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Smoothies good for the eyes: recipes with fruits and vegetables

Vitamin shakes also help with tired eyesight.

We are in 2022 and in the world there are still 2.7 billion people with uncorrected vision defects. However, there are several solutions that can solve 80% of all these problems. On the occasion of the world sight day which is celebrated on October 13a lot has been done. And much more needs to be done to ensure that as many people as possible have the right to see with their own eyes. “75% of the population has some kind of more or less significant visual defect and the most serious visual defects affect more than 70% of people over 65”.

The most common are presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism, cataract, hypermetropia. Data and advice come from the experts at Bavaria Clinic, one of the leading companies in Europe in the ophthalmology sector that ensures: “a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients strengthens eyesight and this can delay or even prevent certain eye diseases”. Long live, therefore, vegetables and fruits, little treasures of well-being and health, which are also essential for this purpose. Is there more to repeat? Perhaps yes, given that one in four Italians admits not consuming the recommended daily amount. Never thought of the smoothies good for eyesight?

smoothies good for eyesight

Strawberry, peach, but also citrus and raspberry smoothies and juicers are good allies for your health.

Our eyes need vitamin A, also called retinol, because it stimulates the retina’s sensitivity to light. Without this vitamin, you will have difficulty seeing at night and will feel tired and burning eyes. Where is vitamin A found? In the carrots, spinach, milk, in butter and egg yolk. But not only. The Vitamin E, with antioxidant properties, regenerates eye tissue, protects against inflammation and visual damage. It is found in dried fruits, inolive oil and avocado. And also the Vitamin C is good for the eyes and is present in all fresh vegetables and fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, strawberries and raspberries.

smoothies good for eyesight

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Smoothies good for sight

And here we come to us. We say smoothies to simplify, because in addition to the raw material we also want to give you the practical solution. But the truth is that, as Clinica Barbiera explains, “a diet rich in antioxidants, foods containing omega 3, vitamins C, E and A can slow the signs of aging because they work against the formation of free radicals. . After aids vision by slowing visual acuity loss. It decreases the pressure in the eye linked to glaucoma and reduces the deterioration of the retina and the appearance of cataracts”.

How best to take these substances? Thus concentrating the best ingredients, leaving everything to “them”. Also for a matter of taste. “A good way to take foods that are best for the eyes is drink a smoothie or “smoothie”which are basically the same thing.” Except that an iced element is added to the latter, the fruit itself in cubes or ice.

Why opt for a smoothie and not eat these ingredients raw? Because “it’s a different way of taking those foods that otherwise wouldn’t get into the body and at the same time including some nutrients between meals or as a snack.” For this reason, the experts at Clinica Baviera have also decided to offer some recipes for the best eye smoothies. We offer you our three favorites.

green smoothies for sight

Smoothies to take care of the eyes! Photo Getty

Smoothies: recipes for the eyes (and the throat)

Recipe number 1, simple, simple: currants and yogurt. Like all berries, gooseberries provide significant amounts of vitamin C, A and other antioxidants, which are essential for vision. Black and red currants contain a large amount of flavonoids and anthocyanins that stand out for their protective action on the small blood vessels that reach the retina and prevent degenerative diseases of vision. To prepare this smoothie, simply mash a handful of currants with the yoghurt and add water or milk to taste. P

Recipes for sight: these smoothies are good for the eyes

perfect for breakfast.

Recipe number 2: tomato, carrot and cucumber. Tomatoes are good for eyesight because they contain vitamin A, which can reduce the risk of macular degeneration, boost the immune system and reduce the effects of aging. Carrots are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin A and antioxidants. In addition, cucumber is rich in minerals and vitamins of group B. Just mix 100 ml of tomato juice, half a carrot, a tomato, half a cucumber with half a teaspoon of thyme and add water to taste. Perfect for lunch.

Recipe number 3: cherries and strawberries. Cherries are rich in vitamin A, which helps reduce visual acuity loss, protects the retina and minimizes the risk of contracting diseases such as cataracts. They contain vitamins C and E, which help prevent diseases of the lens and retina, as well as associated macular degeneration. In addition, they contain antioxidants that prevent premature aging of cells. Strawberries contain vitamin C (they have more than one orange!), they are purifying and diuretic and have minerals like potassium, calcium and phosphorus. To make the smoothie, mix 300 g of cherries with 300 g of strawberries, a little mint and water or milk to taste. Always perfect.



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