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The New AI Photo Tricks on the Pixel 8 Are Blowing 2024My Mind


The new Pixel 8 smartphone from Google has just been released, and it’s packed with some seriously impressive AI-powered photography features that are blowing my mind. As an avid smartphone photographer, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest Pixel to test out the upgraded camera system. After taking it for a spin, I’m thoroughly impressed with how far smartphone photography has advanced with the help of artificial intelligence and computational photography.

One of the most jaw-dropping new features is Magic Eraser 2.0. The original Magic Eraser on previous Pixel models already let you remove unwanted objects and distractions from photos by simply circling them. But the updated version on the Pixel 8 takes it even further by letting you erase photobombers and entirely remove people from the background of images. It’s uncanny how it can seamlessly predict and fill the missing parts of the photo behind the erased person with textures and details that look totally realistic. No more annoying strangers ruining your otherwise perfect vacation photos!

The Pixel 8 also introduces a new feature called Photo Unblur that leverages AI to fix blurry, shaky photos. We’ve all been there – you take what you think is an amazing photo only to realize it’s unusable because the subject is blurry from camera shake. But with Photo Unblur, the Pixel 8 can actually sharpen up those blurry pics and make them look like they were taken with a tripod. It’s an incredibly useful trick especially in low light scenarios where longer shutter speeds can often introduce blur.

Some other neat additions include Superzoom, which lets you zoom up to 30x on faraway subjects while maintaining sharpness and quality. Face Unblur specifically reduces blur on faces if the main subject moves during exposure. And Cinematic Blur adds an artificial depth of field effect to give your photos a true cinematic, professional camera look.


Here’s a table highlighting some of the key new AI-powered photo features on the Pixel 8:

Feature Description
Magic Eraser 2.0 Easily erase people and objects from the background
Photo Unblur Sharpen and fix blurry, shaky photos
Superzoom Zoom up to 30x with surprisingly good image quality
Face Unblur Reduce motion blur specifically on faces
Cinematic Blur Add artificial depth of field blur to mimic professional cameras

With the help of AI and machine learning, these features fully automate complex photographic techniques that previously required professional equipment, lots of manual adjustment, and expert skills. The Pixel 8 makes capturing stunning, print-worthy photos easy for anyone.

After taking the Pixel 8 out for numerous photo walks, I’m blown away by how much these new AI-powered features elevate my photography. Shots that I would have otherwise had to trash due to blur or other issues are now fixed with just a tap. And artistic effects like cinematic blur take my images to the next level visually.

The Pixel has always been known for its exceptional camera, but the Pixel 8 truly feels like a major leap forward. For any smartphone photography nut like me, the AI photo tricks alone make the Pixel 8 an irresistible upgrade. It packs so much innovation into a pocket-sized camera, it almost feels like you’re cheating! With Pixel 8, Google is setting a new bar for smartphone photography. I can’t wait to see how AI continues to enhance mobile cameras in the future if these Pixel 8 features are any indication.


Questions and Answers about Pixel 8’s AI Photo Features

Here are some common questions and answers about the new AI-powered photo capabilities on the Google Pixel 8 smartphone:

Q: How does Magic Eraser 2.0 work to remove photobombers and distractions in photos?

A: Magic Eraser 2.0 uses advanced machine learning techniques to seamlessly fill in the missing parts of the photo behind the erased objects, reconstructing the background by analyzing surrounding textures, colors, lighting, and details. This allows it to realistically remove people and things without leaving obvious gaps or flaws.

Q: Can Photo Unblur fix any blurry photo or are there limits?

A: Photo Unblur works best on mildly to moderately blurred photos like those with camera shake. It may struggle with extremely blurry photos where the subject is unrecognizable. Results can also vary based on the content of the photo.


Q: Is Superzoom just digital zoom or is there something special about it?

A: Superzoom on the Pixel 8 goes beyond standard digital zoom thanks to its use of AI-enabled image processing. This allows it to sharpen details and maintain image quality at high zoom levels where digital zoom typically creates pixelation.

Q: Does Face Unblur require the user to manually select which face to sharpen or is it fully automated?

A: Face Unblur is fully automated. It detects and selects faces in your photos and applies intelligent sharpening specifically to them to reduce motion blur.

Q: Can Cinematic Blur mimic the bokeh effect of high-end DSLR cameras?


A: Cinematic Blur produces an artificial depth of field effect that resembles bokeh. However, since it relies on software processing, it may not look quite as natural as a $2,000+ DSLR lens with a wide aperture. But it’s very impressive for smartphone photography.

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