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The brilliant recipes of Matteo Salvini and the great battles of Simone Pillon: the worst of the week

The desperate search for a good ministry for Licia Ronzulli, the double social failure of Debora Serracchiani, the enlightening recipe of Matteo Salvini to get us out of this crisis, Simone Pillon vs. Chiara Ferragni. And again: embarrassing justifications for neo-fascist tattoos, from mayors to the myth of “male youth”, Mario Adinolfi for Vladimir Putin. While waiting to complete the path necessary for the formation of the new institutional framework, politics has continued to produce declarations worthy of Stupidario: here is the worst of the last 7 days.

High profile
Berlusconi specified that for him the presence in the government of Lycia Ronzuli, and for her he asked either Health, or Infrastructure, or Agriculture. Ministries for which she feels ready: “If Di Maio were Minister of Foreign Affairs, I do not see why I would not be up to it”, she says to herself
(Corriere della Sera – October 9)

Hold fast
(The Lega’s official Twitter profile, @LegaSalvini, revives a Time title – October 4)

A victory of merit
“Salvini Minister of the Interior? If we want to send the message to the younger generations that meritocracy must have value and that we finally give credit to merit, then we must confirm Salvini at Viminale”
(The MEP for the Ligue Angel To block at Campus Radio Cusano – October 5)

Get ready (2)
“If Meloni does the right things, we will be with Meloni, if he is wrong, we will be against”
(Matteo Renzi against the current, on Rete 4 – October 2)

So out of nowhere
Albanian Prime Minister Rama: “With Of But I we smuggled covid vaccines.” No comment from the Minister of Foreign Affairs
(Il Foglio – October 10)

i know the guys
Lega, a neo-fascist tattoo on the arm of the secretary of Bologna: it is the “wolf’s tooth” rune of the Third Position movement
Christian DiMartino: “I was never part of this group, I got tattooed when I was a kid because I always liked Norse mythology”, says the new secretary of the Lega di Bologna, who in the past has yet participated in an event promoted by Casapound alongside Gabriele Adinolfi, founding member of Terza Position and reference figure of the Italian far right. “When I got this tattoo, at 16, I didn’t even know what Third Position was.” What about the hammer blow? “I’ve always been a fan of comics, I love Thor”
(Bologna Courier – October 5)

Black shirt
Pennabilli Northern League Mayor: ‘I was born in a black shirt and I will die in a black shirt’. Mauro Giannini posts photos on Facebook depicting him as a soldier and, after deleting the post, confirms: “For me, fascism is not infamous”
(Bologna Courier – October 3)

The spirit of Annunzio
“I didn’t do anything at all, I was accused of fascism by those who do nothing from morning to night, because they don’t know how to do anything else. But do they then know what the Constitution says? This article of sovereignty which is in the hands of the people. I didn’t march on Pennabilli, I was democratically elected and the citizens love me. They don’t send me home like that”; “The black shirt is that of the Arditi, who were there before fascism. Mine is a spirit of life: I am a spirit of D’Annunzio and camaraderie. of the fascist spirit as of a spirit of D’Annunzio and Garibaldi, why not? But fascism did not invent Mussolini. I grew up with the myth of the superman, of the hero, of male youth. And Mussolini did not didn’t invent them, they were already there”; “Matteotti? He was not killed by Mussolini, but by criminals”; “Mussolini did all the right things, he was only wrong to join Hitler and go to war”
(Mauro Giannini, mayor of Pennabilli, in the province of Rimini, former player of the Northern League and currently member of the civic list Identità Montana, in La Zanzara on Radio 24; of Fatto Quotidiano – October 9)

Former MEP
Chaos in Dancing with the Stars. Selvaggia Lucarelli gives him zero and VAT Zanicchi blurts out: “Troy”
(Il Giornale – October 9)

“A lady who gets involved at 82 remains a role model for many people. Life is good and you can live carefree at any age. I’m with @iva_zanicchi, a true and kind woman. Go Eagle of Ligonchio! ❤️”
(Susanna CeccardiNorthern League MEP, on Twitter – October 8)

Don’t look for the event soundtrack
exalts Vox and the European ultra-right: “We are not monsters, long live the patriots”
(La Repubblica – October 9)

One point for Adolf
“My cousin says he respects Hitler a lot because he was the only one who made Mussolini bend. And there’s no doubt about that”
(Vittorio markers on Twitter – October 7)

