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The 35th edition of Striscia la Notizia begins

Striscia Studios is a bit like New York: we’ve seen them so many times on TV that when we find ourselves there, we have the impression of having already been there – this is the essence of one of the speeches of Luca Argenterofirst host of the 35th edition of one of the most popular television shows of all time, Strip the newsnext to Alessandro Siani which, on the other hand, after the success of last season, returns and confirms its presence: therefore guaranteed pleasure. Lucas And alexanderthe North and the South, because after all a Undress We tell about Italy, and all of Italy, for better and for worse. In the middle between the two, Antonio Ricithe brilliant and inventive mind of satirical news broadcast on the Mediaset network for more than three decades. It is he who presents to the public present at the launch press conference, held yesterday September 22, the unprecedented formation of conductors – who are added to a long bench of collaborators, the great Striscia family -, the new couple Fabricsso we know the blackberry Cosmary Fasanelli and the blonde Anastasia Ronca. But above all Loops proclaims loud and clear, in perfect Strip style, the subtitle of the 2022/2023 vintage: immediately after La Voce dell’Inscienza (2021/2022), it’s the turn of The voice of intransigence because, as he declares himself, “there is reason to put some stakes in the face of the rampant hypocrisy of those who abuse by justifying all the crap by saying “ok, there is”. We are not there ! Quoting Vasco Rossi: there are those who say no! We always undertake this commitment with passion, but always without lifting a finger and with a lot of irony”.

Irony, satire, parodies, investigations… it all comes down to Undressand the full-bodied column is back too, Italian masterpieces in the kitchen of our Paolo Marchi (the beginnings date back to October 3, 2019 – you can find out more here – to tell the most emblematic dishes of national haute cuisine), culinary correspondent of Strip the news and founder, with Claudio Ceroni of Golose Identity to which, some time ago, we asked a very simple question which, as if by magic, we answered in a dish: If Gabibbo was a dish, what dish would it be?

Paolo Marchi, the Gabibbo and Andrea Ribaldone present the Risotto Rosso Gabibbo

Paolo Marchithe Gabibbo And Andrea Ribaldone present the Gabibbo Red Risotto

“Obviously red, but definitely not a candy because it’s not sweet. Too banal pasta with tomato sauce or marinara pizza. Much more unusual one beet and gorgonzola risottoa masterpiece of contemporary Italian cuisine, Gualtiero Marchesi at Massimiliano Alajmoof Enrico Bartolini to the cooks of Identity Golose Milano, Andrea Ribaldone and Edouard Traverso, each with its original touch”. Said and done: this is how Gabibbo Red Risotto, gorgonzola and beet creamprepared by the Hub brigade via Romagnosi (where the Gabibbo Red Risotto is now on the menu among the proposals of the new menu, ed) – as well as an overview of other delicious preparations: the gazpacholight and fresh, officially opens the dance, the Vitello Tonnatowith a frothy and intense sauce, then the Risotto, which alternates the vegetal sweetness of beets with the slightly spicy touch of gorgonzola; then, second background course, the veal cheek very tender served with rich mashed potatoes.

Vitello Tonnato

Vitello Tonnato

Veal cheek with mashed potatoes

Veal cheek with mashed potatoes

But what was that irresistible smell of frying, clean and fragrant, that reached the threshold of the recording studio?

Montanarine in preparation

Montanarine in preparation for

is exactly Siani to note: nothing less than the fried pizza of The Masardoneto pay homage to the Neapolitan origins of the conductor.

The creations of Enzo Piccirillo and his team were there for the occasion Montanarinaa golden cloud – a soft fried dough – topped with tomato sauce, grated parmesan and fresh basil, and Battilocchiospecialty of the house, a lined shorts at will – Cicoli, provolone, ricotta is the classic triad of classics a The Masardonebut also cherry tomatoes and scamorza: unleashed “tail” effect.

The Antica Friggitoria Masardona team led by Enzo Piccirillo (the first on the right, and immediately after the son and their collaborators)

The team ofAntica Friggitoria Masardone lead by Enzo Piccirillo (the first on the right, and immediately after the son and their collaborators)

Then, cutting the cake and its three stratospheric floors chocolate and raspberry signed by the pastry chef Ernst Knam.

Here: only to such a rich assortment of all qualities we grant a waiver to those who say no! On taste, after all, we are already all diehards. Good start Strip!

Pastry Chef Ernst Knam

The baker Ernst Knam

Strip the news will be broadcast from tuesday september 27 at 8:35 p.m. from Monday to Saturday on Channel 5 and on the Sky 105 channel.

While waiting for the new episodes, we invite you to review here all recipes from Italian masterpieces in the kitchen.


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