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simple and delicious cod recipe


Extra virgin olive oil

The Cod In Wet it is a simple and tasty dish that belongs to the popular Italian cuisine, widespread in the south but also in the north of our country. Cod is a typical preparation, not to be confused with stockfish: the former is preserved in salt, while the latter is dried. For this recipe we will therefore use cod: buy it already desalted, or desalt it at home, soaking it for 2 days and changing the water every 6 hours, so that it loses the excess salt.

Desalt the cod, all that remains is to proceed with the recipe, which is really simple: first you fry the onion and set it aside; then the cod is floured and lightly sautéed, then add the chopped tomatoes, the already cooked onions, the desalted capers, the olives and the orginano, season with salt. A kitchen of about twenty minutes and the dish is ready.

You can vary the recipe as you wish, for example by using theGarlic instead of the onion, the past or fresh tomatoes instead of the chopped pulp, adding a little fresh chilli in the stir-fry. You can serve the cod stew as a second course, for a family dinner: it is generally used a lot during the Christmas period, but it is a recipe that is good all year round.

If you love cod, you’ll be spoiled for choice: try the cod alla vicentina recipe, an alla livornese, the cod alla ghiotta, a typical Sicilian recipe, or the delicious and versatile fried cod.

How to prepare stewed cod

In a saucepan with high sides, pour a circle of extra virgin olive oil 1.

Add the finely chopped onions and cook for 5 minutes 2; Transfer cooked onions to a small bowl and set aside.

Cut the cod into equal sized pieces 3.

Lightly flour the cod pieces 4.

Place the floured cod in the same pan where you cooked the onions 5.

brown on all sides 6.

Blend with white wine seven.

Pour the tomato puree 8.

Mix cooked onions 9.

Season with desalted capers ten.

Add the desalted Taggiasca olives 11.

Flavor with oregano 12.

Season with salt and pepper 13.

Gently mix all the ingredients 14.

Cover with a lid and cook for 50 minutes 15.

Dress and serve 16.


To desalinate the cod as well as possible, the first operation to be carried out is to remove a first part of the salt by brushing the surface, then it must be washed by handling it gently under running water and, finally, immersing it in a full container. cold water where it should soak for at least 24 hours; however, make sure the water is changed every 8 hours.


Cod can be cooked in several ways and accompanied by different ingredients.
Let’s see some ways to prepare it:

Fried cod

Once the cod has been desalted, you can cut it into piecespass it in flour and fry it in abundant oil (seed or olive oil according to your preferences).

Sweet and sour cod

Fried cod can be enriched with sweet and sour onion. In this case, prepare it the day before serving it to make it even tastier.

Baked cod

Baked cod can be prepared in several ways, the one I really like is with potatoes, tomatoes and olives. Just cook it in an oven-proof dish accompanied by slices of potatoes, a few quarters of tomatoes, black olives, if you want capers too. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle with oil. Before putting it in the oven, add a pinch of oregano and voila, it will cook in the oven for about 30 minutes at 200°C.

Vicentine Cod

The recipe for cod alla vicentine, which however is prepared with stockfish, is so precious and rooted in the history of our country that it even has a dedicated brotherhood, the “Venerable Confraternity of cod alla vicentina”.
The peculiarity of this recipe is the cooking of fish in milk for more than 4 hours.


Stewed cod can be stored in the refrigerator at most 2 days.

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