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The best bars in Italy 2023 with three beans and Gambero Rosso cups

Gambero Rosso awarded me best bars in Italy 2023 with three beans (coffee) and three cups (local) at the Teatro Manzoni in Milan.

Edition number 23, that of the Gambero Rosso guide to the best bars in Italy 2023. And the twentieth anniversary of the first award of the 3 beans and 3 cups, celebrated with the presence on stage of two winners from twenty years ago who were also rewarded this year. They have indeed maintained the unbroken double recognition Converse of Bra and theAncient Coffee Spinnato from Palermo.

While recognition at the bar of the year 2023 He went to marletancient and very modern reality of Treviglio, already winner in 2017.

The watchwords of the 2023 guide, stated by Laura Mantovano, director of Bar d’Italia, are the usual naturalness, sustainability, etc. But these are words that recur in the Mantua presentation and in the short speeches of all the laureates.

We list them starting from the North and going down to the South

All the best bars in Italy 2023: the North West

The sweet island in Milan
  1. national cafeAosta NEW ENTRY
    Paolo Griffa’s restaurant, which opened in Aosta a few months ago, was nevertheless included in the guide as a signal for a national restart.
  2. Canterinoconnecting rod
  3. To the braBra
  4. BarattiMilan-Turin
    A historical sign. Opened in 1858, renovated in 1911, still a landmark today.
  5. PumpkinTorino
  6. Sweet Pastry CafeGenoa
    Michel Paquier with Douce runs a series of places of the same name, in addition to Caffè degli Specchi. An opening in Rome with Marco Rinella is coming soon.
  7. moray eel costumeand, Genoa
  8. La PasqualinaAlmenno San Bartolomeo (Bergamo)
    La Pasqualina by Riccardo Schiavi bets on product excellence. Which come from the owned farm, opened 5 years ago, on 2 hectares of countryside.
  9. Coffee Cavour 1880Bergamo
    A “branch” of the DaV company could not be missing among the best bars of 2023, namely Da Vittorio dei Cerea, the prodigy family of Italian restaurants. Open since 1994, it has recently been renovated with the opening of some rooms.
  10. BedussiBrescia
  11. Croissanteria LaboratoryBergamo
  12. Marco ColzaniCassano Brianza (Como)
    Colzani can count on a vegetable garden and a 5-star hotel. The next step is the removal of the restaurant counter, to give a new dimension to the experience of this best bar after the 2023 award…
  13. Patisserie RobertoErbusco (Como)
    Giovanni Cavalleri has renovated the laboratory (ready in a month), and for next summer he will completely renovate the place.
  14. Sweet IslandMilano
    After 5 years, Fabrizio Barbato’s restaurant continues to successfully offer its sweet and savory French-inspired pastries.
  15. PaveMilano
    Another Milanese club, “young” even if it has already been open for 10 years. Over time, Pavè’s Breakfast Revolution also produced an ice cream parlor and a hot dog restaurant.
  16. marletTreviglio (Bergamo)
  17. MorlacchiZanica (Bergamo)

The bars of Triveneto

Biasetto among the best bars 2023
  1. Olivieri 1882Arzignano (Vicenza)
    The Vicenza company celebrates its 140th anniversary this year.
  2. BiasettoPadua
    Celebration also for Luigi Biasetto’s pastry bar, founded on October 3, 24 years ago.
  3. I likeVenice
    Among the best bars in Italy 2023 also Amo, opened in Venice by the Alajmo family.
  4. Cafe Quadri, Venice
    Another Venetian restaurant, this time historic, awarded as the best bar of 2023; it also belongs to the Alajmo family.
  5. Cafeteria TorinesePalmanova (Udine)
    The Ballestriero family has renewed its offer, with fewer but more refined and “tailor-made” proposals.
  6. Antico Caffe San MarcoTrieste NEW ENTRY
    The Caffè San Marco also includes a bookshop and a restaurant.
  7. To beatTrieste

Emilia-Romagna and Central Italy

  1. Gino Fabbri, bologna
    One of the great masters of Italian pastry, landed on social networks at the time of the pandemic with his recipes. Innovation as the rediscovery of tradition.
  2. Staccoli coffeeCattolica
    70 years of family history in catering, which this year sees the renewal of the restaurant and the laboratory. And for 2023, he is planning a Caffè & Bakery.
  3. Bar RomaNovellara (Reggio Emilia)
    Cristian Bezzecchi’s restaurant is as versatile as its owner-handyman. Best bar (but not only) 2023 is undoubtedly a definition that is close to it.
  4. Gabriele Spinelli DolceSalatoPianoro (Bologna)
  5. New Pastry ChefSan Secondo Parmense (Parma)
  6. All wellCampi Bisenzio (Florence)
  7. Craft businessFlorence
    Fourth location opened this year, a vocational training school, and an upcoming opening in Canada. In addition to being recognized among the best bars in Italy 2023.
  8. Gilli CoffeeFlorence
  9. Cafe PaskowskiFlorence
    Same property as Gilli, same, high, quality, awarded as best bars 2023.
  10. WoodpeckerLoretp (Ancona)
    Another place with different facets: this year also giropizza.
  11. Molino CentumbriaMagione (Perugia)
    Opened just 2 years ago by the Cinaia family with Alessandra Chiappini..
  12. Bar and kitchen areaRome
    Yet another feat from Niko Romito. In 2023, Spazio is 10 years old.
  13. CapricePescara

The best bars in the South

  1. Sal de RisoMinori (Salerno)
    The pastry from the award-winning pastry chef from the Amalfi Coast known for his creation like ricotta and pears and for having focused on the small panettone of the south.
  2. 300 thousandLecce
    Future projects: a sustainable laboratory, which will also employ inmates, to promote their social reintegration.
  3. Sicilian coffeeKnown
    The temple of granita and many other delicacies from the genius Corrado Assenza always on the crest of the wave.
  4. Café Sciampagne, Marineo (Palermo)
  5. Ancient coffee spinnatoPalermo
    New sales counters already built, he is working on two new laboratories.

Best Bar of the Year 2023: Marelet in Treviglio

best cocktail bar 2023

“It defines itself as Locanda and Osteria Contemporanea, a term that fits perfectly with the restaurant of the Colleoni family: an avant-garde structure, designed with the utmost attention to environmental impact, which uses geothermal and photovoltaic energy as the main sources of energy. A care that can also be found in the proposal, many of the products used in the kitchen and in the cocktails come from the own garden, including the flowers on the tables. »

This is the reason for the recognition of a marleta former “trattoria with accommodation” transported into the contemporary world thanks to a careful renovation (2015).

By Emanuele Bonati

By Emanuele Bonati

“I go out, I see people, I eat things” He has worked in publishing for over 40 years. He has been reading compulsively for over 50 years. He has been eating for over 60 years. He’s been talking about what he eats, why, and what, online and off, for a decade. He will be remembered for taking the picture of Cracco’s pizza.

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