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The magic of the past at the San Michele di Fagagna restaurant

Toclose to ancient ruins of the castle and the small church dedicated to San Michele in Fagagna (Oud), in a 13th century buildingwhich was probably the seat of the guardhouse, today there is a characteristic restaurant with a unique charm: the San Michele restaurantchief kingdom Giuseppe Fornaca (member of Euro-Toques Italia). A place where flavors mingle with beauty and where culture mingle with food. Just think that during the week, at lunch, the proposal accompanies the taste of the guests in many “cicchetti” that lead to the discovery of ancient and deeply rooted traditions. The San Michele is, in fact, a forge of local cuisine and Italian food and wine tradition.

Between territory and integration

In fact, the culinary symphony of the San Michele restaurant was born from the creative mind of chef Giuseppe Fornaca: raw materials of the highest quality, selected with the attention dedicated to those you love, become foods rich in flavor and history. On the other hand, the San Michele restaurant is, like the land that welcomes it, a meeting place between different experiences and worlds with a strong ethical connotation in which the kitchen and the dining room become a unique ecosystem and in which personal growth , sociality and dialogue with the territory feed each other.

Thus, the San Michele restaurant is the certainty of a meal that is also food for the spirit. The search for raw materials linked to the territory and seasonality becomes an invitation to create unusual combinations, reinterpretations of traditional dishes, delicious dishes of Italian cuisine. Here, space is created and authentic relationships are created with local producers who first become guests, and then often suppliers.

On the Frioul and Piedmont plate

Thus, each taste is intense, explosive, exciting. The chef combines the colors of his native Piedmont with the depths of his adopted Friuli and revisits, messes up, reconstructs dishes from Italian cuisine. The result is emotion, dedication and complete happiness that is found in every bite.

A journey that continues from Wednesday to Sunday at the Cicchetteria del San Michele with delicious glasses of wine as a counterpoint. Delicious, soft, crunchy, chromatically harmonious and surprising in taste, chef Fornaca’s cicchetti do not leave you indifferent. A changing and refined selection of exciting starters and main courses inspired by simple and authentic cuisine paired with fine wines chosen with the utmost care.

Highly selected wines and cellars

As for the choice of dishes, indeed, deciding what to offer in combination is part of a journey of personal and professional growth for the chef and his collaborator Adriano Tusini. It is he, in fact, who takes care of select wine estates and bottles, with the idea of ​​offering a map that goes in depth, offering its guests wines from Friuli, Piedmont, Tuscany and France. This is how the wineries with which the two have had a direct relationship enter the menu.

A Piedmontese cook in Friuli

Chef Fornaca is a journey that begins in Piedmont, with his studies, then with his first professional experience, he settles in France and then returns. through several starred restaurants in Italy. Pinchiorri, Cracco, finally Friuli, a land of excellent and unusual raw materials.
But it’s even more a journey into his humanity, a journey made of discipline, love of work, passion for the quality of raw materials, care for the customer. What the chef offers today, on the table and in his restaurant, mingles with this life full of encounters, cooks, kitchen brigades and places that have changed his outlook..

Giuseppe Fornaca The magic of the past at the San Michele restaurant in Fagagna

Giuseppe Fornaca

For its cuisine, Fornaca mainly uses local products that it finds thanks to the collaboration of attentive and meticulous artisans of taste.. Recipes follow seasonality of raw materials. Professional experience and Piedmontese origins are the ingredients that complete his dishes.

Fornaca does not like the stage, but each guest and each person who works with him places the beauty of the experience (at the table or at work) in the chef’s ability to welcome, sublimate, suggest and do good.

The magic of the bedroom

There is a magic, to which you enter arriving by the gravel road uphill, in the green of San Michele. This is the San Michele experience, this feeling of entering a familiar and welcoming place, where love for the Friulian land becomes welcome. The people who work in the restaurant are the first witnesses. At every moment the customer arrives, he finds a smile, a drink, a proposal, he finds his satisfaction in a refined, elegant, warm setting.

Sleep in the Vicar’s house

But it does not stop there. To continue living the San Michele experience, you can stay at Casa del Vicario, a few meters from the restaurant. The Vicar’s house has existed in Fagagna for more than a thousand years, inhabited by the second vicar of the church of Aquileia until 900. A place steeped in history, traditions and ancient customs that over the centuries has remained true to its origin of hospitality.

The magic of the past at the San Michele di Fagagna restaurant

After many interventions carried out over the centuries, there is not much left of the original house except for the structure, but the choice was to restore for bring an old place back to life. Linked to the management of the San Michele restaurant which is a few steps away on foot, San Michele Apartments expands the proposal to feel good, not only at the table, but by offering refreshments and hospitality to those who wish to stay in the area for several days. . Those who love the warmth of beautiful things, those who are curious to try new foods, those who want to surround themselves with attention here can try the experience of a place that leaves happy memories in the heart. A timeless place where peace is closer.

Restaurant San Michele
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