Pd failure
“Let us not forget the victims and the disaster of 59 years ago with the collapse of the Vajont dam, a tragedy in which more than 2000 people lost their lives. An injury for the Fvg and for all of Italy”
(The double error of Debora Serracchiani – former president of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, now vice-president of the Pd – unleashing the social storm. As the Corriere delle Alpi writes, not only did the roadblock remain standing, but the victims were almost all from Veneto. The tweet was later deleted: “I apologize. Many of you pointed out errors in my tweet about the Vajont disaster. I have been to these places and the truth of what happened forces us to remember that the dam did not collapse. The human responsibilities were serious. It is right to remember the many Venetian victims” – October 9)

Formerly DC, PPI, UDR, Ccd, Udc, Rosa Bianca, Alliance for Italy, Democratic Center, European Choice, + Europe, Civic Engagement…
Tabacci: “If the Democratic Party is rebuilt, I am there. With Di Maio, an electoral adventure is over »
(La Repubblica – October 7)

He yes that
Massimo d’Alema
questioned by Fatto Quotidiano, relaunches the Pd-M5S axis: “The dem executives have no relation to reality, where do they take their coffee in the morning?”
(HuffPost – October 5)

sound activated
Fatto Quotidiano: “Pd management, Brando Benifei speaks more than 2 minutes without audio and no one interrupts him”
@brandobenifei: “I want to reassure the fact: despite the absence of audio in the streaming for a few minutes of my speech, who was in the room and who was connected on zoom as a member of the Direction heard everything in full willy-nilly”
(Twitter – October 6)

standing ovation
“I want to thank Toni Ricciardi who, in his maiden speech this morning, paired me with a lovely quote from Gramsci, but in the – rightly – hyper-young climate among us, I just wanted to make it clear that I don’t didn’t know personally”
(Gianni cut it thus concludes his speech at the national leadership of the Democratic Party – October 6)

Son of
Question: Piero De Luca, your son, was a candidate and elected in his own party.
De Luca does not answer this question, as for 5 years now. His line is that it’s a pointless question because parliament has long been full of children of
(La Stampa interviews the Pd Governor of Campania Vincenzo Of Lucas – October 8)

Menana vs. Rizzo – Part II
“Agcom orders rebalancing: Mark Rizzo front row at Dancing with the Stars”
(Enrico Mentana on Instagram – October 8)

Center-right liberal culture, and more
“Today at the supermarket I noticed a stationery exhibitor signed #ChiaraFerragni. Free to advertise your teen products at embarrassing prices, but you avoid political morality with your finger up”
(simone PestleLega, on Twitter – October 7)

The real responsible
“An international court of justice opens a trial against Zelensky as a war criminal and orders his immediate arrest. Millions and millions of dead will be killed by nuclear war. Zelensky and Biden are the criminals to arrest”
(the lawyer Charles Taormina on Twitter – October 5)

From gustobus
“Vladimir Putin is 70 years old today. He is certainly the most famous politician on the planet and at the same time the most discussed, feared, attacked. For months I have been reading many portraits of this character who will mark the 1920s and person who explains why the absolute majority of Russians love him”
(mario Adinolfi on Twitter – October 7)

Free Voices
The Mediaset journalist mario Giordano: “I don’t like this generalized hatred towards Salvini at all”. Matteo Salvini: “Honor to the free voice of Mario Giordano. Together we are stronger than the hatred of the left”
(Twitter – October 5)

Always for this story of priorities
Birds on the spit of Brescia, the League he lifts the ban: the hunters rejoice, moments of tension at the Council. Deputy head of the League Floriano Massardi: “The spit of Brescia is sure, a great day for our gastronomic culture”
(The Dolomites, reported these days on the @LIPDSASUPM page – May 25, 2022)

“It’s Freezing Live”
Mario Sconcerti shocks Manchester City player Haaland: ‘I have to say he also has this somewhat Down’s face, he doesn’t have a very normal face’
(Fanpage.it – ​​October 8)

News of the week
The poodle plays with the remote control and buys pornographic films for 70 euros
(La Repubblica – October 6)

Hans Niemann, the chess player accused of cheating with an anal vibrator was subjected to a “scan” of the B side. When the chess players arrived at the St. Louis Chess Club, many spectators reported that the 19-year-old American champion controlled the entrance with the metal detector was particularly accurate
(FQ Magazine – October 10)


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