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The queen of taste Cortina d’Ampezzo, the queen of taste is in the Dolomites

SI’m done The queen of taste Cortina d’Ampezzo , an oenogastronomic event that revisits the best Ampezzo recipes in a gourmet version, thanks to talented cooks in the kitchen. The event that took place in the famous tourist resort of Belluno, known as Queen of the Dolomiteshas been organized by the Association Cortina For Su, with great public success. Were 150 gourmets take part in the StrEat Chef on Saturday evening, the itinerant dinner among the restaurants of Cortina Chef Team And 100 guests in Piazza Angelo Dibona tasted the dishes offered for the StrEat Lunch.

The gastronomic and oenological visit, signed leader team and dedicated to enthusiasts, it wants to promote the cuisine of Ampezzo. Cortina wants to become the reference point for altitude cuisine, which projects it towards the next Winter Olympics, to be held in 2026.

The Queen of Taste Cortina d’Ampezzo 2022

The wild herbs and the fight against waste were the common thread of a The queen of taste Cortina d’Ampezzo. The event took place over two days: one was held on the first traveling dinnerwhile the second opened with a conference, followed by “Street lunch», A lunch on the square. Among the stages of the first day: Baita Fraina, Villa Orette, Al Camin, Scin Lake and, last but not least, a sweet ending to the Alvera Pastry. The toque welcomed the guests with menus related to the territory accompanied by wines.

The event, organized by the Cortina For Us association and now in its 6th edition, promotes the culinary tradition of Ampezzo, because Cortina wants to become the reference point for altitude cuisineto project it towards the next Winter Olympics.

Were 150 gourmets take part in the StrEat Chef on Saturday evening, the itinerant dinner among the restaurants of Cortina Chef Team e 100 diners who tasted the dishes proposed for the StrEat Lunch yesterday in Piazza Angelo Dibona.

“The response from the public once again rewards the high level of the gastronomic proposal of La Reine du Goût, to which this year is added the moment of confrontation offered by the conference – points out Franco Sovillepresident of Cortina For us – An appointment that we plan to renew in the next edition with more in-depth insights, as we will also do for the workshop dedicated to young people, an activity that is particularly close to our hearts with the aim of contributing to the training of leaders of tomorrow. “.

The good life

The protagonists of The Queen of Taste Cortina d’Ampezzo 2022

The chefs who participated in the event through their dishes highlighted the value of mountain flavors, not only many in their dishes used herbs, peels or spontaneous leftovers, demonstrating how waste can be avoided, saving money. Proof of the enthusiastic reception from the public, the tickets put on sale quickly sold out. The September 10-11 event also saw the Consortium for the Protection of Collio Wines. The dishes of the Ampezzo tradition, revisited in a gourmet touch, have been combined with eight types of Doc Collio white wines: Friulano Doc Collio, Ribolla Gialla Doc Collio, Malvasia Doc Collio, Collio Bianco Doc, Sauvignon Doc Collio, Pinot Grigio Doc Collio , Pinot Blanc Doc Collio, Chardonnay Doc Collio.

First in Piazza Angelo Dibona, an aperitif was organized by chef Livio Mancini of El Gringo (Calalzo di Cadore, BL) then after four Cortina Express shuttles, they took the guests to the different stages: Baita Fraina with the chief Edouardo Caldon of Fuel (Padua), Villa Oretta with the chef Jean-Marc Nanit di Vetri (Murano, VE), Al Camin with the chefs Manual Gobo from Le Beccherie (Treviso), Valentino Cecconi from Fvsion (Cortina d’Ampezzo), Lago Scin with the chef Silvia Moro from the Aldo Moro restaurant in Montagnana (PD) and finally a final dessert at the Pasticceria Alverà, with Massimo Alvera And I am Iovine from the Pasticceria Cucchi (Milan). We, who had the pleasure of tasting the signature specialties, stopped in front of a few dishes for refinement.

The culinary proposals of The Queen of Taste Cortina d’Ampezzo 2022

In the “braised tubers with potato and laurel mousse”, presented by Edoardo Caldon, the meat has completely disappeared, in its place they have been braised in red wine: potatoes, celeriac, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots . He created a dish with an intense aroma, broken up by the potato mousse. “Tortelli with Verdon beans, with broth with potato skins, goat cheese robiola and smoked eel”: a mixture blackened with black garlic, complex to prepare because it is based on Verdon beans from Quarto d’Altino, a old quality recovered. This bean has the particularity of being more digestible, thanks to its thin skin and is rich in minerals and vitamins. The recovery broth is a wonderful trip to the Orient: it was made with grilled potato and soy scraps.

