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the expectation of a bed remains “indefinite”

Reduced wait times in the emergency room. The interview with the health director of the axis Sette Laghi about the improvements made to the care of patients, within slightly longer deadlines than those required by the supervisory authority, raised some perplexity among readers. who have written to our editorial staff to tell of their experiences. . The results obtained are disputed because the reality of the stretcher says something else. We report two of the testimonies collected, recalling however that the magic wand to solve such an important and widespread problem does not exist. Each day of the PS of Varese pass between 150 and 180 people who need different treatments of different severity.
The only possible change will come when the offer of assistance in the region is expanded, by increasing the structures dedicated to rehabilitation, long-term care and intermediate care.
In short, when the number of beds will increase. (TO)

“Hello, I read the article that talked about the work model of ASST Sette Laghi, where the data presented shows that the waiting times for a bed in the service have been improved.

I bring you my direct experience where I affirm by personal experience and testimony that things are not as they are said but it is far from being the case!
I arrived with problems of high fever, cough and difficulty breathing, after doing 5 swabs, all negative results, brought to Ps by autodidact on 31.08 in the morning. Left parked on a camp bed, with first values ​​taken and Tachipirina in the mood, in full view of everyone behind the counter, without any screen, in front of anyone, me and the others.

I was finally seen after almost 12 hours by a doctor. I recognize that that day I saw all kinds of things happen, and I understand the emergencies, as well as I recognize that unfortunately there is user abuse towards the PS, but something is not right there in the base. Patience again, I’m interested in getting better and I really saw critical situations that day… I’m held up at night, waiting for other tests and to see a pulmonologist.
After the exams, four of them get together to see me and decide that I absolutely must be hospitalized. They tell me that soon I will have a bed.

After another 24 hours, abandoned on a camp bed in the hallway, I, like many others, “in the new psychiatric care ward”, I receive further examinations and in the meantime the treatments begin, because they do not don’t know what triggered what I had, and in the meantime the bed disappeared, he left…

The new PS department is split into three rooms, they don’t tell you if you don’t ask which room you’re from, and if you’re expecting a bed you’re in limbo where you don’t seem to belong in any room. I would like to understand the mechanism, even if I have to find my way around! (oh my God I hope not and I never wish that on anyone).

I asked for a pillow: as my bed has been on a stretcher for two days and I suffer from gastric reflux, I am told that there are no pillows… Someone annoyed replies that there is no is not a hotel. I have peace at home, I asked my wife to bring it. (And bear with me…I kept the strength to get mad…) up until that point the pillow had been made with my previous sweaty sheets and more pink features than I kept after asking for new ones.
We make a virtue of necessity, or we are forced….


Visits and treatments continue, and my stay in the corridor continues, where I seem to have understood that stretchers and operators with overalls a few feet away were speeding by, I guess from the comments of the operators which are covid stretchers and, I still remain at the mercy of the days of sudden temperature changes in the hallway, since I was between two doors, one of which leads directly to the main entrance of the new hospital. Still waiting for a bed, it seems to Luino now. They continue the treatments (well at least that… I recognize that they were not missing) without anyone establishing what caused everything and what exactly I have.

When I am asked to speak to a doctor, I am told that Luino’s bed is no longer there, I ask to solve the problem, I am asked if I want to go home, I am asked to sign under my responsibility . I answer that I want to be treated as a merit, as I pay all taxes, so I am entitled to adequate treatment, and I do not take the responsibility to return home by signing, if they are the ones who want to get rid of of a stretcher.


In conclusion, without going too far, I was after complaints, moved from the hallway to a room with other patients, on Saturday 03.09, after 4 days, then left on Sunday 04.09.2022, because the bed could not be available, without garrison, after 5 days of stay in Ps, in various situations. And like me a lot…. other than 28 hours maximum time!!

I was told that it might be better if I take care of myself at home, (thank you very much, you don’t have the bed..) then sent with an exit report with red receipts, with tests that I have to do and another pulmonological examination with a “first visit” prescription, therefore with a pulmonologist who should have started all over again, and my care to find appointments, with the priorities that they tell me are listed in the recipe , he will see in a very short time they affirm to me as well as to my present wife.

They discharge me without knowing the cause …….

I go home, and I try to make an appointment with the recipes they tell me they have prioritized… that is to say within 60 days (despite the very short deadline announced!) and for checks and visits what I would have done if I had been hospitalized at very different times.

I connect to the health file, I find availability in good time: too bad that the red prescriptions, if they are not inserted at the same time by the doctor who issued them in my health file, do not allow online reservations.

Well I call my wife in hand (I still have 15.09 today I still have the same symptoms but without fever, from 31.08) and by the operator on the phone hanging up the dates found, we are explained that these dates are seen, in reality because we are not available, as for the red prescriptions, the priority and the assignment are given by the question that the doctor indicates. so even if I found some availability they do not enter my recipe and drop me off.

New phone call (with biblical expectations) to find the dates available from the operator: result, all the diaries of Varese, Busto, Gallarate and Como are blocked and the first useful dates are for May 2023! this despite the priorities in the recipe and the times declared to be fast, but if I was hospitalized I would have already done the exams… so what do they tell us? Bullshit to offload patients?

I choose to take the exams privately, in Milan where I find availability, with indicative costs of 450 500 euros at my expense. What do I have to do? I accept, I’m the one who’s sick and I want to put up with it! Perfect, so I pay twice for health. Since I am forced to take this route, I am going to file a complaint with the sick people’s court and ask for reimbursement of the examinations and visits whose structures with blocked schedules do not ensure the deadlines… but that will be another story!

The truth is: what model are we talking about? The nurses who were present in the Ps said that years ago there were many more beds, almost double, but that due to budget cuts they have gradually disappeared.

Today I read an article about the Bed Manager: but is it really still necessary to throw away our money for surely overpaid bureaucrats, instead of increasing the number of beds?

To improve flows, after the budget cuts of recent years, more beds are needed, in favor of lower costs, and in favor of clinics and private subjects: I will remember this well on the 25th, when I go vote, since my memory is still working on who made this mess, and it is the same political party that today believes that more money should go to sport and that health has too much! (absurd).

I would like hospital directors to come down and confront the users, with normal people, who would listen and give answers to everyone, without distinction, perhaps by rolling up their sleeves and leaving the role of the bureaucrat.

With the hope that truly the ASST Seven Lakes model, NOT is an example because what is told is very different from reality and with the concrete hope sooner or later of being personally denied.


Letter signed.

Good evening,

In reference to the article you signed, I wonder and worry about the reliability of information as sensitive as that concerning the well-known problems in the emergency room. I am a regular reader of Varesenews and I am sorry to contradict it but from very recent experience I can assure you that the waiting times for a bed are very different….

“Unfortunately, I dare say indefinite” if I look at what happened to a loved one very recently. I say this because I don’t think it’s acceptable to walk into PS on Saturday evening in severe pain, to stay on the ward until Tuesday afternoon waiting for a bed in a seemingly scarce ward and inaccessible. Problem solved then by exasperation, with a request for voluntary discharge to seek help in another hospital. I know how difficult it is to operate the doctors and all the staff and I have the greatest respect for each of them.

I am also convinced that the organization of the entire system must first be reviewed with maximum objectivity and urgency while respecting the person-patient. The time to praise and take our hospital as an example will perhaps wait….

My judgment could surely be conditioned by this very negative experience.

I deliberately omitted important details so as not to dwell on them, aware that they would have given an even more serious and negative image of the situation.

Thank you for your attention,


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