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Some special recipes to impress friends

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Land special occasions require special care, and cooking enthusiasts know very well how to spoil their guests, even if it is not always necessary to spend a fortune for it, indeed! The recipes we are going to list are cheap and take less time than you might think. They can be prepared at any time of the year and are good not only for special occasions, but also for every day.
Have we piqued your interest? Take a look at these cheap but awesome recipes…

Cookies with “superpowers” and without

If you want to spend a special day or evening with friends, what better than a good cookie cutter? They really can be prepared for every taste, and the necessary ingredients are very few, also their preparation is very simple and fast. But for those who want to give us that extra touch, it is also possible to add a derivative of the legal cannabislike CBD oil, but taking care not to expose it to too high temperatures.
But if you don’t want to use this particular ingredient, don’t worry, because there are still many recipes for making delicious cookies, for example, filled with chocolate chips, a simple but effective recipe, which is sure to please everyone. .
Stamped cookies are a fun way to impress your friends. All you have to do is print a design on a sheet of paper, cut it out according to the shape you want to give to the individual biscuit and then press it on the shortcrust pastry. Bake the cookies in the oven and that’s it!

Cupcakes for everyone!

Cupcakes are a very popular American dessert loved all over the world. Their main characteristic is the shape: they are in fact small candies cooked in single-serving molds, usually made of paper. The cupcakes can be filled in different ways, with cream or jam, or simply dusted with powdered sugar. If you want to surprise your friends with a particular dessert, try making chocolate cupcakes: they will be a guaranteed success! In addition, if you are good at decorating desserts, cupcakes are one of the recipes that will allow you to give more space to your creativity, creating colored creams to garnish them and giving free rein to your imagination.

Rice cakes in the oven

Baked rice cakes are a real treat. The original recipe calls for using white rice, but you can also choose to use brown rice, which is healthier and more nutritious. In addition, baked rice cakes are very simple to prepare. In fact, a few ingredients are enough: rice, eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla. If you want to make your desserts even more delicious, you can add dark chocolate powder or chopped dried fruit. I assure you that your guests will be delighted!

Ice cream sandwiches

For hot summer days, everyone wants to eat fresh food, and we have the solution for that too, especially for dessert: ice cream sandwiches. Your friends will be amazed by your delicious ice cream sandwiches! Follow this recipe and you will have guaranteed success. Take some ice cream bun, cut it into slices and lightly toast it. Put the icing in the middle part of each slice of bread, then close it with more bread. Brush the edges of the buns with chocolate icing or another icing of your choice, then decorate them as you wish. Let the sandwiches rest in the freezer for a few hours before serving them to friends. Enjoy your lunch!
Thus, we have seen that it takes very few ingredients to make tasty and fun recipes, with which you can impress your guests without getting tired and without spending a fortune!

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