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Smoked Fjord, carefully selected excellent fish

f.jord by Agroittica Lombarda has always been the point of reference in the production of smoked fish and stands out for the experience and care acquired in the processing of the product, combined with the all-Italian passion. The raw material is carefully selected and purchased only by major salmon producing countries like Scotland, Norway and Alaska, while once imported, the fish is entirely processed in Italy, respecting rigorous quality controls. The fish processing process consists of starting directly from the fresh, then starting the salting phase followed by the smoking phase.

The method is very neat and traditional: the salting of the fish is done by hand, while the smoking is done with precious beech wood. The process of smoking fish is very long and slow, but it is this rhythm that ultimately gives Fjord products a unique, fragrant and delicate taste, which best enhances the aromatic profile of the products.

salmon steak

Agroittica is equipped with a factory entirely dedicated to the production of salmon, with a production flow that, starting from fresh fish, guarantees maximum freshness and quality every day. The work of the staff employed is also very important for the quality of the final product: in Italy only highly qualified and trained people work and, thanks to the rigorous treatment protocol and the selected personnel, Fjord places its products in a premium price range.

The good life

Fjord brand products are positioned as “GDO Premium“And present throughout the Italian market with multiple references to satisfy all tastes, in constant search of a high level gastronomic culture. In addition to salmon, Fjord also offers smoked tuna, swordfish, trout and sturgeon. Agroittica pays the utmost attention and care to the specimens it selects and breeds, adopting a highly sustainable production system, controlling every phase of the production process.


Norwegian salmon

A noble fish originating from the cold northern seas, famous for its incredible journey from the fresh waters of the river to the salty ones of the open sea. It is a fish with a pronounced taste and pleasant smoky nuances typical of beech wood. The Norwegian Salmon is also available in a sashimi version in the variants: Pistachio, Sesame Seeds, Nori Seaweed and Natural, as in the Norwegian Salmon Ingot format.

Scottish salmon

Lightly salted and slowly smoked with precious beechwood, Scottish salmon is a fish with a delicate taste and a compact, consistent flesh characterized by light pink streaks.

red king salmon

The lightly salted Red King salmon is slowly smoked using fine beech wood. The pinkish orange meat has an extremely delicate taste and a buttery consistency typical of king salmon.

Wild Alaskan Salmon

The peculiarities of this fish are given by the color of its flesh, bright and intense orange, by its sweetness and intense taste.


The smoked trout fillet is ideal as an aperitif or simply to enjoy as a cooked dish with hot bread. Its flesh has these particularities: it is compact, firm and streaked with pink.


First choice swordfish, resulting from the transformation of “sashimi” quality meat, delicately smoked with precious beech woods. Its fragrance and flavor are incomparable.


Long enjoyed on Mediterranean tables, it is lightly salted and slowly smoked with beautiful beechwood to enhance its delicate flavor. It is ideal for appetizing and savory appetizers, try the Sardinian myrtle which resembles a roll of smoked Fjord tuna with cream cheese and a citrus sauce.

white sturgeon

Ancient fish called caviar fish, the white sturgeon has compact, delicate, low-fat flesh with high nutritional properties. The delicate beech wood smoking and an exclusive recipe give a unique taste to this fine meat.

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