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The president of the industrialists: “Calabria does not need social assistance”

REGGIO CALABRIA Energy and public finance. These are the two crucial issues to be discussed at this particular historical moment according to the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi, and of which he spoke during the public assembly of Unindustria Calabria (“Destination Calabria” the title of the event) which s is held inside the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria. Also present were the president of Unindustria Calabria Aldo Ferrara, the president of Confindustria Reggio Calabria Domenico Vecchio and the president of the Region Roberto Occhiuto.
Before participating in the meeting, Bonomi paid a visit to the museum to admire the Riace bronzes.

“I hope – said the president of Unindustria at the start of his speech – that the new government will be made up of competent and authoritative people and that it will confirm Italy in Europe, the Atlantic choice and the opposition to the invasion of Ukraine. A different choice would put our businesses at risk.” Bonomi then got into the thick of his speech focusing on the next actions he believes the new government should take. “Taking responsibility is essential. There are sectors of the economy which are strategic, we cannot allow them to be destroyed by the parties. I understand the will of the parties who want to keep the promises made during the election campaign, but today there are no resources to do so, there will be the time and the means to make a flat tax and early retirement, but today the resources we must be put to the defense of “industry”.

“Calabria does not need social assistance”

The president of Confindustria then dwelled on the Calabrian situation, specifying that “Calabria does not need social assistance, Calabria clings to it if it is the only recipe offered to it”. Bonomi listed the potential of the Region, to which he said he was very attached, and to which “another development project” should be proposed: renewable energy resources, universities, a central role in the Mediterranean. “We need a medium-long term strategy that goes even beyond this legislature, a plan of at least ten years for the development of the South, made up of resources for schools, universities, support for territorial networks , research and innovation. We have a great chance of development, here there is everything to do well and we will not accept that there is no idea of ​​an Italy 2032 development plan”.
And finally the announcement. Bonomi said he was “so convinced that Calabria is an important business center, that” at the next Cnel council, we will indicate President Aldo Ferrara as the representative of Confindustria”.

“High speed, national road 106 and regasification plant for strategic works for Calabria”

“The country without the South is like a lame duck,” stressed Ferrara, who spoke of the need “for a unitary, cohesive and homogeneous economy throughout the country.” “I believe – he said – that the recovery can start from one of the weak links in the South, that is Calabria”, which “wants to turn the page through a new protagonism, a protagonism of project and proposal”. “We need – said Ferrara – to establish a production base that must be based on new investments, on the attraction of investments”. Particular attention is paid to the importance of an “infrastructural endowment commensurate with the situation”. Three fundamental works for the president of Unindustria Calabria: high speed, Statale 106 and the Gioia Tauro regasification plant. “Strategic works – according to Ferrara – not only for Calabria, but for the whole country”.

Vecchio: “Immense inner port but it’s a wasteland”

The president of Confindustria Reggio Calabria Domenico Vecchio also mentioned the potential of Calabria, with particular reference to the province of Reggio Calabria: “We have a geographical position that allows the development of energy sources of all kinds and degrees. We have the wind, the sea, the sun. Here, in the metropolitan area of ​​Reggio Calabria, in Gioia Tauro, the most important port in the Mediterranean is reaping success after success”. Potential, but also weak points, according to Vecchio, who are responsible for it. “We also have a very large rear port, but it’s a wasteland. And this, unequivocally, is due to an absolute lack of strategic industrial vision of past administrations, which, instead of focusing on the industrial development of the port of Gioia Tauro and what the port is, could give in terms of economy of return and therefore professional, they preferred to focus their attention on the small quarrels of the building and on the small interests of the friends of the moment”. The president of Confindustria Reggio Calabria then focused on the much-discussed regasification plant in Gioia Tauro. “It would only entail – he said – in terms of relapse into employment which is necessary to restore dignity to hundreds of workers”. A work “not only useful but necessary” according to Vecchio to “satisfy the ever-increasing demand for energy, which today more than ever the country needs and which it is unable to satisfy”.

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