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The Italian right wins and Giorgia Meloni will be the first woman president of the Council of the Republic – L’Italiano

by Ricardo ColaoNewspaper director Italian

ROME – The People of Italy voted and decided that Giorgia Melon it must and can be the first female President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic. There is no doubt and no doubt can be expressed as to a clear, precise, indisputable answer!

Mattarelle will have no choice but the official and motivated to entrust him with the task of finally forming a Government center-right pull. An executive that has solid foundations in the majorities won both in House of Representatives this in the Senate.

Finally, after so many technical presidents and after a succession of institutional governments (never voted), the citizens will enjoy the privilege of being governed without waste and without compromise.

Won patriotic italy. Patriots yes! Those who have chosen to defend the borders of our peninsula, those who have never lost faith in the historical values ​​which represent us and which allow us to hold our heads high even in Europe in relation to the many European bureaucratic puppets, those who support the national economy by their work, in the midst of a thousand difficulties.

The Italian Patriots won and not the “pidioti”, the “pentastallati”, the “calendati”. The vote of the winners weighs on the balance, demonstrating that “One is not worth one” and that all for one and one for all is the synthesis of these political elections of 2022 which see in Giorgia Melon the absolute winner.

Even in the same center right either Salvini this Berlusconiwhile making their contribution, they could not compete or even prevail over Melons. Arriving first for the future Prime Minister is the guarantee that no one else will be able to block the path taken to sit in the first seat of Chigi Palace.

Everything happened exactly as predicted by the polls. With Meloni in the lead and everyone else to follow. There was no surprise as she hoped “The Seduced” Letta that of the headquarters of the PD is given at the start, destination Paris where he will devote himself to one of his favorite hobbies: teaching! There was no overrun for the pentastellato and pentasurclassato Tale. Even the beating heart of the post-communist left was not spared, which reaped very little compared to what was on its program.
The people of Italy pronounced the sentence by attributing the historic victory to the center right! A primacy that is worth the redemption of the patriots who fought with lucidity and proposals for valid recipes, to wrest hegemony from the false democrats without a program, without ideas, united by a single goal: that of making the Nation a mysterious ungovernable object. and immutable which can be shaped according to the most shady and indefinable plans which aim mainly to weave conspiracies for the exclusive good of their political aggregations.
They had tried them all too the strange couple » Calenda & Renziaimed primarily at maintaining the positions of individuals and certain closest friends (a) in the national political panorama: in view of the results, they have at least succeeded in achieving this objective.
The The M5S goes from three hundred and thirty-three deputies and senators in 2018 to a handful of parliamentarians and there are some who are convinced that it was a declaration. The real data confirms, however, that Italy can be ruled by the centre-right. Now the right attention has finally returned to the priorities of the Italians!

This result rewards the work of the new leader that winners and losers will have to respect so as not to upset the result of the citizens’ vote but above all to return the country to a new honest figure, virtually and materially, from a political and human point of view who will be able to restore Dignity and respect in Europe and in the world.

Congratulations and best wishes Giorgia MelonItaly is finally waking up!

Ricardo Colao

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