We were enchanted by the contrasting flavors of John Mark Nanit Catamco I Vetri’s “Fish liver pâté, caramelized red onion, grilled pine nuts and apple sorbet”. The onion vinegar went perfectly with the sweetness of the pâté and the coldness of the sorbet.

On Sunday, the StrEat lunch took place in Piazza Angelo Dibona, organized by the Cortina chef team with the stars: Lionello Cera by Antica Osteria Cera (Lughetto, VE) Renzo Dal Farra from Locanda San Lorenzo (Puos d’Alpago, BL) Raffaele Ros from the restaurant San Martino (Scorzè, VE) Davide De Pra from Harry’s Piccolo (Grand Hotel Duchi D’Aosta, Trieste). Also in this case we were delighted by the “Risotto with tomato water, plankton, anchovies, basil and capers” By Davide De Pra Harry’s Piccolo restaurant. It’s the signature dish of the restaurant, which has been on the menu for some time. Its cooking is perfect and the flavors created by the acidity of the tomato are particular.

To anyone wishing to approach the recipe and try their hand at the stove, we offer it: grill the rice, deglaze with white wine, let evaporate, then finish cooking with the broth and tomato water on the side. equal at the end whisk the rice with oil, butter and plankton. Above the caper and basil risotto. Desalinate, dry and brown the capers in boiling oil. Chop them finely until you get a powder. Quickly blanch the basil and cool it in water and ice. Mix with EVO oil, sunflower oil, salt and pepper to taste. Perfect, balanced were the “ravioli del plin di rabbit, saffron sauce from Cadore, kafa powder Forest Cofee and morels” from Graziano Perst.

And finally we enjoyed the dessert (Coconut Namelaka, mint gel, liquorice sauce and fennel sorbet) from Renzo Dal Farra.

Gastronomy and mountains, a conference to discuss the alliance

The courage of difference, of gastronomy and of the mountains according to La Reine du Goût and the Team of Chefs of Cortina», was the title of the conference organized with the collaboration of Marco Colognefood and wine critic.

In the spotlight, young people as a resource. How does catering treat a young person, is there room to create something new? They intervened Silvia Moro, chef of the restaurant Aldo Moro di Montagnana. A lived story, from the degree in economics to the small revolution of the family restaurant Graziano Prest, Chef of the Tivoli restaurant – The testimony of a veteran Paolo Cavasin, professor of the Maffioli Institute of Castelfranco Veneto and IPSSAR of Falcade, sommelier Ais. Current issues emerged during the meeting. If in the past people went to pick mushrooms and mountain herbs with their parents, today this skill is disappearing. Instead, we should go back to the origins, involve young people, enthuse them for the job. Unfortunately “social culture” is distracting, indeed many allow themselves to be conditioned. A chef’s life “has been hijacked from television broadcasts”, which is not a spectacle, but a “sacrifice”. The proposed solution? give more free time and more responsibilities, involve young people in the kitchen.

The protagonists of the conference dedicated to gastronomy and the mountains The queen of taste Cortina d'Ampezzo, the queen of taste is in the DolomitesThe protagonists of the conference dedicated to gastronomy and the mountains

The situation of young people and the future of food and wine

The point of view of a wine consortium: Lavinia Zamarodirector of the Consortium during the panel “Building the future: young people and the restaurant world, challenges and opportunities“:”As the Consortium for the Protection of the Wines of Collio, we will take the example of our territory, where young producers are making a place for themselves, acquiring an increasingly far-sighted perspective on the Consortium itself. Indeed, within our Board of Directors renewed last spring, we have exhibitors who represent the ideas of a new generation of producers and winegrowers “stressed Lavinia Zamaro.

The unsustainability of sustainability? “Sustainability“: a term now overused, but david santer, cheesemaker is the concrete demonstration that an entirely “Organic” kingdom can be created at altitude. Its history has its roots in the flavors of the pastoral tradition of the Ampezzo Valley. He began his adventure in 1989 with a disused cabin to manage to create a restaurant where he offers traditional dishes accompanied by his dairy products. We cannot fail to mention Henry Abrahamgreat wild herb specialist, which teaches nature in the courses: they are so successful that they cannot satisfy all enthusiasts. As proof that wild herbs can make a particular and unique dish, many dishes were presented during the Ampezzo event.


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