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by Dan. Nar.

The wait is almost over and the city of Foligno is ready to host one of its most important events, I Primi d’Italia, a national festival dedicated to first courses, held from Thursday September 29 to Sunday October 2. The entire historical center of the city, dressed, will be the scene of the many events and special guests of the fair. From three-star Michelin chef Mauro Uliassi, to actress and model Eleonora Pieroni, from journalist and presenter Tiberio Timperi to influencer brother Enzo Fortunato; passing through the A1 volleyball players from Bartoccini-Fortinfissi Perugia to the great Italian actress Eleonora Giorgi. These are just some of the big names that will take to the stage at the 23rd edition of this unique event organized by Epta Confcommercio Umbria.

Villages of taste and hosts Among the many initiatives, the return of the Regional Taste Villages is highly anticipated, 11 this year, including one completely gluten-free, in which you can taste numerous starter recipes, typical of the different Italian regions, served continuously in the suggestive Baroque taverns in the city of the historic center. Among the big names who will parade in Foligno, obviously the great starred professionals in the kitchen could not miss, starting with the chef Mauro Uliassi who will perform during a cooking demonstration “in search of perfection” (September 29) . In the auditorium of Santa Caterina, other chefs will offer starters accompanied by prestigious wines: there will be Marco Lagrimino from the new starred restaurant L’Acciuga in Perugia (Thursday 29) who will offer a tasting menu of starters accompanied by prestigious wines , Errico Recanati from the restaurant Andreina di Loreto (Friday September 30) and Katia Maccari from I Salotti del Patriarca di Querce al Pino, in Chiusi (Saturday October 1). Other well-known personalities from entertainment, sport and culture will be present to receive the I Primi d’Italia prize which will be awarded to: Nicoletta Spagnoli, Eleonora Pieroni, Tiziana Trasciatti and Stefano Chiocchini, on Friday 30; Tiberio Timperi, Father Enzo Fortunato and Bartoccini-Fortinfissi Perugia, Saturday October 1; Eleonora Giorgi and Professor Massimo Martelli, Sunday 2.

G20 pasta The 23rd edition of I Primi d’Italia will also be characterized by special events, such as the Pasta G20, on Friday September 30 at 10 at the City Hotel, during which Pignataro will coordinate a meeting to reflect on the state of health of the product symbolic of Italy. On the same day, De Cecco evening with midnight spaghetti, garlic, oil and chilli, in Piazza Garibaldi. Saturday October 1, at 10 p.m. in the San Domenico auditorium, Riso Scotti evening with a cabaret show by Dario Cassini and risotto tasting. Finally, Sunday October 2 at 1 p.m., in the Santa Caterina auditorium, lunch with the 44 Cats on the occasion of grandparents’ day.

Many activities are offered to children in the I Primi d’Italia junior section, while adults can sign up for the fresh pasta-making workshop “Grandmother’s Pasta”, organized at the Palazzo Candiotti in collaboration with the professional association of Italian chefs. And then more exhibitions and markets with the best creations of Italian crafts and agrifood, from the pasta shop where you can find all kinds of pasta in Piazza Repubblica, to the Atelier del Gusto in Palazzo Trinci , from Mediterranean delights in Piazza Matteotti to Street Food in Piazza del Grano, to name a few. And more: cooking show on the Largo Carducci stage, with a rich musical calendar and free daily entertainment in the name of taste and pleasure. The protagonists will also be the students of the “Giancarlo De Carolis” Host Institute in Spoleto, who will show the public what they have learned at school.

Early virtuosos And the APCI Umbria (Professional Association of Italian Chefs), will open the Festival on Thursday September 29 at 5:00 p.m. at Largo Carducci with the cooking show “Primi Virtuosi”. The association has already brought the theme of sustainability and savings at the table to the attention of the general public for certain partner editions of the event, issues which today more than ever arouse great interest. On the stage of Largo Carducci, chef Marco Faiella, national councilor of the APCI and former president of the Umbrian delegation, will present the cooking show which, on the occasion of the Primi D’Italia, will officially hand over to the new elected president, the chef of Civitella del Lago Paolo Trippini, has always been the spokesperson for Umbrian food chains and biodiversity. Two chefs particularly sensitive to the issue of sustainability and interpreters of a future-oriented regional cuisine will make the Umbrian anti-waste recipe: in addition to Trippini also Lorenzo Cantoni, who together will give life to a 4-handed kitchen show which promises to be full of interesting ideas and advice.

First savages From September 29 to October 2, the Umbrian chef Trippini will bring to the Festival dei Primi d’Italia for the first time, a proposal of first courses based on game and game, inspired by the Maremma region. At the Morlupo tavern it will in fact be possible to taste Maremma bread dumplings with duck ragout, venison ravioli with pumpkin cream and toasted almonds and the inevitable pici with white boar ragout. In addition to the three starters, there is also Chef Trippini’s famous Pulled Picc, that is, a marinade of puffed rice stuffed with game salmi and a sweet tart, flavored with Serrani coffee. “The idea of ​​bringing game to the Festival dei Primi d’Italia and cleaning up this supply chain even in a context other than the restaurant – explains chef Trippini – came after the realization of the Wild Food Manifesto here in Umbria , during the past edition of Caccia Village. The attention of the public and the press towards these spontaneous meats and foods made us realize that we could also make them available to a wider audience such as that of the Primi d ‘Italia. We want to bring consumers closer to these sectors which are very rich in quality both from a nutritional point of view, because they are completely natural and cholesterol-free, but also very rich in taste”. The Wild Food concept presented in May last at the Caccia Village fair in Bastia Umbra, also has among the objectives that of disseminating and cultivating the food culture on the game sectors, an expression of identity of the territories to which they belong nently, make known their properties and try to overcome prejudices and preconceived ideas about it. A concept like this participates in popular events such as the Festival dei Primi d’Italia, it certainly helps to spread consumer knowledge and awareness on the subject.

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