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The 5 novelties of cookbooks

The kitchen it is one of the most popular hobbies for men and women of all ages. After all, who doesn’t like to try their hand at cooking sweet and savory dishes in their spare time? But creativity and ingenuity are not always enough to make a dish that lives up to expectations. That’s why it can be useful to have gods on hand books inspiration for making homemade recipes. Without forgetting that, in order to keep up with the times and be able to experiment with the new frontiers of food, it is necessary to have recourse to a reading text to be consulted as needed.

“Pizza for everyone. Recipes, doughs and cooking methods” by Fulvio Marino

Baking is an art. The master baker knows it well Fulvio Marine, miller, well-known face of lunchtime TV programs and author of cookbooks. His latest literary creation Pizza for everyone. Recipes, doughs and cooking methods (Mondadori) is one of the most interesting (and unmissable) news of the moment. It is a collection of recipes and tips for making sourdough products to perfection: at home or at the bakery. The volume not only intends to provide the tools for making traditional pizza and pasta, but also reveals many professional tips and secrets. In short, a useful text, practical and accessible to all.

“To the eye and just what is needed. My recipe for happiness” by Francesca Barra

"To the eye and just enough" -Francesca Barra

It has just landed in bookstores and has already sold hundreds of copies. To the eye and just what is needed. My recipe for happiness (Rizzoli) is the journalist and writer’s brand new cookbook Francesca Barra. A “culinary novel” in which the author, who has Lucanian origins, has collected the recipes of the family tradition recovered from the old diaries of his uncles and transcribed by hand. A journey to discover childhood memories and typical flavors of Calabria, Basilicata and Molise. A text that speaks to the heart and reaches the stomach, one might say. “Because cooking is a gesture of love, not a technique, and also giving life with your own hands to unique dishes, served to your family and loved ones, is an unforgettable gesture, which speaks of humanity“.

“All the flavors of the Parrot house” by Luca Pappagallo

All the flavors of Parrot - Luca Pappagallo

It hasn’t arrived for free yet (it will be available from October 11) but the new book by Luca Parrotone of the most loved and followed chefs on the web, is already making headlines. “All the flavors of the Parrot house” (Vallardi) is a text that offers many ideas to cooking enthusiasts. In his latest book, the author offers some recipes from the Tuscan tradition (he is a native of Grosseto) to which the aromas and flavors of exotic places mingle: from the delicious caramel éclair to the rich and juicy pork tenderloin, passing by the ravioli bread with mussels and clams, the Peruvian ceviche and the bad amatriciana. In short, more than a book, a gourmet and limitless journey.

“What show!” by Federico Fusca

What a show - Federico Fusca

Easy, quick and affordable recipes. The first book of Federico Fusca, a well-known face on television and a beloved character on social networks, is a guarantee of success. In “What show!” (DeAgostini) – this is the title of the volume – the Pistoian chef offers simple and tasty dishes, seasoned with a pinch of madness and a lot of sympathy. From the great classics of the Tuscan tradition to dishes for all occasions: the text is full of creative ideas. Not to mention the “time saving recipes” which are a real lifesaver for those who make a poultice in the kitchen. Seeing is believing: “what a sight!”.

“Ice cream all year round” by Massimiliano Scotti

Ice cream all year round - Massimiliano Scotti

Who said ice cream was only eaten in summer? The fans know it well and, even more, Massimiliano Scotti which has been “crowned” best ice cream parlor in Europe. In his book, “Ice cream all year round” (Mondadori Electa), the author experiments with imaginative combinations: from bacon taglioni topped with butter and sage ice cream to mango sorbet served on a swordfish carpaccio. There is no shortage of traditional classics and some valuable suggestions for making state-of-the-art ice cream at home. An absolutely essential book.

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