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The 18th edition of the prestigious Gruppo del Gusto prize of the Foreign Press Association in Italy lands on the island of Elba.
The Taste Group is made up of more than 100 journalists of different nationalities, who live in Italy and who, in addition to informing readers and listeners about the facts of the social, economic and political life of the country, constantly update them on the evolution of the Italian food and wine tradition. The aim of the working group is to make journalistic coverage of the agri-food sector more organic through an exchange of experiences between journalists and to encourage more and better contacts with Italian operators.
The Prize is itinerant and allows journalists to come into contact with Italian gastronomic and oenological excellence by immersing themselves in the territories in which they were born and rooted.
The There are four price categories: the production of respect for Italian tradition and authenticity; the restaurant or food business with 100 years of life and management of the same dynasty; the popularizer who best expresses the cultural value of Italian agrifood; the consortium or the institution to protect the values ​​of the territory.
For each category, the nominations are indicated on the recommendation of the journalists themselves, followed by the vote, which ends at the end of July. The winners are only revealed during the awards ceremony, which this year is scheduled for October 1 and 2 on the island of Elba with the participation of more than 100 journalists from the foreign press in Italy. The appointment is organized thanks to the support of the Municipality of Portoferraio and the GAT, Gestione Associata del Turismo, which bears the name of Visit Elba. “We are happy that the foreign press has chosen the Elbe for this prestigious event in which we firmly believe – underlines the Mayor of Portoferraio Angelo Zini On this occasion, Portoferraio will be the gateway and the starting point for activities that will involve the whole island. It’s definitely a tough event, but we’re sure it will be a great opportunity to show ourselves to the world.“.
Being able to have here more than 100 journalists from all over the world immediately seemed like an opportunity not to be missed which will allow us to add an important piece to the multi-year communication work that we are carrying out with the Associate Management.. – Remarks Niccolò Censi, coordinator of the GAT – Associated Tourism Management under the Visit Elba brandThe possibility of showing the Island of Elba in one of the best seasons, in which the mild summer climate is combined with the wealth of gastronomy, wine and cultural events, will be an excellent point of departure for the international press, which will be able to take advantage of the stay and report the positive experience in the articles of the following months“. The candidates for the 2022 edition:Category best producer respecting the tradition of Italian authenticityApi in campo – Marsciano (PG). Bees as a symbol of transformation towards ecological and sustainable agriculture.The aromas of Scicli – Scicli (RG). Born twenty years ago from the love for the Hybean land and the passion for officinal and aromatic herbs.Marilena Barbera Canteen – Menfi (AG). Even wine on its small scale, agriculture done at nature’s pace, can save the planet. Memphis.Sarandrea Liquoreria and Erborsteria – Colleparo (FR). Founded in 1918 as an ‘old liqueur’, it has maintained over time its corporate characteristic of culture and passion for the potential of its territory.La Piantata – Arlena di Castro (VT). In this case, the candidate is not only organic lavender honey, it has also produced all the lavender of Tuscania with the work of its producers. Best popularizer category Alessandro Scorsone. Sommelier by profession and master of ceremonies at Palazzo Chigi, Scorsone is above all an Italian with a deep love for his land and for one of its most beautiful and important products: wine.Carlo Ottaviano. Columnist of Messaggero and Italian cuisine, attentive analyst of the enogastronomic situation in Italy with particular attention to the economic implications.Manuela Soressi. Journalist specializing in food and agrifood and author of the beautiful book “The city of lemons, stories, aromas and flavors of the king of Italian citrus fruits”. Category of reality in family management for 100 years Azienda Montefabbrello – Galletti family, Elba. It all started in the early 1900s, in 1906, when ancestor Vincenzo Galletti bought land near Porto Azzurro, built his house and cultivated the highest quality Ansonica, Procanico and Aleatico. Today, alongside wine, the company also produces ancient wheat, with which it makes Pasta di Montefabbrello.Forno Ceralli – Frascati. It is the only traditional wood-fired oven left in Frascati and it has been baking bread and biscuits for over 100 years with the exact same wood-fired oven since 1920. And it is still in the hands of the same family and under the active leadership of grandmother Rosanna, a lively 96-year-old lady born when her ancestors built the oven.Restaurant Il Turcotto – Anzio. The tale of the sea and its immense richness, the memory of recipes from the past and the scents that go back to childhood are mixed in the dishes of Turcotto and give life to spectacular raw dishes with recipes handed down by the Garzia family since 1816 .
All in front of the sea with a spectacular view.O’parrucchiano – La Favorita, Sorrento. Manniello’s family is now an institution. It represents the gastronomy and the history of the city by conducting business in a typical Sorrentine context. A member of the Association of Historic Places in Italy, it is the place where cannelloni was invented more than a century ago, with the original name of Strascinati.Restaurant Antica Pesa – Rome. The Panella family has run this restaurant in Trastevere for over 100 years, celebrating Roman culinary tradition. Antica Pesa is the Roman restaurant par excellence, frequented by the “Roma bene”, by the characters of Dolce Vita chased by the paparazzi, and by the movie stars who still frequent the place today.Grappa Poli – Schiavon Distillery. Since 1400, the Poles, a Venetian family, have been shepherds, hatters, hosts and finally distillers, changing from time to time the goods that were produced and marketed. In 1898 Giobatta Poli started producing grappa. “It takes 100 years of experience to produce grappa of the highest level,” explains Jacopo Poli, now owner, who exports all over the world. Best consortium category Consortium for the protection of the Gargano PGI orange and the Gargano PGI lemon. Protected by holm oaks and laurels, these century-old plants “Cò blooms forever, the fruit lasts and while one grows, the other ripens” – as an old adage from the region says -, still constitute today a unique historical landscape imbued with perfumes and authenticity.
Thanks to the tenacity of the “gardeners”, as the farmers call them, true architects of nature in Gargano.Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers. It is the association of small Italian winegrowers, who often work in difficult and marginal areas such as mountains or small islands. Most of them are family businesses with few employees or even very young people who choose this profession, bravely facing a thousand difficulties. They met 11 years ago and now have over 1,400 members.Consortium for the Protection of Elba Wines. Since the middle of the last century, wine production has been one of the economic pillars of the Island of Elba and is an example of “heroic viticulture”, carried out on inaccessible plots and exposed to bad weather. Today, on the island of Elba, various DOC and DOGC are produced. The island has 150 hectares of vines for an annual production of around 400,000 bottles. The Consortium is joined by 30 local producers. The spearhead is the Aleatico passito dell’Elba, one of the greatest expressions of Italian passito wines. Learn more about the price http://www.stampaestera.org/gruppo-del-gusto/ An overview of Portoferraio – credit Roberto Ridi

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