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The Tiramisù World Cup 2022 is about to begin: competitions, tastings and scheduled appointments

From October 7 to 9, the “tastiest challenge of the year” is open to those who want to become Tiramisù World Cup 2022 champion

The races that will determine the new champions of the Tiramisù World Cup 22 will begin on Friday, October 7. The hundreds of competitors will compete between eggs and mascarpone in the Selection phase of the first two days, while the best will arrive in the Semi-finals on Sunday October 9 (morning), to then hope to access, in the afternoon, to Grand finale (from 3 p.m.).

In the meantime, spectators will be able to taste the Tiramisu of the World Champions at Loggia of the Knights.

Everything takes place in Piazza dei Signori, in the new (and bigger!) Orangery set up for the occasion. The participants, who are strictly non-professionals, train all year round for this event, some with the original dessert recipe with a spoon (eggs, sugar, mascarpone, biscuits, coffee and cocoa), some with the creative recipe (with the possibility to add up to three ingredients and to replace the cookie).

At their side, in the first stages, also the hundred popular judges who brilliantly passed the online test, among the thousands of applications that reached the site www.tiramisuworldcup.com. The juries for the final phases will be made up of experts (pastry cooks, teachers, journalists from the sector).


Preside over the Jury of the Grand Final “Italian food“, The historical gastronomic magazine active since 1929, media partner of the entire magazine, which will also award the Special Prize for the Best Tiramisu 2022. In addition, the winners of the TWC 2022 will see their recipes published in the magazine of the November issue , as well as digital coverage of the website and social networks. “Tiramisu is one of the recipes that best represents our Italy in the world and this event sums up its values ​​and potential. So let’s add another piece to the project of candidacy of Italian home cooking for UNESCO World Heritage status, promoted by our magazine since 2020,” he says. Madeleine Fossati, director of La Cucina Italiana.

“We promised it and we are committed to keeping the commitment. This year, the TWC is getting bigger: a more spacious competition orangery, new venues in the city, more “extra” events over the three days, he explains. Francesco Redi, organizer of the exhibition – We are weaving a network that brings together all the actors of the system and of Treviso: we receive an enthusiastic welcome and we are grateful for it. We have other surprises in store for you in the future and we can’t wait to get started! “.

This year it will be possible to taste the “best tiramisu in the world”, from the champions of previous editions of the TWC, at the Loggia of the Knights: Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 (10.00-18.00 hours), the public will have the opportunity to meet and converse with those who have developed the recipes that have won the past, accompanying everything with a glass of excellent wine. Among the Tiramisu that we can taste, there will be the original in the shape of a heart and also the famous “cinnamon & ginger”. The company Moralberti will offer recipes with “pistachio & raspberries” and with the innovative “strawberry & prosecco”.

“The Tiramisù World Cup has become an unmissable event in the calendar of regional food and wine events – comments Federico Caner, Councilor of the Veneto Region for Tourism – In recent years, the event has grown by involving more and more players, promoting the quality of raw materials and making the competition known even beyond regional borders, to the point of becoming a you must-have for lovers of the most famous dessert in the world. The call of Tiramisù, the flag of Veneto that has already conquered the world, becomes a starting point to discover the territory behind it. Food and wine capable of enhancing the products and raw materials of our land are also an important driver in terms of tourism”.

“The Tiramisù World Cup, a competition that has combined the cultures, skills and traditions of aspiring pastry chefs from all over the world, is back in a renewed and ambitious form – the words of Mayor of Treviso, Mario Conte – Important, in this sense, the always innovative and enlightened contribution of Francesco Redi, who knew how to highlight the city with its most famous dessert, enhancing its heritage and its particularities thanks to a judicious choice of the places of the competition and the related events. This year’s World Cup will therefore be a great celebration for Treviso: we are sure that it will have a strong impact also in terms of tourism, confirming this trend that sees our city increasingly open and attractive, precisely from the elements that have allowed us to make it known internationally”.


“The Tiramisu World Cup has become a global competition – emphasizes theCouncilor for Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Treviso, Lavinia Colonna Preti -. Witness the numerous reports and dedicated services, from America to the Far East, to what is not just a race but a veritable container of events. TWC, also thanks to the proactive spirit of the organizers, has been able to renew itself year after year without losing the initial spirit of competition between amateur pastry chefs and the focus on the most famous dessert in the world, which since this year will be also tasting under the Loggia dei Knights”.

“Also this year, the Fipe supports the TWC which takes on ever stronger, more important and more connotative contours for the territory – declares the president of theUnion Provinciale Confcommercio, Dania Sartorato – We did not miss the commitment and the representatives of Fipe will be in the jury ready to follow the whole event in an active and proactive way. Treviso has established itself on the national and international scene of qualified tourism and we can affirm without fear of denial that the “homemade tiramisu” in our country is the most requested dessert. It has the right content of craftsmanship, healthiness and creativity that makes it unique and characterizes it not only as excellence, but as a typical product that cannot be renounced. Traditions resist thanks to crosses and innovations, the TWC has shown that it can do this fully and with great maturity”.

“The Tiramisù World Cup, now a consolidated event dedicated to the most famous Italian dessert in the world, is approaching and we thank all the enthusiasm and tenacity of Francesco Redi – comments Alessandro Martini, director of the Marca Treviso Foundation – The incessant promotion that its creator makes throughout the world is undoubtedly beneficial for all our territory: during the contest, enthusiasts and curious people from all over Italy and the world gather in the city, both to participate actively in the competition and to act as judges. The duration over several days therefore makes it possible to go around Treviso and its province while taking advantage of the good weather which still keeps us company in October. In addition, for the structures that have joined the agreement with the TWC, there is an obligation to welcome tourists with a good cup of tiramisu and this also allows us to enter the competition and warm the hearts of our visitors! the TWC long weekend the province talks, lives and breathes tiramisu and so it should. Good race to all! “.

Here is the program of the Additional TWC.
Thursday, October 6
(Piazza dei Signori, 6 p.m.): Treviso a Tavola, dining opportunities in Treviso. A workshop on the challenges and opportunities of catering in our territory, with chefs, bloggers and institutions. Co-organized with FIPE Treviso.

friday october 7 (corso del Popolo n.59 – Galleria Manin, 6.30 p.m.): A Tiramisù for a jewel. A showcooking by the 2021 Champion, Stefano Serafini, who will prepare a precious tiramisu with a special ingredient, gold.

friday october 7 (Piazza dei Signori, 9 p.m.): Gelato Experience. An evening with the Italian Artisan Gelato Makers, to discover the secrets of artisanal gelato.

Saturday October 8 (Piazza dei Signori, 7 p.m.): Tiramisù around the world. Telling stories from different countries with representatives of the Tiramisù Academy. What are the most popular variants abroad? Event organized with the International Association Trevisani nel Mondo.

Saturday October 8 (Piazza dei Signori, 8 p.m.): Wine tasting. A unique experience of tasting and deepening a selection of La Marca wines. Discover the selection click here.

For info and event registration > https://tiramisuworldcup.com/programma-twc22/

In addition to the Tiramisù Extra appointments, on the Tiramisù World Cup website it is possible to discover the offers and experiences to better enjoy the Treviso region (and its surroundings) and its beauties such as the exhibitions in Trevisothe Prosecco Hills and the Montello.
Here all the opportunities> https://tiramisuworldcup.com/experiences/

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