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Smartworking lunch: 10 quick and healthy recipes

No you shouldn’t jump there lunch breakneither in smart working. Even when times are tight and you need to get back to work immediately, bypassing mealtimes isn’t a wise choice. Firstly because disconnecting is good – it helps to oxygenate the eyes, the sight and the brain – and secondly because it’s how you recharge the nutrients you need to finish the day. Nobody talked about a hearty lunch, quite the contrary. The ones we offer are 10 quick and healthy recipes for a smart lunch. Fast, complete and without abbiocco.

  1. Pasta with stracchino, raw ham and arugula. Pasta is definitely one of the easiest and quickest lunch dishes. It’s a light and tasty starter, perfect to be served hot all year round or cold during the summer season. Simple, accessible to all, it can be brought alone to the table 15 minutes.
  2. Bresaola cold pasta. In this recipe there is pasta, yes, but kamut. With a lower glycemic index than traditional wheat, it is indicated to fight against postprandial drowsiness. To this are added arugula and raw cherry tomatoes and bresaola, while fresh lemon juice is used as a condiment. It can also be prepared in advance.
  3. Greek salad with tzatziki. Another clever formula for lunch is that ofMixed salad. In this case, live from Greece: feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, green peppers, olives, then lettuce then oregano. If you accompany him then with tzatziki sauce accompanied by a few wholemeal crackers, the lunch is perfectly balanced and complete.
  4. Cold salad of tomatoes and chickpeas. Always with feta, you can prepare another one vegetarian main dish fresh and very tasty. Chickpeas, feta, tomatoes, red onion and fresh aromatic herbs are served for avery tasty and nutritious salad which is preparing quickly. Same as before: for a balanced breakfast, accompany it with a few slices of toasted wholemeal bread or cooked cereals such as quinoa or pearl barley.
  5. Protein parmesan with turkey breast. Here we play in advance. We can safely freeze this version of parmigiana with turkey breast and thaw it as needed. This protein parmigiana it is simply prepared with grilled eggplant, tomato sauce and turkey breast. And, despite the purist fries, it’s really tasty.
  6. Light baked anchovies with radicchio and piadina. Proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. In this case, baked anchovies with a little olive oil, lemon juice, chopped parsley and oregano with a salad of green radicchio on the side, served with a balsamic vinegar reduction. And finally, a tasty and fragrant pancake without lard. Which, to do first, you can prepare ready.
  7. Turkey curry. In this recipe, we have revisited the classic Indian preparation based on chicken and curry and we have lightened and balanced it so that it includes all the nutrients without exceeding fat. Pieces of turkey breast, carrots and zucchini, basmati rice and a little over 15-20 minutes you will bring to the table a full breakfast, gluten-free, also perfect for working immediately afterwards.
  8. Omelet with ham and peas. Another dish, second coursealways quick and easy to prepare is there Omelette. For this particularly delicate one, use a shallot and finely chopped peas (if in season, prefer shelled fresh), a little cooked ham for a richer variation. For a more intense taste, you can add chopped fresh mint.
  9. Tuna piadina. Very fast, the piadina meets and satisfies all palates. In this version, put the tuna in oil, the dried tomatoes and the yogurt sauce. It is composed as follows: slightly heated piadina, a first layer of salad, tuna fillets slightly opened with a fork, lots of dried tomatoes and to taste, a yoghurt sauce. Five minutes at most.
  10. Roast sandwich. Complete mealdespite his simplicity and speed of preparation, it is this sandwich that has nothing to envy to the most elaborate and consistent dishes. All you have to do is choose top quality ingredients and favor their right balance: for example by combining the proteins of white meat, the fats of cheese and the fibers of vegetables. The result of this formula? A roast sandwich with Emmental cheese and fresh notes of lettuce. And good lunch.

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