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The tan ? It is also “good”. Three recipes for an enviable tan

To Even the diet helps to “catch” the sun’s rays, and is also able to defend the body against high temperatures and sunburn» announced the Coldiretti – the main organization of agricultural entrepreneurs at national and European level – in a survey presented in 2018 and carried out in collaboration with the Italian analysis and research company Ixè.

Food as an ally of tanning? Yes, because as confirmed by the organization, “the right diet for a healthy and natural tan is based on consumption of foods rich in vitamin A which promote the production in the epidermis of the pigment melanin which protects against sunburn and gives the classic dark color to the skin“.

The survey reported a ranking, or even a Top Ten Tanning Friendly Foods. The list has been compiled with ingredients that – for the same weight – contain a greater amount of vitamin A, calculated in micrograms (µg) or equal amounts of carotene.

On the podium the carrots, with their 1200 µg of Vitamin A per 100 grams of edible portion; in second position – tied – spinach and radicchio with an amount between 500 and 600 µg; bronze medal for apricotswith 350-500 µg of vitamin A per 100 grams.

And not only: salads, endives, lettuces, melons, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and cherries are also excellent for tanning. “Indeed, with the heat, it is important to consume fresh fruits and vegetablesa source of vitamins, mineral salts and precious liquids to maintain the body’s efficiency and fight against free radicals produced by exposure to the sunrecalls Coldiretti.

These recipes combine some of the ingredients that – according to Coldiretti’s classification – can give you an enviable tan. Different combinations of flavors and colors, to support our skin keeping it healthy and hydrated, avoiding summer’s worst friends (yes, sunburn) and giving a golden color, which also lasts over time. Let’s go to the stove!

Carrot, celery and apple juice

Antioxidant, thirst-quenching and perfect for an afternoon in the sun or for a hearty breakfast – to start the day on the right foot. Whether at the beach or in the mountains (but also at the swimming pool), enjoy a centrifuged fruits and vegetables. You can also prepare it in advance and fill it with a bottle, for the formula go.

What is necessary: 3 stalks of celery, 3 carrots, 2 green apples and lemon juice.

Squeeze the lemon and strain the juice. Wash the carrots, peel them and cut them into large pieces. Peel the apples, cut them into slices, taking out the core and the hardest parts. Wash the celery stalks and remove the ends.

Put all the ingredients in a juicer and run it at medium speed. Transfer it to glasses and stir with a spoon before drinking. If you chose to take it with you for a day outing, consider donating a vigorous shaken before drinking it!

Focaccia with tomato and friggitelli peppers

A soft snack or a delicious appetizer, prepared with basic ingredients of this season and perfect for getting a panic tan: here is the recipe for a tasty pancake with tomatoes and peppers.

What is necessary: 500 grams of flour 0.5 grams of fresh brewer’s yeast, 370 ml of water at room temperature, 7 friggitelli, 10 cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and salt.

Start by preparing theDough: in a bowl, mix the flour with a pinch of salt, add the brewer’s yeast and the water. Knead until you get a ball, soft and smooth. Cover the bowl with a tea towel and let it sit for a few hours or until it has doubled in size.

In the meantime, take care of Padding. Wash the friggitelli and cut them into slices. Rinse the cherry tomatoes and cut them in half. Now take a round or rectangular pan, grease it with oil and spread the dough on itby squeezing it to fill the available space with your fingertips.

Arrange the vegetables, pushing them lightly with your hands to make them sink into the dough. Season with a drizzle of oil, a pinch of salt and coarsely chopped fresh rosemary. Now in the oven at 200°C for about 10 minutes, placing the dish on the lowest rack of the oven. For an even more crispy effect, extend the cooking for an additional 10 minutes with the grill function by raising the pan to the highest level of the oven.

Apricot, peach and cherry tart

And how not to close this “pro-tan” menu if not with a delicious dessert? Strictly seasonal, obviously based on fruits: but not just any. A recipe prepared with three must-have ingredients in the pantry this season, and which will allow you to fill up on Vitamin A.

What is necessary: 500 g flour 00, a teaspoon of salt, an egg yolk, 200 g of butter, 200 ml of whole milk, 100 g of sugar, three tablespoons of cornstarch, a dozen apricots , three ripe peaches, a dozen cherries.

Prepare the dough for a navigate quickly mix the flour, salt, butter, egg yolk and milk in a bowl. Once compact, divide the dough into three parts. Roll out two layers with a rolling pin – one on top of the other – to create the base of the tart and place it in a round pan, greased and lined with parchment paper. Lay the third sheet apart and let it rest in the refrigerator.

For the stuffed, wash and clean the fruit by removing the stone. Now put the apricots, peaches and cherries in a high sided saucepan, add a few tablespoons of sugar and fill with water until the ingredients are completely covered. Turn on the heat and bring to a boil. Now lower the heat and cook for 5 minutes. Let cool completely before draining.

Combine the fruit with the cornstarch and the remaining sugar, mix and spread on the base sheet, which you will have previously placed in the mold. Now unroll the last sheet, making it adhere and sealing all the edges well. With a sharp knife, make incisions to create your cake decoration. Bake at 190°C for 45 minutes.

Enjoy the summer: in the glass, on the plate… and under the sun!

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