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Success for the first edition of the Grand Tour of award-winning Italian Trattorias

Topodittica the forecast of a return of the centrality of the restaurant in the context of exhaustively understood Italian restoration. The restaurant that knows how to express tradition in the kitchen according to the hypothesis of a tradition that is not sclerosis and is not a fictitious unconditional love of the time that was, but, in keeping with our times, authenticity and also a real attention to sustainability, avoiding endless menus and daring proposals. The restaurant that knows how to express a sincere conviviality in the dining room without this implying laxity and approximate service, but rather a warm and family atmosphere.
The restaurant that has the sensitivity and the wit to intercept emerging trends both on the demand side and on the supply side until it becomes a sort of laboratory for the evolution of Bel Paese cuisine . The trattoria that of our beautiful country knows and wants to constitute the true enogastronomic heritage also thanks to coherent actions aimed at protecting biodiversity, our urban landscape and a know-how which is the transmission of artisanal knowledge which becomes the professions.

The first edition of the Grand Tour of the Premiate Trattoria Italiane took place in Massa Lubrense (Na)

Safeguarding family and local traditions

Reticularly propelled, fruit of a noble common feeling whose network technology and social media facilitate the fertilization, design and implementation of initiatives, seventeen Italian trattorias united with the obvious aim of safeguarding their family and local traditions.
Seventeen trattorias located throughout the country, which feel responsible and happy as depositories of ingredients and recipes to offer and pass on. This knowledge and these flavors that aspire to the evergreen.

The good life

The first edition of the Grand Tour of Premiate Italian Trattorias

The first original edition of Grand Tour of Premiate Italian Trattorias, held in Massa Lubrense (Na) on October 10 and 11. Two days of initiatives aimed at fertilizing knowledge of typically Italian products, with Mimmo De Gregorio restaurant The Stuzzichino de Massa Lubrense has done everything possible for the (very successful) implementation of such an articulated event.

Seventeen Italian trattorias united

In addition to Lo Stuzzichino, host, the other sixteen trattorias were present: Amerigo 1934 Savigno (Bo), Antica Trattoria del Gallo 1870 Gaggiano (Mi), Boivin Levico Terme (Tn), Cacciatori 1818 Cartosio (Al), Caffè La Crepa Isola Dovarese (Cr), Cibus Ceglie Messapica (Br), Enoteca Della Valpolicella Fumane (Vr), La Brinca Ne (Ge), Locanda and Trattoria Altavilla Bianzone (So), Lokanda Devetak 1870 Savogna d’Isonzo (Go), Nangalarruni Castelbuono (Pa), Sora Maria and Arcangelo Olevano Romano (Rm), Trattoria Ai Due Platani Coloreto (Pr), Trattoria Il Capanno Torrecola (Pg), Trattoria Visconti Ambivere (Bg), Vecchia Marina Roseto degli Abruzzi (Te).

The event opened with a sumptuous dinner

Organized by the award-winning Italian trattorias of Villa Angelina. Very welcome guest the Master Pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia boss of the famous “PizzAria La Notizia” in Naples. In the glasses, suitable wines from Campania. At the end of the dinner, two great exponents of Italian cuisine, valuing our culinary tradition, were rewarded: Salvatore Tassa, owner of Le Colline Ciociare di Acuto (Fr) and the Iaccarino family of Don Alfonso 1890 from Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, hilly fraction of Massa Lubrense (Na). The award was collected by Ernesto Iaccarino.

The event opened with a sumptuous dinner hosted by award-winning Italian trattorias Villa Angelina

The event opened with a sumptuous dinner hosted by award-winning Italian trattorias Villa Angelina

A special visit to Orto Ghezi

The next day, October 11, we visit, guided by the patron Mimmo, Orto Ghezi, located a few hundred meters from the Lo Stuzzichino restaurant. Recovery of a plot that was about to be abandoned, from Orto “Ghezi”, lovingly cared for by Mimmo and his wife Dora, comes mostly organic, sustainable and seasonal products, which, as soon as they are picked, flesh out the dishes on the menu. Just picked the limoncella apples, which we will then find as a dessert for dinner in the evening. By boat, and otherwise, departing from Marina del Cantone, you can visit the Li Galli Archipelago from the sea, then land at Crapolla Fjord where you can have lunch with freshly caught fish. Do not miss the cuoppo of fried anchovies and parapandoli. The parapandoli are the typical prawns of this strip of sea.

Mimmo De Gregorio from Lo Stuzzichino restaurant visits Orto Ghezi

Mimmo De Gregorio from Lo Stuzzichino restaurant visits Orto Ghezi

A choral dinner

The event culminates with the choral dinner at Lo Stuzzichino. Referring to memory and notes, we mention the original appetizer prepared by La Brinca: Focaccia and mortar pesto. Two starters: Hooked truffle omelet prepared by Trattoria Il Capanno and Neapolitan stuffed Papaccella alla Sorrentina prepared by Lo Stuzzichino. Two starters: Tagliatelle with court stew, prepared by Enoteca Della Valpolicella and Le Manfrigole: buckwheat pancakes filled with Valtellina cheese fondue and stale white bread prepared by Locanda and Trattoria Altavilla. The second course, Rabbit with apricots, is prepared by Cacciatori 1818. Two desserts: Limoncella apple sweetness prepared by Lo Stuzzichino and Madagascan vanilla ice cream with tonda gentile hazelnuts, hot eggnog in a cauldron, Borsci liqueur prepared by Trattoria Ai Deux plane trees. In the glasses, the great wines of Campania.

Attention to authenticity and sustainability in the kitchen

The Italy that goes, that overcomes adversity, that sees solutions where others cry with the lying down contemplation of problems. The restoration that goes, the one that knows how to sing in chorus and who has understood how it is a right to work, to work well and to derive the deserved satisfaction from it, while metabolizing this especially at the present time, this right also becomes a duty: a social duty to contribute to a healthy diet which involves promoting, through reasoned use, our best agri-food products. In the restaurant all this has been said and here it is reaffirmedit becomes attention to authenticity and sustainability in the kitchen, it becomes sincere conviviality in the dining room and everything, farewell, becomes the correct approach to “eating well outside the home” which is an essential value of our quality of life.


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