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The first Panettone World Convention in Naples

D.with tonka beans from Brazil and apricots from Vesuvius, the most iconic italian dessert and world-renowned representative of Christmas, the Great Levy, His Majesty the panettone, renews itself, astonishes and becomes more and more international. Because of this Italy with its rising pastry chefs will challenge teams from other countries like Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, Australia and many more, at the world championship team to be held in 2023. At stake the title of Best traditional panettone in compliance with disciplinary rigour, but the imagination and contamination that pastry chefs from all over the world will be able to combine with their typical products, in the name of innovation, will also be rewarded.

The most famous Italian dessert in the world

The First World Panettone Convention

To share with all the forces working on this extraordinary product, the future of this culinary symbol of Italy like pizza and spaghetti,Academy from the masters of mother yeast and Italian panettone organized on The first world convention of artisanal and traditional panettone will be held on October 5 at the Royal Palace of Naples. There is great expectation for the international event that will bring together in Naples the members of the Master Yeast Academy from all over Italy.

The control room of the event is entrusted to the training organization Dolce & Salato di Maddaloni represented by the chef Giuseppe Daddio and the “academic” master pastry chef Aniello di Caprio, born to transfer the key concepts of the trade, thus guaranteeing the continuity and the future of panettone, which today has changed its face: it is not only traditional, but also innovative, linked to the territory and the pleasure of personalizing the recipe with highly sought-after flavors. For a pastry chef, producing sourdough products is indeed a source of pride, but it also requires great skill driven by passion and the desire to offer something unique and unparalleled.

The good life

The Pan del Re

The President of the Academy of Masters of Sourdough – a reality that brings together more than 40 of the best known and most qualified leaveners, pastry chefs, bakers and pizza makers from all over the country – Claudio Gatti he declares: “The Academy is born to spread mother yeast and pass on our experience to the young people who will be the future of our country”. Among the recipes, the academy will present at the Convention on October 5 there will be the Pan del Rea dessert to offer for Epiphany, which links Christmas to the four seasons.

It will be a study dayan important didactic moment of training and union between different artisans from all over the world to raise public awareness of the importance of Italian craftsmanship and excellence, valuing the many professionals who, with their work, have become ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world.

Panettone, not only in the North

The great sourdough product like panettone has become today an element of strong productive interest for the Campanians such as the competence in the elaboration of the Natural Mother yeast, allows the pastry chefs of this region to be able to satisfy even the most demanding public, recording truly considerable figures for the economy of the sector. Wine and food tourism also benefits, always growing thanks not only to the resources of the territory, but above all to the ability to transform sourdough with wisdom and mastery.

The protagonists of this special day will also be the raw material, a land of which Campania is extremely rich. Because if the artisanal and traditional Panettone expresses the value of each professional in the work of the mother yeast and the mixture of ingredients, it also represents the treasure chest that preserves the riches that each territory produces in flavors and aromas. Promote and save the use of quality artisanal raw materials allows you to defend the excellence of Italian products in the world, to protect, disseminate, publicize and know sourdough products made in Italy. A new starting point, then, link with the territory: contamination between different sectors from which innovation is born and develops.

The day of the convention

In the debate, in addition to academics, industrialists will be present Bauli, Fiasconaro and Albertengo, representing a production of national excellence.
Guests will be received at the Gran Caffè Gambrinus, one of the places of Neapolitan hospitality par excellence, with the most characteristic gesture of Neapolitanism, that is, good coffee.

The convention, presented and moderated by Nunzia de Girolamo, will open at 3 p.m. with greetings from the President of the Academy of Yeast Masters, Mother Claudio Gatti, and the Director of the Dolce & Salato School, Giuseppe Daddio , and the director of Palazzo Reale Mario Epifani. The meeting was opened by the councilor for youth and labor policies of the Municipality of Naples Chiara Marciani, followed by the interventions of the councilor for tourism of the Campania region Felice Casucci, the councilor for agriculture of the region of Campania Nicola Caputo, Culture and Tourism Management of the Campania Region, the director of the Regional Tourism Agency of Campania Luigi Raia, the Unesco chair Annamaria Colao and the magnificent rector of the University Federico II of Naples Matteo Lorito.

From 4:30 p.m. the program is in full swing with the presentation of the “Youth Project” with sourdough masters Walter Tagliazucchi, Francesco Elmi, Manuele Lenti, presented by Giuseppe Daddio. Then, the presentation of the World Panettone Championship, the first world team competition to be held in 2023, with sourdough masters Maurizio Buonanomi and Ezio Marinato. Then we’ll talk about future sourdough dessert projects with yeast masters Stefano Laghi, Aniello di Caprio, Oscar Pagani and Panettone nel Mondo: projections and thoughts of tomorrow with producers Fiasconaro and Bauli; and again, Il Marketing del Panettone, future strategies in Italy and abroad with food and wine journalist Luciano Pignataro, to conclude with the delivery of jackets and plates to new entrants to the Academy, entrusted to President Claudio Gatti .

The Academy of Masters of Mother Yeast In Naples the first world convention of Panettone

The Academy of Master Master Lifters

The event will end with a gala dinner at the Casale Rosa Melia Country House of Maddaloni made by Michelin-starred Chefs. The cuisine will be interpreted by Salvatore Bianco from the restaurant, the commandant of the Romeo hotel in Naples, Domenico Iavarone from the José restaurant at Villa Guerra in Torre del Greco and Ciro Sicignano from the Lorelei restaurant in Sorrento.

The chefs will transform the typical products of the region – including Campana dop buffalo mozzarella, Casertana breed pork and other excellences from the working land. Then to conclude, symphonies of desserts elaborated by the Master Pastry Chefs will be served which will sublimate with the tasting of the panettone. The event is supported by the Campania Region, by the tourism and agrifood sector, and by the private partners who make the initiative possible.


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