. In fact, its size is the first factor that influences the customer’s perception to judge a dish satisfactory or not. This effect is called “Delboeu’s Illusionf”, according to which the same portion served on two plates of different sizes is perceived differently. A large plate tends to reduce the portion and on the contrary a small plate makes the portion more generous.

The Chef continues with the second suggestion which concerns the time spent eating. The longer the time needed, the greater the feeling of satiety. Chewing and the gestures that accompany it are two determining factors. Take the case of the apple: a whole apple takes longer than its juice to be consumed and therefore gives the impression that you are eating more. The same goes for soup: if you eat it with a spoon you have the feeling that it is more satiating, compared to the same gesture made with a straw. And to contribute to the perception of the soup as a complete dish, it is good to garnish it with bread, some vegetables and enrich it with condiments.

The third tip concerns the separation of ingredients. Presenting a dish with the different ingredients distinct from each other conveys the idea of ​​abundance and therefore of satiety.

Finally, the fourth piece of advice concerns the dish name, which also plays an important role in the perception of customer satiety. When reading the menu proposals, what reassures him the most is certainly a “Veggie bowl” compared to a “Light salad” or a “Fantasy rice and crunchy vegetables” compared to a simple “Rice salad” .

To create many healthy, tasty and satisfying recipes, Bonduelle Food Service offers the new range of Minute® frozen cereals and legumes in 5 references: Bulgur, Barley, Quinoa, Lentils and Chickpeas. An absolute novelty with which Bonduelle Food Service completes its offer to the catering world with natural and healthy ingredients for a plant-based diet increasingly in demand by Italians.

It is precisely in this context that legumes and cereals are conquering, together with vegetables, a leading role in our diet with double-digit growth both in the retail sector and in professional kitchens, since they are perfect for creating satiating, balanced and nutritionally complete recipes.

Ideal for hot and cold preparations, in fact, they are among the great protagonists of traditional recipes, but also original and trendy dishes such as pokè, bowl, hummus and vegetable burgers.

The new Minute® cereals and legumes are practical and extremely versatile. Already steamed with Minute® technology and IQF natural frozen, they are ready in minutes in the oven and microwave or can simply be thawed and regenerated.

Source: Bonduelle Food Service press service

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