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The recipe of Antonio De Queiroz, defender of the leaders Victor San Marino in Excellence: “With humility and professionalism we can do better than last year”

Victor San Marino, after four days of the Emilia-Romagna Championship of Excellence 2022/2023, is still undefeated and, above all, first in the standings.

Keep grinding success this sports season Victor San Marino coached by Stefano Cassani and captained by Alex Ambrosini: Order of Excellence Group B Ranking never left since the start of the championship, 4 successes obtained in as many racesa qualification for the 2nd round of the Italian Cup won And a only goals conceded.

The another big win del Victor San Marino has arrived yesterday on the field of Pietracutaa team also beaten last year in the Italian Cup.
The positive trend in the results and performances of the titans this season is there and even changes the minds of even the most skeptical fans about the Victor but also professionals.

But this Saturday, in theadvance of the fifth day of the Championship of Excellence Emilia RomagnaCaptain Ambrosini and his companions will still have to be able to confirm the excellent state of form and leadership of Emilia Romagna Excellence against a rather tough opponent: the Savignanesecurrently 2nd ranked in the league and never beaten last season.

The big match will be played September 24, 2022 at 3 p.m. at the Acquaviva stadium; the management of Victor San Marino invites all biancazzurri fans to come to the stadium and roar a state that wants to return to professional football as soon as possible (ticket prices: 10 euros for men, 5 euros for women, 5 euros for over 65s, free for under 16s; for info and ticket purchases: e-mail [email protected]).

In addition, it is always possible to subscribe or renew thesubscription “We are Titans” to be able to follow all the home matches of the Victor San Marino championship live (subscriptions: 140 euros for men, 70 euros for women and over 65s; for info and purchase of subscriptions: this Saturday afternoon at Acquaviva Stadium ticket office or by e-mail to [email protected] on other days).

While waiting for Saturday to arrive, we interviewed Antonio De Queiroz, unrivaled Brazilian defender with an Italian passport in his second year in the biancazzurrofor the new appointment of our weekly column on Victor San Marino.

Antonio, what does your stay at the Victor San Marino for the second year in a row mean to you?

“I’m very happy to have stayed one more season at Victor San Marino, I never doubted my contract renewal because Victor San Marino is my home. Last year was my first experience in Excellence and in San Marino, but since I set foot here I immediately understood that the Victor is a different club from the others which put me and still makes me feel comfortable”.

You were promoted to vice-captain this year. How did you feel when the team made this decision and communicated it to you?

“It was very nice to hear Mr. Cassani talk about my promotion to vice-captain of the Victor San Marino. Of course, it’s an additional responsibility for me, but my attitude is and will always be the same, on and off the pitch: to work hard and be an example for the youngsters”.

How is the agreement with the other defenders Tosi, Lombardi and Monaco going? Do you miss Pedrazzini on the pitch during games?

“I immediately got on well with my teammates. It’s true that we went from defending at 4 to defending at 3, but we immediately learned Mr. Cassani’s methodology. Also, Tosi, Lombardi and Monaco are good ready players, so it’s normal that our defense is very strong and solid. I miss Pedrazzini a lot on the pitch because, in addition to being a very good teammate, he is a close friend: I can’t wait for him to recover so that we can play together again”.

Victor San Marino got off to a good start: four wins in a row and a first place in Excellence, in addition to qualifying for the second round of the Italian Cup. Did you and the rest of the team expect such a start to the season?

“I was already aware of the great skills of this team during the summer friendlies, where we always played well. It is true that we have changed a lot compared to last year, but despite that we have started well both in the league and in the cup. We must continue like this also in the next matches, which will be more and more important and difficult to face”.

Will you be able to earn promotion to Serie D?

“We have everything to have a good season and win a move up to Serie D, but we have to continue to remain humble and work hard without looking at the standings: it’s the only way to do better than last year”.

Andrea Lattanzi

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