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the third book by Stefano Cavada

In the oven. 60 sweet and savory delights to bake in the oven is chef and food blogger Stefano Cavada’s new cookbook dedicated to one of his greatest passions: baking. The book is available from September 28.

Only three years have passed since the great emotion of finally seeing their recipes collected in a book, but since then the young chef and food blogger Stefano Cavada has come a long way!

With My South Tyrol cuisine (2019) Stefano has brought the culinary tradition of South Tyrol to the kitchens of all Italy and beyond: even abroad, his recipes, easy to make, have conquered the palates of a wide audience. In 2021, it’s the turn of My South Tyrolean Christmasa cookbook dedicated to the most magical time of the year, a book that reveals the essence of tradition and the preparation of the most beloved feast.

It’s now the turn of Inforno, a cookbook entirely dedicated to one of Stefano Cavada’s greatest passions: the oven. Since childhood, in the kitchen of Caldaro (BZ), he has experienced and observed the delicate magic that transforms sweet and savory pasta into fragrant biscuits, soft cakes, mouth-watering pizzas and crispy sandwiches.

In this third book, while remaining the traditional component linked to typical South Tyrolean cuisine, Stefano wanted to enrich his recipes with references to his life experiences in London and Paris.

Great attention also for photography. After using the perspective and style of Valentina Solfrinifor his third cookbook, Stefano has chosen to collaborate with Lucie Iannone And Claudiu Frasiloaia (known on social media as Frollemente).


In the oven. 60 Sweet and Savory Delights to Bake is the third cookbook by Stefano Cavada, South Tyrolean chef and culinary influencer. The recipes contained in the book are specially designed to be prepared, as the title suggests, in the oven, a faithful companion to many of its preparations. Collected in six different chapters – first, second, bread, cakes, biscuits and small delicacies -, the recipes are anticipated by a precious guide with useful advice to put in place to always obtain the perfect cooking.


Stefano Cavada is a South Tyrolean chef and culinary influencer, former author of My South Tyrolean Kitchen. 45 recipes for every occasion (2019) and My Christmas from South Tyrol. 60 recipes for the most magical time of the year (2021). After a period of training spent between London and Paris during which he began to publish the first online content, in October 2018 in Brescia he created Essen, the kitchen-workshop in which he creates each of his recipes. Cornerstone of traditional South Tyrolean cuisine, of which he shares, along with modern dishes, the recipes of his social profiles, he has lent his face to the small screen in recent years. In 2022 he participated in Detto Fatto, an afternoon program of Rai 2, but before that he appeared in La Prova del Cuoco on Rai 1 (2020) and directed Food (R) evolution on Rai 3 Alto Adige (2019) and SelfieFood on La7d (2018).


What part of Stefano Cavada is there in this third book and what differentiates it from the other two?

In this new book there is a lot of Stefano Cavada. I have always had a great passion for pastry recipes, such as cakes, bread and cookies. Probably because the scent that comes out of the oven when cooking these dishes is very good. Compared to the previous two books, there is less emphasis on South Tyrolean traditions, although some South Tyrolean influences are not lacking. The biggest difference is certainly in the photographs: there are many more!

The oven is a bit like the magic element of the kitchen, what fascinates you in particular?

The oven is a very valuable tool in the kitchen, it allows you to do everything. With only different temperatures and functions, it makes it possible to obtain a wide variety of recipes. But the things that fascinate me most about the oven are two. The first is to be able to look directly at the dishes being transformed through the door: as soon as a loaf is baked, it seems to be there, motionless; watch it again after fifteen minutes and it will be completely transformed. The second is the aroma that emerges during cooking: whether sweet or savory, it always has that good home fragrance.

What’s your comfort food?

I admit that my comforting dish par excellence, particularly linked to this book, is baked pasta which, for my personal taste, must be well browned (to have this super crispy crust on the surface!). We cannot fail to replicate the one with béchamel, ham and peas from Inforno.

What is the importance of a quality raw material in the success of a dish?

Really really a lot! I would say that with kitchen utensils, quality raw materials are the most important element for the success of a recipe. For example, to obtain a good cake or a good bread, it is necessary to use flours of excellent quality, as well as of the good type.

Which recipe in this book are you particularly fond of?

Focaccia with olives. Good, good, good and good! It is very simple to make and the crunchy texture, the strong Mediterranean flavor of the olives and the softness of the interior are all elements that make this recipe one of my favorites from Inforno!



60 sweet and savory delights to bake

Publication date: 28.09.2022

Publisher: Athesia


Hardcover – 190 x 245 mm


Printable, PDF and email version

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